What to do to the laptop is not hindered

By | 10.12.2018

What to do to the laptop is not hindered

Modern mobile computers are complex devices and their owners sometimes face themselves with different failures. One of the most common problems is slow performance.

Apps that were previously working, and suddenly start to open slowly, and work even worse.

The first thing to do is find out the reasons why the laptop is slow. You can then proceed to solving the problem.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

Causes and solutions

The standard situation is when some time after purchase, the user notices that the laptop began to work fast enough. There are many problems that can cause «brake» in the work. Fortunately, many of these users can correct yourself.

Consider the main reasons that lead to falling of speed of work:

  • a large number of «garbage» in the system;
  • file fragmentation;
  • many programs at startup;
  • the malware infection;
  • incorrect work of the application;
  • problems with the hard drive;
  • the problem with the cooling system;
  • incorrect configuration or incompatibility between programs.
  • mechanical damages.

The following list gives the opportunity to clearly see that problems which can slow down the mobile PC may be very different. Will tell you more about them and give tips for solving them.

A: Why slow laptop?

A lot of debris in the system

Users who frequently install and remove software can face a situation when the system becomes too «messy» variety of the remnants from the software, due to which PC starts to work properly.

The thing is that during installation, most programs place a special entry in the system registry, and the deletion can go wrong. In the result there are failures in the system. The problem can be solved using special tools for cleaning the system.

Here is a list of the most popular applications to clean system from trash:

  • CCleaner;
  • SlimCleaner Free;
  • Clean Master for PC;
  • Ashampoo WinOptimizer Free.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

Most of these tools is free and does not require special knowledge to use. You can find them on the official websites of developers.

File fragmentation

During operation, the portable PC almost constantly accesses the hard disk, there is recorded information of the user and is also necessary for the functioning of the files. The preserve is in the near future for heads of free space on the hard disk. The result of the file can be in different places of the hard drive is to fragmented.

Large hard disk fragmentation leads to the fact that his head is forced when reading constantly move back and forth. This requires a certain amount of time. Speed PCs is declining as a result. To reduce this effect, it is recommended to periodically defragment the disk.

Consider how to defragment disk tools Windows:

  1. open «My computer»;
  2. right click on the drive you want to defragment, and in the appeared menu select «Properties»;
  3. go to the tab «Tools»;
  4. click «defragment»;
  5. in the window that appears, click «Defragment».

    Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

Council. The process of defragmentation may take a long time, so it is best to run at night or at other times when the PC is not planned to use.


Many programs when installing written to automatically download when you start the OS. Users simply forget to remove the appropriate checkbox in the installer or are unaware that this can lead to decreased performance.

In fact, any automatically running an application, like others, takes RAM, CPU and so on. To solve the problem simply. Need to disable unnecessary software from startup. This can be done by Windows or by using third-party tools, like CCleaner.

Let’s consider how to configure the programs that start automatically when Windows operating system:

  1. press the combination of keys Win+Rна keyboard;
  2. enter in the dialog box the following command: msconfig and click Ok;

    Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

  3. go to the startup tab and disable unnecessary apps.

    Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил


A very big problem of today’s PC users – viruses and other types of malware. They can steal important data, destroy information and cause a variety of failures during operation.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

Here are some tips that will help to reduce the risk of infecting the PC with viruses:

  1. install on the computer antivirus software;
  2. keep antivirus databases up to date;
  3. check all downloaded from the school files for viruses;
  4. enable the firewall;
  5. do not visit suspicious sites.

More than 60% of cases the answer to the question, why game on a laptop or slow it is running, will sound — because of the virus. Fortunately, even if infection has occurred it is possible to use special utilities and cure PC.

Here is a list of utilities that will help to cure already infected PC:

  • application CureIt from Dr. Web;

    Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

  • program from Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool;
  • the AVZ.

Just download the program from the developer’s site and run the scan. After some time, the app will show the list of infected files and offered to fix the problem.

Hung processes and utilities

Programs and utilities during the work to create processes that in some situations «hang out» or starts to take a lot of system resources. To solve the problem, you must stop their implementation.

Consider the procedure to remove the «hung» process:

  1. open «task Manager», for example, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del;
  2. go to the Processes tab and highlight the desired item;
  3. click «End process».

    Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

If at the next start of the application, the situation is repeated, you must upgrade the version or to find alternative software to perform tasks.

Problems with sectors on the disk

On your hard drive over time or after a fall appear bad sectors, which leads to a decrease in the speed of recording and reading data. Therefore, it is necessary sometimes to check hard drive for their detection and correction. This can be done using the built-in tools Windowsили third-party utilities.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

Consider what to do to start the process of inspection and repair sectors tools OS:

  1. open «My computer»;
  2. highlight the disk and select in context menu «Properties»;
  3. on the tools tab, click the «Run test»;

    Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

  4. check «scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors»;

    Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

  5. click «Run».

Testing of hard disk sectors and correcting mistakes takes a lot of time. It is necessary to consider before running the utility.

Council. If bad sectors show up, replace the Winchester to avoid the situation of data loss.

The cooling systems in drinking or nespravna

In case of failure of the cooling system or a large amount of dust inside the housing of the device interferes with the normal heat dissipation. As a result, it is strongly heated. Upon reaching certain thresholds, the clock frequency is reduced to lower the heat and slower performance.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

In the case when the laptop overheats so much that it can threaten important elements such as a CPU or video card, it stopped working and is forced to shutdown. To exclude that the situation can be regularly cleaning your mobile PC.

We will see how to clean the laptop from dust at home by yourself:

  1. disconnect the PC from the power outlet and remove the battery;
  2. open the cover and remove the dust with a soft brush;
  3. check the operation of the cooling system, if it is work there are problems, for example, bad rotates the fan, these parts will need to be replaced;
  4. if necessary, remove the cooling system and replace the thermal grease;

    Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

  5. assemble the device;
  6. check the readings of temperature sensors using special tools or BIOS.

Attention! Often users are interested in, whether due to overheating the laptop to fail. The answer is simple: Yes. It is not necessary to bring the situation to this.

Power options

Some modes save power in the laptop can lead to a decrease in speed. For example, often when working in the mode of DC power from a reduced processor frequency, which increases the battery life.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

If you are working offline and need higher performance, then you need to configure power plans in the «control Panel». There you can validate the settings for the other modes.

Demanding or incompatible program

Modern apps with each version increasing demands on the hardware of the computer. Therefore the latest games and other demanding applications can be slow on the laptops produced a few years ago. To help solve the problem of upgrading or replacing your mobile PC.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

Incompatible program installed in the system – one reason for which often laptop unexpectedly starts to brake.

In this case, you must try the following:

  • download and install the latest version of the application;
  • enable compatibility mode with other OS version;
  • reinstall Windows selecting the version is more suitable for;
  • to replace the program for the same.

If the incompatibility is related with the hardware, for example, the requirements for RAM, you will have to upgrade or change a laptop.

Mechanical damage

The mobility of laptops leads to the fact that these devices are quite highly susceptible to mechanical damage. They drop, fill and so on. Problems arise because of this are many and they are very different.

To attempt to repair any problems a result of mechanical damage not happen. You must contact the authorized service center for testing and repair.

How to set the laptop to not slow

Brake, the mobile PC can to ruffle any user. Of course, alternatively possible to replace it with a new one. But for this you will need to spend quite a large sum, and computers quickly become obsolete.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

Most users prefer to use cheaper options to increase performance. This:

  1. setup;
  2. upgrading hardware.

Proper configuration Windowsдля achieve maximum performance is the following:

  • regular cleaning of the system;
  • checking and fixing errors, at least once in 1-3 months;
  • selection of suitable settings of the power plans;
  • using the latest versions of drivers;
  • the installation of more appropriate settings for the virtual memory;
  • removing unnecessary apps from startup.

As a result, the system performance will grow, but it will never be higher than it was immediately after purchase. But upgrading hardware can raise the PC to a new level.

Videos: our computer is not hung

We increase the performance

The reason for the low speed laptops that were released relatively recently, often lies not in the CPU and graphics card, and to use slow hard drives and small RAM. Fortunately, to increase the RAM and replace the hard drive to solid state drive without changing a pile of parts. This will greatly increase the speed of work.


Before buying a new SSD drive and installing it into a portable PC you need to make sure that it is possible. Support is needed from the BIOS and the OS. In the settings of the computer must be Energym operation of the SATA controller.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

Important! You need to understand that utilizing SSD drives require Windows 7 and above, on XP some technologies are not supported.

It is useful before you buy to check the supported modes Atacontrol using special utilities, such as HWiNFO. If supported only work in mode SATA-II, then buy faster disks pointless.

When buying RAM, you should pay attention to the supported frequency, and the maximum amount that can be set. This can be done in the technical documentation on the manufacturer’s website.

Installing an SSD

Installing a SSD in a notebook is usually made to replace the old hard drive.

For this procedure, you must perform the following steps:

  1. turn off the power and remove the battery;
  2. open the cover of the HDD;
  3. carefully remove the hard drive;
  4. if there are special skids on the hard drive, they must be removed and clipped onto the SSD;
  5. install SSD;
  6. close the hard disk Bay.

    Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

Check the BIOS

SSDдиска correct operation is ensured only in ACHI mode. It allows to pass the trim command, which is in the background allows the drive to clear the cells that contain the deleted files.

Let’s consider how to install in PC BIOS mode Asnzs SATA controller:

  1. log into the BIOS SETUP menu, this is usually done by pressing F2;
  2. find the settings of the SATA controller;
  3. set the mode to ACHI;

    Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

  4. save the settings and exit and SETUP.

Reinstall Windows

After installing the new drive, operating system and other programs on it, so you will need to perform a new installation of the OS. This will require a bootable USB flash drive or disk.

Consider the basic actions that need to perform to install OS Windows:

  1. boot from the installation media;
  2. select «Full installation»;
  3. specify that installation must be performed on the SSD with the Unallocated space;
  4. follow the prompts of the installer;
  5. restart the computer;
  6. in the BIOS SETUP menu set the SSD as the first boot priority.

Video: How to install Windows

Install drivers

Proper operation of internal and external devices of the computer is provided with special utilities – drivers. After reinstalling Windows again to install them.

Here are the basic actions that you must perform to install the drivers:

  1. download drivers from the official site;
  2. received unpacking archives if necessary;
  3. installation using the installers of the kit or using the OS tools.

Setup without installing the OS

In some cases after you install the new drive users do not want to completely reinstall the operating system, and wish to keep all available data. In this case, you can use special software to clone the system to a new drive, such as Acronis® True Image HD.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

Additional OP

Many laptops a few years ago came with a RAM maximum of 2GB. At the same time, the extension of RAM can significantly increase the system speed.

Что сделать, чтобы ноутбук не тормозил

Most laptops allow you to install two strips of RAM, and access to them is very simple. This usually is enough to remove the cover from the bottom of the PC.

Important! Before you buy new modules you must be familiar with the specification and purchase only compatible with model trims.

Consider the process of replacing or installing additional memory in laptop:

  1. to shut down the PC and remove the battery;
  2. open the RAM compartment;
  3. if necessary, remove the old modules;
  4. install new memory modules;
  5. to close the compartment RAM.

There are many ways to improve the speed of the laptop. Therefore, if the laptop suddenly started to slow down makes sense the first thing to consider it is them, and only then think about spending money to buy a new portable PC.

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