What to do to make the computer did not brake

By | 10.12.2018

What to do to have the computer not slow

Computers have become so ingrained in our lives that modern man no longer knows how to manage without them. Every PC user sometimes faces a variety of problems. The most common of them is when after some time the computer begins to slow down.

The main causes and what to do

Reasons why over time, the computer starts to slow down quite a lot and sometimes it seems that to identify and eliminate them is rather difficult. Because iron seems powerful, and at first everything was fine. But do not worry. Find the problem where when working, there was a failure and fix it often you, the user.

Что сделать, чтобы компьютер не тормозил

Consider the main reasons because of which your PC can work too slowly:

  • the accumulation of large amounts of dust;
  • viruses;
  • unnecessary programs at startup;
  • improper configuration of paging file;
  • insufficient amount of free space on the hard disk;
  • file fragmentation;
  • enabled the extra effects, and incorrect setting of the OS;
  • misbehaving applications.

One can see that the number of problems that cause slow PC performance, quite a lot. Let’s deal and try to answer the question: «the Computer has become very slow, what to do?» for every situation.

Brakes because of the dust

Dust accumulates in any computer, when it becomes too much it causes overheating. The fact that some parts of the system isolated by their work rather a lot of heat and contamination inside the unit prevents normal drainage.

Что сделать, чтобы компьютер не тормозил

Here are the main components of your PC, which are often prone to overheating:

  • processor;
  • North and South bridge;
  • the video card.

Especially often face overheating can users PC, released a few years ago. When the temperature reaches a critical value, the system automatically reduces performance and slows down computer. In some cases the situation may come even before the release of the details down.

To correct the situation will help cleaning the PC. This procedure must be done at least one, and preferably two times a year. You can clean the stationary and mobile computers at home. However, laptop owners need a little more skill with the Assembly and disassembly and for the first time this operation is best done with an experienced technician.

Consider the procedure for cleaning PC dust:

  1. disable all the leads and in the case of the laptop and the battery;
  2. open the lid;
  3. using a soft brush and vacuum cleaner to remove dust;

    Что сделать, чтобы компьютер не тормозил

  4. to remove the cooling system;
  5. to replace the thermal compound with a new one;
  6. if necessary, lubricate or replace the fan;
  7. install the radiators, fans and other elements, as well as to collect the device.

You can then plug the power cord back in and check the operation of the device. In most cases the problem will be solved.

Removal of viruses

A computer virus can damage the system, steal important information, such as credit card number and cause other failures. Worst of all, the user often does not even know about the infection, naively hoping that after installation none of the malware will not pass through his defenses.

Что сделать, чтобы компьютер не тормозил

Important! You need to always remember that no antivirus solution is not able to provide a 100% guarantee against viruses. In order to prevent it is recommended to periodically scan tools from other manufacturers.

Here are the most common symptoms that indicate the penetration of the virus:

  • freeze;
  • slow work;
  • the inability to delete files or folders;
  • the output different error messages;
  • arbitrary new files;
  • the emergence of strange and unsolicited advertising;
  • problems when starting task Manager or registry editor;
  • high CPU load.

In case if there is at least some symptoms it is recommended to perform a system check using special utilities, and if malware is detected, delete it.

Utility that you must use to check the system at suspicion on presence of viruses:

  • product from Dr.Webпод name CureIT;
  • the solution from Kaspersky Lab — Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.

These are the programs that showed the best results in the detection of a variety of computer pests.

Programs in the startup

After reinstalling Windows, the system automatically runs only the necessary services. Over time when you install apps some of them is prescribed in startup and takes up memory. This leads to the slow performance of the whole system.

Video: why inhibits

Managing startup

Utilities to manage startup allow how to know what programs are started automatically and disable unnecessary. This allows the user to configure the system to increase performance.

All apps to control auto start programs can be divided into two categories:

  • built into the operating system;
  • individual utilities.

Windows users may disable automatic download of apps using the built-in MS Config.

Что сделать, чтобы компьютер не тормозил

To run it you will need to do the following:

  1. press the key combination Win+R;
  2. in the opened window type msconfig;
  3. click the Ok button.

In the opened app on the startup tab you can disable the automatic startup of unnecessary software.

Third-party utilities to control startup written quite a lot. They are more convenient and allow you to manage a broader set of startup items.

Provide a list of recommended private utilities to control startup:

  • CCleaner;
  • Starter;
  • AutoRuns;
  • AnVir Task Manager.

How to clean the computer to slow

Installation and subsequent removal of applications leads to the fact that the system gets all kinds of rubbish. This can be the remaining service files, forgotten branch of the registry, and so on. These «tails» can have a significant impact on system performance and must be periodically removed.

Cleansing perform can and hands, but it takes a lot of time in addition, work with the registry requires some knowledge. Therefore it is better to use special tools, like CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare.

They allow you to remove unwanted apps, disable startup items, as well as to inspect and clean your system registry. This can significantly improve performance. But don’t forget about the dust removal.

Set up RAM and paging file

A small amount of memory would affect the speed of your PC. The system is forced to use the hard drive space to create swap file, where to put the data, not forced into RAM. Competent setting it allows you to raise the performance of your PC.

Что сделать, чтобы компьютер не тормозил

Consider the tips that will help to set the paging file parameters:

  • if you have multiple drives, the pagefile should be placed on the fastest disk;
  • the size of the virtual memory, you must install fixed;
  • the minimum and maximum paging file size must be equal;
  • the amount of virtual memory should be about 2 times the size of physical RAM.

Using these tips you can configure the paging file for optimal performance. In any case, a small amount of RAM the best solution is to purchase additional bar for the memory or replace the already installed modules of a larger size.

Not enough space

Most users store large files or install the software directly on the system drive without worrying about space. But the system requires it for normal functioning. OS constantly writes overhead in this area. For work it is usually sufficient 10-20% free space on the system drive.

Что сделать, чтобы компьютер не тормозил

Here are actions that will allow you to free up space:

  • regular cleaning of the basket, it is often accumulate tens of gigabytes of unnecessary files;
  • saving large files such as movies on other disks;
  • remove unnecessary apps and system cleaning using special tools.


Part of the files on the hard drive to speed up the process recordings are saved on the drive in random order. When reading it makes the head to move from one end to the other and has a bad effect on speed. To solve this problem will help defragment. It can be performed using built-in tools or third-party utilities.

Что сделать, чтобы компьютер не тормозил

Consider how to run Defrag with the built-in utilities of Windows:

  1. open «My computer»;
  2. select the disk you want to defragment and right-click context menu.
  3. click on «Properties» and go to the tab «Tools»;
  4. click «defragment» to start the tool;
  5. click on the «Analyze»button;
  6. if the results will be shown to be fragmented more than 10% click on «Defragment» to start the patching process.

Council. Defragmentation often takes a long time, so it is recommended to start in the period when the computer is not in use, e.g. at night.

Video: Optimizing Windows 7

Visual effects

Modern OS is equipped with many effects that allow you to improve the design of the interface. At the same time because of them to the hardware of the PC increased demands. Disabling them will help to improve the performance of all systems, especially this solution is suitable for owners of old computers and laptops are weak.

Disable recovery

Many novice users think that the rollback system can solve all problems. In fact, they are wrong. It will help only in some cases because of problems with drivers, etc.

Often PC owners are faced with a situation where after restoring, the system starts to brake terribly or there are other malfunctions. Therefore, to increase performance you can disable this feature.

Consider a procedure to turn off system restore:

  • open «system Properties», selecting the appropriate item in the «control Panel»;
  • go to the tab «system Protection»;

    Что сделать, чтобы компьютер не тормозил

  • highlight the drive on which it is necessary to disable service recovery;
  • click «Configure»;
  • set the switch to «Disable».

Problems with sectors on the disk

The files on your hard disk is written across sectors, over time, some of them may fail. The system will have to spend a lot of time for the correction of errors when working with the drive. All modern hard drives specifically for this case, have a service area that is used to replace broken sectors.

Что сделать, чтобы компьютер не тормозил

Consider how to rectify the situation with the damaged sectors by using system tools:

  1. go to «My computer» and will cause the properties of the drive you want to check;
  2. open the «Service»;
  3. click the «validate»;
  4. check the box next to «scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors»;
  5. click the «Start»button.

The verification process sectors could be delayed, especially if the drive is large volume, so you’ll have some time to wait. In some situations, testing may be required restart, the system will automatically.

Council. Due to the hard drive in the future may lose important data. So if bad sectors show up, then you need to think about replacing him.

The hung process

Sometimes a computer program can be hard enough to hang. Thus they are unable to close at all or even after the release of the PC continues to slow down. In this case it is necessary to pay attention to the hung processes.

To close the hung process should:

  1. open «task Manager»;
  2. go to the tab «Processes»;

    Что сделать, чтобы компьютер не тормозил

  3. select the required and click «End process».

Doing this is recommended only for experienced users who know exactly which process runs specific program. The rest are recommended to simply restart the PC.

Other reasons

In fact, the list of reasons that can lead to the brakes of the computer is not limited to the previously considered. Each of them also requires additional verification and Troubleshooting if necessary.

Что сделать, чтобы компьютер не тормозил

Among other reasons, «brakes» are the following:

  • weak hardware;
  • the fault components.

A weak graphics card, low RAM or a slow old hard drive can cause slow performance, especially if your computer can run demanding games or applications. The decision here only one – the upgrade of the computer.

Failure of components may reduce the performance of the system quite considerably and cause other errors such as the inability to use USB ports. In this case, you must replace the problematic detail on their own or be repaired at the service center.

There are a wide variety of problems that cause the system starts to work too slowly. Fortunately by following the article advice, most of the problems the user is able to correct yourself.

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