What to do, very hot video card

By | 10.12.2018

What really hot video card

Video card overheating can become a big problem, which can lead not only to the programs freezes, artifacts on the screen and other troubles, but the failure of the device. How to prevent this? Read on.

Ways to determine overheating

So, you are faced with problems in the work PC and I suspect that the fault is overheating of the graphics card? Let’s look at how to check whether this is so.

The main symptoms in this case are:

  • some programs begin to freeze up during operation (especially demanding games, creating a heavy load on the system).
  • the appearance on the screen various artifacts – the image is distorted and lines appear, changing colors;
  • the computer starts to make noise and to warm up more than usual.

    Что делать, сильно греется видеокарта

Also check the degree of heating of a particular element can be physically:

  1. after the appearance of one of the above problems completely turn off the computer (for this you can use the switch located on the back of the system unit);
  2. remove the computer cover and find the video card;
  3. gently touch it to the radiator if the temperature is such that it is hard to hold your finger, it indicates a definite overheating.

Attention! If the graphics card was normal temperature, in the same way you can check and leaving the other PCs to determine why the temperature rose.

To check the temperature of all devices, and using special software. One such program is «Everest».

Что делать, сильно греется видеокарта

It’s enough to:

  • download and install the program;
  • go to the tab «Computer» then «Sensor»;
  • to find a point of GP (Graphics Processor) and look at the specified temperature (the normal rate is 55-65 degrees Celsius).


Among the main reasons for the critical increase in temperature of the video card are:

  • the accumulation of dust on elements that interfere with normal functioning;
  • dried up thermal grease no longer provides adequate heat transfer;
  • the failure of the fan, which is cooling.


The first and most banal reason of malfunctions with the video card – dust. Its accumulation prevents effective cooling of the device and may even lead to breakage.

Always keep in mind preventive measures:

  • time to wipe the dust on the chassis and around it;

    Что делать, сильно греется видеокарта

  • from time to time to promote the box and remove the dust inside;
  • to pick up for the system unit where it was protected from the mud (not forgetting the need for good ventilation).

Tips for cleaning video cards are in the next section.

The old thermal grease

Thermal paste plays a crucial role in the heat transfer elements of the PC. Unfortunately, it has the property to dry out after prolonged use. If it is not changed for more than a year, it is quite possible that the problems related to the computer video card are hidden in it.

Что делать, сильно греется видеокарта

To check its condition and replace the thermal grease if necessary will have to remove and disassemble the graphics card. Detailed instructions on this process, look in the relevant section of the article.

Attention! To replace the thermal paste you can buy in any specialty store.

Failure of the cooler

One of the most complex cases, which leads to overheating of the graphics card, is the failure of the fan. What you can do in this case? The only solution is to buy a new cooler and install it. More details about this process will be explained later.

Что делать, сильно греется видеокарта

Other reasons

Other causes can be improper overclocking. Trying to increase productivity, users go to various tricks that are not always positive impact on the device. As a result, the increasing temperature of the video card and problems with it.

What to do if heated graphics card on the computer

We determined the theoretical background for why very hot video card.

It is time to proceed to the practical part and tell about their solution:

  1. disconnect power from the computer;
  2. remove the side panel of the system unit;
  3. check the condition of the fan and heatsink of the video card;
  4. depending on the found issues (dust, broken cooler, dry thermal grease) act according to the instructions outlined below.

Video: Eliminate overheating of the graphics card

Clean drinking

Dust – the most obvious problem, to determine which is the easiest:

  1. turn off the PC and opens the side cover of the system unit;
  2. using a brush, dry cloth or special cleaner eliminate dirt from the parts graphics;
  3. do not forget about the other components of the computer;
  4. make sure that the fans of your graphics card and CPU are spinning without obstruction;
  5. close the lid and re-start the system.

Step by step guide install Windows XP from a flash drive, for dummies, here.

Important! Cleaning the internal part of the system from contamination, you must be extremely careful not to damage the details. Do not use water or chemicals for dust control is only a dry soft cloth or brush.

Replacing the paste

Dried thermal paste is the problem that users face is not too often. Depending on the brand and intensity of the work PC it may be from several months to a year.

To replace it, should the following instructions:

  1. buy a tube of toothpaste in a computer store;
  2. turning off the PC and remove the side cover of the system unit;
  3. remove the heatsink from the graphics card;

    Что делать, сильно греется видеокарта

  4. carefully remove the remnants of the old paste;
  5. apply it in a thin layer on the chipset of the video card;
  6. after replacing the thermal paste returned all the components into place and close the lid.

Installing a new fan

In case of failure of the cooler we are waiting for quite a time-consuming process. We need to remove the card and repair it by replacing the failed part. The best solution in this case is to buy and reinstall the fan that would be so much cheaper than replacing the video card.

Attention! This process will require certain skills of work with the components of computer and knowledge of its architecture. If you are not confident in their abilities – it is better to entrust the replacement to the professionals.

Step by step it will look like the following:

  1. turn off the PC and open the side cover;
  2. detachable cable DVI VGA;

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  3. for additional power cards find a special latch that is responsible for removing the connector;
  4. Unscrew the screw on which is mounted the device;
  5. carefully remove the card, disconnect the clamp on its inner part, which is attached to the motherboard;
  6. fasteners removable with a little effort, but try not to overdo it, because it may break.
  7. take out the map, trying not to touch adjacent cards;
  8. disconnect the power plug of the fan;
  9. Unscrew the three screw that it is attached to the radiator (it is better to use a magnetized screwdriver – they are very small);
  10. remove the fan;

    Что делать, сильно греется видеокарта

  11. carefully remove the sticker from the housing, in which is located the bearing, here is rethimnae the retaining ring;
  12. using a syringe, drip a few drops of machine oil on the bearing;
  13. put the rotor in its place and using the ring to fix its position (the ring should snap into place and firmly «settle»);
  14. insert a new cooler and fasten it with special bolts that we removed earlier.
  15. plug the power;
  16. put the video card in place, move aside the familiar clip;
  17. fasten it with the mounting bolt;
  18. connect the power supply;
  19. connected all the cables and start the computer, after which the new fan should start with no load and is nearly silent earn.

After installing the new cooler, it is important to watch him from time to time, checking its temperature.

Attention! If you decide to buy and replace the fan of your video card before purchasing it, you need to know the model of your video card not to accidentally purchase the wrong item.

This can be done in several ways:

  1. in the settings screen:
  • click the right mouse button on the desktop.
  • in the resulting menu, select «advanced options»;

    Что делать, сильно греется видеокарта

  • in the properties window, open the tab «Adapter»;

    Что делать, сильно греется видеокарта

  • in the «adapter Type» to find the name of your card and its settings.
  1. through device Manager:
  • click «start»;
  • direct the cursor on «Computer» and right click;
  • go to the Manager and open the tab «display Adapters»;
  • here you can see the model of the card.

    Что делать, сильно греется видеокарта

  1. using DirectX:
  • press the key combination Win+R;
  • in the resulting window, enter «dxdiag» and press Enter.
  • in the diagnostics window open the tab «Display»;
  • find the «Device», wherein the model of the map.

Hope our simple instructions help to cope with this problem, like overheating of the video card. This problem should not be neglected, and when the first symptoms try to eliminate it, because prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause damage to the device.

If you have any questions or comments – use the form of sending a message under the article.

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