What to expect from Microsoft tomorrow

By | 10.12.2018

What to expect from Microsoft tomorrow

Чего ожидать завтра от Microsoft

Tomorrow, 6 October, Microsoft will try to surprise us. We see not only the new smartphones and the Surface Pro 4, but some other interesting products. The program promises to be rich. Of course, there may be surprises, but here are a few words about what we already know about tomorrow’s event.

The Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL

Чего ожидать завтра от Microsoft

If you are looking forward to new smartphones from Microsoft, I hasten to please you – the wait is not long at all. Tomorrow the company will officially reveal two new flagship and the main difference between them lies in the fact that the modification of XL is equipped with a 5.7-inch screen and a Snapdragon 810 processor, while the Lumia 950 will offer 5.2-inch display and Snapdragon 808. It is also reported that the older brother will support the stylus, however, both will have 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, 20-megapixel camera and USB Type-C.

Surface Pro 4

Those of you lucky enough to use a powerful Surface Pro 3, due to see why people so much waiting for the new generation of tablet. I doubt that Microsoft will disappoint, particularly when the company has a new rival, the Apple iPad Pro.

About the new Surface not much is known, but it is expected to be thinner than its predecessor and with a display that will likely be 4K resolution. Most likely, especially for Pro 4 the company will release a new an improved digital pen, and keyboard. Will the old accessories compatible with the new device – is too early to say.

Чего ожидать завтра от Microsoft

If the company does not change his mind at the last moment, as it once happened with the Surface mini, it is likely that we will see not one, but two new tablet. According to rumors, the company is preparing to introduce 14-inch convertible device (like Laptop Surface, although this name is not official), which will offer 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal memory.

Windows Hello and Continuum

Hello and Continuum are technologies that tomorrow Microsoft will pay special attention. The first will be part of the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL (both models are equipped with a special biometric camera) and is intended to unlock the device via facial recognition of the user.

Чего ожидать завтра от Microsoft

In turn Continuum is the fact that some companies have already implemented, but to no avail. In other words, Microsoft wants smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile could also turn into a kind of personal computer by connecting to a special docking station. In this mode application will adjust to the size of the external display; the dock will feature USB ports to connect keyboard, mouse and other devices, as output for connection to external screen. Docking station for using Continuum should also be presented tomorrow.

Windows 10

Чего ожидать завтра от Microsoft

Right now the company is working on the first major update for Windows 10 that could be released in November. There is a possibility that tomorrow the company will announce it officially, but also called the exact release date. Much of what is in this update, you could see released after July 29th pre-assemblies.

Microsoft Band 2

Modern the debut of Microsoft in the Wearables market took place a year ago with the launch of the bracelet Band. Tomorrow the company will show its new version.

The first Band was not particularly pleasant from a visual and aesthetic point of view, but the second generation should be better in every way. Again, according to rumors, the new bracelet is prettier than its predecessor, will be equipped with a curved display and new features.

Among other things, Microsoft is expected to announce the expansion of markets Band 2 – among them is likely to be Spain, France, Italy and Germany. The official sales in Russia is unlikely to expect.

Remember, the presentation will be held tomorrow in new York and will begin at 17: 00 Moscow time. Video stream will be available on Microsoft.com/october2015event. Out all the news will be published on the pages WindowsTips.Ru shortly after the presentation, so stay tuned.

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