What to do, stopped charging battery on laptop

By | 10.12.2018

What stopped charging battery on laptop

The main advantage of laptops before the desktop PCs is their high mobility and Autonomous operation. Allow her to provide intensive and efficient power sources, from the parameters which depends on the duration of the laptop.

Rechargeable portable PC contains also special controllers. Very often you can face a situation when it is serviceable device, it suddenly starts to behave strangely – it will charge rapidly drops even with fairly moderate use, or the battery on the laptop is not charging fully.

Most such situations can be caused by incorrect charging or failure of the components of the electrical circuit of the laptop.

Maybe the problem is not the battery

Difficulties with the supply is not always rooted in the self-contained power source. It is possible to define at the stage of inclusion. In that case, if the device suddenly stopped showing signs of life when switched on, it is necessary to pay attention to the integrity of the electric circuit portable charging and power socket to which it is connected.

Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

To start cost to examine the situation, following simple algorithm:

  1. to check the efficiency of the outlet;
  2. to test the connection cords and the correct insertion of connectors;
  3. to determine the absence of defects of the power supply unit and cable;
  4. to check the presence of charge in the battery if it is removable and can be replaced. For this you can use a tester or a bulb from a pocket lantern with suitable characteristics.

Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

It often happens that the wire is disconnected or not fully inserted into the connector network cable lead to a rapid discharge. Special attention should be paid to the integrity of the cable because regular use may lead to deformation of the wires near the connectors and the subsequent breakup.

If the issue has not been resolved, it is obvious to assume that there is some problem in the power supply. Check electrical circuit and independently, using a special tester.

Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

To test the charger, you can use the same from another PC laptop. If you connect the laptop also will not submit signs of life, so failure in itself or in the auxiliary power supply.

Common problems of the battery

As you know, over time, the characteristics of chemical current sources, are falling, and this process is irreversible. One of the important parameters – the number of recharge cycles, in a modern laptop is about 700 times. This means that if a portable PC connected to the mains every day, to function properly it will be at least about two years.

If a portable PC was used for a long time, it is likely that his batteries were able gradually to break down and can no longer provide enough charge.

To help determine whether it may dedicated software. Most manufacturers of equipment, such as portable PCs and laptops, released a special utility for testing the condition of power sources.

They usually give the detailed information, among which are the following parameters:

  • the working capacity;
  • voltage;
  • temperature;
  • the battery level and others.

In addition to changes in the characteristics of chemical elements, the problem may lie also in the failure of the controller. It is usually located on a special circuit Board inside the battery pack or less built into the motherboard of the laptop. Check its help specialized utility software from the manufacturer or third-party developers.

Video: the Battery does not charge

Connected but no charging

The most common problem with the autonomy of the laptop is that it is connected to the network, properly functioning, but the battery does not occur. This suggests that the electric circuit of the laptop and the charger is OK, at least in terms of electricity supply on the PC, but there is a problem with the controller. Reasons why the battery connected but not charging, there may be several.

Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

In the battery unit of the laptop is usually a few elements from 3 to 12 pieces. If one of them was defective or prematurely failed, it disrupted the entire electrical circuit and need to replace it. When a sufficient level of knowledge of this procedure can be done independently, correctly picking necessary elements in the parameters.

Do not neglect the necessity of regular inspections of the physical condition of the contacts. Over time they can oxidize or become clogged, leading to poor contact surfaces and problems.

Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

In this case, stationery eraser to wipe all contacts Do this procedure carefully, to avoid damage to the contacts themselves and the elements placed in the neighborhood.

Charged, but not completely

The situation when the battery is charged not completely, this may indicate such problems:

  • physical deterioration of the chemical elements;
  • the failure of the controller;
  • actions of third-party utilities and managers.

In the first case, you can use the aforementioned software methods for determining and diagnosis of all important parameters. According to the obtained results it is possible to determine their condition and need replacement.

Incorrect operation of the controller can also be defined with the help of special programs or regular methods some operating systems.

In the latter case the problem may lie in the fact that in the background is running special utilities that control power supply to the laptop and charging. Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

As practice shows, sometimes the equipment manufacturers or third-party developers offer software that is designed to adjust the parameters of the power supply of the mobile PC. These utilities automatically change charge process as well as optimize the consumption and hardware utilization.

Disabling third-party utilities to manage the resources of PC, you can achieve the correct display of battery status and charging it to 100 percent.

If not, you must follow the steps below:

  1. turn off the power;
  2. disconnect the charger and remove the battery, if available;
  3. hold down the power button for up to 30 seconds;
  4. insert the battery without connecting the charger;
  5. to turn on the PC and check power supply.

Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

Similarly, you can repeat this set of steps, but to turn on PC without auxiliary batteries with network connectivity. As a result of the action will disappear residual voltage, without exception, all of the capacitors on the Board.

Installed software, or other power supply it is recommended to translate into the optimal mode of supply. Using the economy or maximum performance, you should disable.

Video: learn the wear on the batteries

The battery of the laptop is not charging

If by results of check of the chain revealed that the difficulty lies in the self-contained power source, then the solutions to this problem may be several.

The main ones:

  • replacement of one or several chemical elements in the block;
  • calibration of the controller;

    Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

  • checking and cleaning of contacts.

Of the failed individual chemical current sources in the block can break an electrical circuit, making impossible the charge. Their replacement can be carried out independently or in the service center.

The failure of the controller can be caused by failure or incorrect operation. In the first case, you will need to replace it or to repair the entire battery.

To diagnose the problem will help third-party tools, the most popular of which are:

  • Aida64;

    Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

  • BatteryMark;

    Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

  • Battery Optimizer;

    Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

  • Smart Battery.

    Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

In the latter case it is necessary, as mentioned above, to inspect the contacts and if necessary clean them of debris or oxide.

Error driver

The reason why not is charging, may be due to the driver power supply of operating system. To resolve this problem by reinstalling the driver or disable it.

If you use Windows operating system, all the necessary settings are in the corresponding section of «control Panel».

Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

To do this:

  • go to menu «System»;
  • select «device Manager»;
  • then select tab «Battery»;
  • in the list will be presented to one or more «of the Battery with ACPI-compatible control of Microsoft» – select necessary;
  • the tab with the properties of this component to find information about the driver and spend it reinstalling.

    Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

After these steps you can try to change the power mode using standard resources of the operating system and reboot the computer.

The power controller

Charging modern lithium-ion cells require a special diet, that actually is provided by a special control Board. If in the process of operation changed the battery, especially from third-party manufacturers, and then had problems with using it – the problem may be at the level of this component.

The most common ones are:

  • incompatibility with the laptop. Even suitable batteries from other manufacturers may have some electronic components with different characteristics and parameters;
  • several suppliers of equipment are particularly well suited to the exclusion of the use of fakes, and built protection against them, even at the level of Autonomous sources of electricity. Fake components simply will not work on this computer;
  • reversed polarity on the Board due to a faulty or counterfeit products. It is recommended that extreme caution should be taken when using components from unknown suppliers, as the quality of their workmanship can be.

Find out why the failure occurred, and to check its serviceability you can use tools for testing or individual programs, more deeply analyzing its performance.

Video: to calibrate the battery

Readings in Aida64

Opportunities universal diagnostic utility Aida64 truly wide. In addition to detailed information about all the devices and components of the system, it also provides detailed information about the battery and its mode of use.

Particularly relevant will be the inspection before purchasing a laptop computer, used. Diagnosis using this program, among other things, shows the number of cycles of recharging the Autonomous power source, and the degree of its deterioration. According to these parameters it will be possible to draw conclusions about the approximate time of his work.

Что делать, перестала заряжаться батарея на ноутбуке

Among other things, Aida64 in the implementation of a comprehensive inspection of the notebook displays the following parameters of its Autonomous power sources:

  • manufacturer;
  • the date of manufacture;
  • type of chemical elements;
  • current capacity;
  • current frequency;
  • predicted operation time;
  • temperature;
  • voltage;
  • mode power supply;
  • the number of recharge cycles;
  • depreciation and other parameters.

As can be seen from the above material, the battery of the laptop is quite complex and is highly exposed to risks of breakdown component. For the correct use is to pay attention to the use of third-party portable chargers and regularly to conduct the test with the help of specialized software.

Most problems encountered can be successfully removed independently and without needing serious repair. If the problem is fatal – will help appeal to the service center or the warranty workshop.

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