What to do, MacBook is not included

By | 10.12.2018

What to do, MacBook is not included

If suddenly, no matter what you do, MacBook is not included, to rush to the service center is not required. It is possible to try to «revive» his house – the typical problems are known and fixing them is pretty easy. The only exception is mechanical damage to the Bay and any liquid, whether water, chemical liquid, alcohol or sugary drink.

Another reason to immediately contact service and the smell of burning cotton.

Что делать, макбук не включается

Most commonly affected are the charger and power plug, the controller, at least – a circuit and system error. The most rare and severe case – a cracked motherboard or hard drive.

Exception fault display

First you need to check the screen – maybe the computer itself is fine, and with a display problem.

Что делать, макбук не включается

How do you test:

  • when power button is pressed the noise of the fan and disks;
  • after pressing the power button you can hear the melody of loading the operating system;
  • if there are indicators on/sleep, they burn appropriate light;
  • if you press Caps Lock, the related indicator comes on.

In this case, you need to check the display in accordance with the instructions on the website Appleлибо to contact the service center.

Problems with food

More often it happens that MacBook no longer included due to problems with nutrition.

If the computer does not turn on, here is a simple validation algorithm that needs to be run:

  • if your computer is connected to the outlet? the power outlet is working? it is easy to check.
  • connected to the power cord and adapter? normal forgetfulness and a loose connection can cause the lack of charge;
  • if everything is in order with power cord? if you have a spare analogue or charger it makes sense to try to charge mac with it;
  • connected, any accessories (printer, storage device, telephone)? unplug them and try again to press the power button;
  • after pressing the power button hold it for 10 seconds, then press it again.

If these simple steps don’t work, you will have more detail to understand why the computer was not working.

Что делать, макбук не включается

No power

Often the problem is very simple and lies in the diet. The fault sockets, uninterruptible power supply, «pilot» happens most often.

To check this, just connect a known-good device and UPS it’s best just to restart. If you are using an extension cord, it makes sense to try to connect the power cord directly to a wall outlet.

Что делать, макбук не включается

It is also worth remembering that the excessive use of extension cords, tees, filters and additional pads increases the load on your home’s wiring and may cause a short circuit.

Not working charging

Sometimes the reason lies in the charger. Wrinkling and pinching because of the strong bend of the wire or crushing it, for example, the door, lead the power cord into disrepair. The most vulnerable places: the folds of the cord connecting to the adapter, plug.

Что делать, макбук не включается

If visual inspection all worth a try to clean the connector from dust and at the same time to verify the integrity of the connector: flexion or loss of the plug means complete malfunction of the power cord. Not helped by it – it’s time to change the charger or service center, it is possible to diagnose the cause of failure.

The battery is out of order

If the computer is already a few years, it may not be included due to the fact that the battery is depleted. Usually there is an indicator that should light up while charging – when the charger is fully functional it makes sense to check it out.

By the way, breakage of the battery there are prerequisites too rapid discharge recently, data inconsistency of the battery indicator real time and so on. In this case, repair the Mac can only replace spent batteries.

Video: Not working Apple MacBook


Error special memory or controller is also able to not allow Mac to turn on. To fix it just enough shortcuts and reboot.

The system management controller (SMC)

Sometimes refusing to work, blame the system management controller, to correct the situation by resetting its settings. To do this, when connected to the power cord press the combination «Shift» + «Control» + «Option» and «Power» button. All the buttons need to let go at the same time.

Что делать, макбук не включается

The light on the adapter or stays on without flashing, or off – this is normal. After a reboot, you can turn on the computer.

PRAMи NVRAM (whatevertheyare)

Special memory PRAM/NVRAM can also create incompatible with the inclusion of the error.

Then what to do?

  1. press the «power»button;
  2. press and hold the buttons command + option + «p» + «r» to enable the grey screen;
  3. keep the buttons all reset and until such time as the mac again don’t make ringtone download;
  4. let go of the button.

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Power Manager

If the power failed (not a safe shutdown, emergency shutdown, short circuit), «Power Manager» does not enable the Mac can restart.

Rebooting is done as follows:

  • first take out the battery;
  • press the «power»button;
  • wait a few seconds, release;
  • insert the battery back;
  • press again the «Power» button. The computer should start the download.

Other reasons

Reasons why MacBook is not included – a lot. It may be damage to the power supply circuit, and the sealing Board, and just the fact that he clogged with dust and overheated. Even an incorrect shutdown able to make the subsequent inclusion virtually impossible. But usually everything is much easier.

Separately to say about a boot failure after update – when this MacBook turns on, but only to grey screen or not finishing the loading screen.

MacBook does not turn on after updating

If the computer is a long time not been updated, and then I had to put fresh upgrades on the old version of the OS, the MacBook may not turn on or turn on but not boot.

In this case, it is best to do boot in safe mode – it is enough to turn on Mac while holding the «Shift» button. Not work? Then you have to format the data with a special utility, instructions for its use can be found on Apple’s official website.

MacBook overheated

If the computer is already several years old or the weather is hot, there is nothing surprising in the fact that it refuses to turn on. Most likely, it overheated.

If the computer is new, just let it cool down. In any case it is impossible to make him cool objects, or to put it in a cold room, it can provoke the appearance of cracks in the boards due to temperature changes. After a couple of hours at room temperature, you can try again to run it.

Что делать, макбук не включается

If he is at least a year, it makes sense to take care of his cleaning. You can do this yourself if you have the necessary skills or in service center. But while the computer is in warranty, take it apart, only in warranty service, otherwise a free service will be impossible. Regular cleaning for the prevention of such problems is carried out at least once a year.

There are connected device

The abundance of connected devices can be powered by battery Mac, not allowing him to join. It smartphones, tablets, external HDD, flash drives, external Bluetooth module, webcam, printers and other accessories.

Что делать, макбук не включается

Possible errors in their work, influencing the launch. Check out this just – disable all unnecessary and to start the computer.

Do a forced restart

If the computer gives any signs of life, you can try to force restart it.

To do this, when you connect the Magsafe power you need to:

  1. negotiability «shiftt» + «control» + «option»/»alt» + «power».
  2. if it’s an old mac, then use the combination «control» + «enter».

Video: Repair MacBook

Faulty North or South bridge

If a MacBook overheats regularly, it may not be included because of the damage to the bridge is the controller on the motherboard. Two of them, they are plugged in for the tires, and the North more directly to the processor. Damage to any of them requires a mandatory appeal to the service.

Что делать, макбук не включается

You can only diagnosis a specialist and replace the damaged part.

The RAM module is incorrectly installed

If the problem was an upgrade of the OP, it’s possible that the module was installed properly. To check this, just pull it out and insert it again by looking at the user manual. Not helped? Then return the old module as a new one may be faulty or incompatible. Upon such substitution, Medalian included.

Что делать, макбук не включается

The reason that the MacBook does not turn on, may be to many problems. Best to find out what preceded the failure: unsafe shutdown, fully discharge, overheating, physical damage or the Bay.

Even if outwardly everything was fine, better to ask household or colleagues, not bothering whether they are computer, whether there were blackouts, a strange odor. Depending on it apply the different methods of recovery work.

The only exception is the mechanical damage and the ingress of liquid.

In this case, you should not try to solve the problem, but it is best to take out the battery and as soon as possible to deliver a Mac service center. Sometimes the repair may not be required – regular cleaning can return the MacBook in working condition.

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