What to do to the laptop is not warming up

By | 10.12.2018

What to do to the laptop is not warming up

During operation of the laptop is its electronic components consume electricity, a percentage which is converted into heat. With increasing CPU power and video card heats up more internal space of a laptop.

The problem is quite common so every owner of an notebook it is important to know what to do if the laptop is really hot and turns off on its own.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не грелся

The device cooling system

System for heat sink densely adjoins to the processor, and often to the chip. It consists of copper tubes, collecting the heat to the grid, which is blown by the air from the fan and it cools, lowering the temperature and thereby the CPU and other components nearby.

The distance between the plates of the lattice cooling is extremely small, in this regard, the dust pretty quickly fills the space between the ribs forming the felt, preventing the passage of air.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не грелся

The fit of the copper plate cooling to the CPU or GPU is provided through thermal paste and thermal pads. The pad is rubber, tightly adjacent to two surfaces. The lack of thermal paste or thermal pads will help create the air gap, which will reduce the effectiveness of the cooling system.

The processor has a flat surface which is adjacent to the copper plate cooling. The same smooth surface has the video chip.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не грелся

To between the copper plate and the CPU was not air-applied layer of thermal paste. Thermal grease eliminates uneven surfaces of the CPU and the cooling system, creating the necessary fit and provides excellent heat transfer between them. The same function and thermal pad.

Signs of overheating

Signs of significant increase in temperature of the laptop a lot, depending on which part prone to overheating, so consider the most common:

  • laptop computer shuts down unexpectedly. For his shutdown protection system is responsible from excessive high temperatures, so when the computer is off it is recommended to turn it on and enter the BIOS where you need to monitor temperature parameters the basic components of a portable computer, if there is such a possibility;
  • periodic freezes and reboots. Most likely, the problem lies in the excessive heating of the graphics card. An additional factor may be distortion of images in games and the emergence of the so-called «artifacts»;
  • the laptop is much buzz. If the fan is noisy, it is necessary to clean cooling system or replace it;
  • hot body. With a significant overheating of the body of the portable computer to think seriously about resolving this problem. Often hot body combined with the loud fans. Cleaning of the fan and the cooling system completely if strongly heated enclosure of a portable computer, you just need otherwise the device might cause burns;
  • if the files have become slow to read from the hard drive, or even the reading of data is impossible, it is necessary to focus on the temperature of the hard disk.

Video: very hot

The causes and methods of eliminating

The main causes of excessive heating of the laptop are. Each of them has its own effective method for eliminating the problem when the laptop heats up.


Harmless and the most common cause of overheating laptop – banal dust. Over time it clogs the ventilation grates (in extreme cases, the thickness of the dust layer can achieve centimeter), and significantly impedes the access of cold air through the grill.

Limiting the flow of cold air into the laptop leads to a significant heating of the CPU, graphics card and other components.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не грелся

The symptoms of the causes are arbitrary disabling the portable computer after a certain period of time (usually 10 to 30 minutes), a decrease in performance, noise during operation of the fan. Especially strongly these symptoms are manifested in the summer heat.

To resolve this problem, you should clean the cooling system from dust. Great assistant in this case can be an ordinary household vacuum cleaner.

Dried up thermal paste

Another reason for the overheating of the portable computer is the thermal paste drying out. This reason is more rare than the previous one, however, the drying of thermal paste and thermal pads coming in disrepair happen quite often.

In General, fluid transfer heat well, which is why water cooling is more effective in comparison to air. When the paste dries, the percentage of liquid in it is reduced, and therefore, decreasing the cooling efficiency, but not significantly.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не грелся

Not the case with the thermal pad. When under high temperature exposure thermal pad over time of wear, it arise a compact micro tears, which lead to the fact that its a function of heat transfer from the CPU to the cooling system is reduced.

Signs similar to the signs in the dust of the vents. To overcome these difficulties it is recommended to replace the thermal paste and thermal pads.


If after cleaning and replacing thermal paste with the processor at least 25-40% in office applications, the CPU temperature over 80C, then most likely there is a failure of the cooling system or Board elements. It is most expedient in this case to take the laptop to the service center.

Cooling system

Over time, the cooling system ceases to provide an acceptable level of cooling. The fans begin to spin less, is offset from the axis of rotation. Often it happens that the assembled cooling system can provide cooling at high loads by the user.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не грелся

To solve problems it is recommended to change the components of the cooling system, or completely change it. The choice of optimal components and their installation is not possible without skill and experience, so you need to contact the skilled professionals of service organizations.

Another way out of the situation associated with overheating may be the purchasing of a stand with fans. Placing the portable computer on it, you can achieve a significant purge of the body and as a result, the internal temperature of the laptop.

Board elements

Heat which is released upon heating of the CPU chip or motherboard, is transmitted to the next node placed on it. Under prolonged and substantial exposure to heat, there is a probability of formation of micro-cracks in places of soldering of these components, resulting in significant heat generation and faster wear.

What is the danger of overheating

When you increase the number of dust effectiveness of the cooling system is significantly reduced, the portable computer begins to warm up, over time, may hang or even reboot.

But the worst thing is that laptop heat can serve as prichinoi breakdowns of the following components:

  • chip;
  • South and North bridge;

    Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не грелся

  • video card.

Replacement of the GPU or other parts is worth many times more than a preventative clean your computer from dust. You should make it a rule that if the laptop was spontaneously switch – it needs to be cleaned from dust.

How to check whether the laptop is hot

To determine what the temperature for your computer is marginal, it is possible to use a special program HWMonitor, which allows you to view all the current, and the maximum and minimum value of temperature for a specific period of time. The greatest interest will represent solely the maximum value.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не грелся

Each device has its own temperature limit, specific information can be found on the Internet, something it is easy to see a skilled way, but usually a combination of several symptoms with clearly inflated values in HWMonitor say that the laptop needs cleaning and prevention.

However, be aware that for each model the limiting value of the temperature may vary.

Video: Reduce the heat of the CPU laptop


Usually the laptop is strongly heated because of dust and lint, clogging up the radiator of the cooling system, so a few simple rules will help to avoid complications associated with its overheating:

  • it is impossible to put the laptop while working on a soft surface, due to the fact that they interfere with acceptable cooling and dust from the soft surface soon enough clog the fan;
  • you can’t work in a room with lots of dust;
  • the lion’s share of household dust is located at a height of 20 cm from the surface, so it is not recommended to work with a laptop computer on the floor;
  • needs periodic cleaning the notebook from dust (at least once a year);
  • before purchasing laptop it is important to determine what it will be used and choose the most appropriate model for this class of problems. It is important to know what is really gaming laptops do not exist.

Just some trivial rules can protect Your laptop from damage or unscheduled trips to the service center.

Overheating of the portable computer can cause a lot of headaches, ranging from the well-known “blue screens” and ending with the loss of important data and even direct damage to the motherboard or processor, and not always the user understands, why was overheating the laptop.

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