What to do in the Opera ad pop up?

By | 10.12.2018

What to do in the Opera ad pop up?

When switching to sites pop up banners, open additional pages, which are not only distracting and annoying, and, incidentally, eat up precious bandwidth.

And instead of a cognitive view of colorful proposals, there is a feeling of visual imposition and a failure in stable operation of the user. We’ll look at the Opera browser and analyze: how to save your monitor from flickering pictures, and what to do if in the Opera at all?

Disable ads by changing the settings

In modern browsers, including in Opera, the settings on your pop-up blocker should be automatically, but for some reason this is not happening (is the viral site, or a factory reset and/or changed system settings or computer entered hidden malicious files, etc.).

Because the fact of the spam you need to check yourself to make sure of correct operation of all services and only then proceed to the repair or removal unnecessary.

Own filters

Using new software from spam, you need to set your own filters to skip some special and trusted pages.

One of the filters, which can be installed on Opera is urlfilter.ini. It is a text file with a list of dangerous web sites. Thanks to its installation in the browser, you can not only get rid of ads, but also to protect your computer from viruses, phishing sites and other unsafe elements.

To install urlfilter.ini you need to download and, while unpacking, specify the path to the folder OperaProfile.

This method is good because it affects the level of RAM and doesn’t slow down your Internet

IMPORTANT! During installation, urlfilter, browser close.

Video: remove ads

The option «Block content»

When pesky blocks popping up before they managed to lock the browser, then use an additional function. Click on a banner ad, right-click and select the «block content».

Disable the display in pop-up Windows

In older versions of Opera do the following:

  1. Summing the cursor to the letter «O» in the upper left corner and click on it with your cursor (or press Ctrl+F12).
  2. Select the line «Settings» and go to «General settings».

    Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

  3. Open the Basic tab choose the drop-down list, the line labeled «Specify how to deal with pop – up blocker» — «Block unsolicited».
  4. And click «OK».

In the new version:

  1. Click on the name «Opera», in the same corner, and select from the drop down list «settings».

    Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

  2. In the list on the left select the tab «Sites» and find the words «pop-UPS» — put a period in front of the line «Block pop-up Windows» (if it is not there).

    Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

The Opera was so boring

Plugins (scripts) were created in order to facilitate work in browsers and complement the standard features is a useful and convenient add-ons. Such modular tools, browser, adapts to every user and his workflow. Plug-ins embedded in the browser, and to enable or disable the need to bring them to the screen command opera:plugins. Consider a few of them.

Flash Block

This plugin blocks flash animations, which overloads the operation of the Internet, why pages loaded much slower. But there is a downside to blocking the animation — it is used not only in advertising but also in many sites, and hiding it will lead to incorrect or incomplete display of the page.

  1. Script Flash Block need to download and unzip. To install requires only two files «FlashBlocker.js» and «FlashBlocker.css», the rest of the files in the archive are not needed.

    Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

  2. Press the key combination Win+R and enter «%AppData%OperaOperastylesuser».

    Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

  3. Get into the directory «styles», the folder «user» and copy there «FlashBlocker.css».
  4. After all these manipulations are launching Opera, and in the main menu «View» — «Style», select a new addition.
  5. In this same directory create a folder called «UserJS» plug-in and it our second file. After installing the script «FlashBlocker.js» you need to configure it.

For the old version:

  • in Opera press Ctrl+F12;
  • in the open window go to the tab «Advanced»;
  • select the item from the list on the left «Content»;
  • click on the button «Customize javascript».

In the new version of Opera:

  1. All installed plugins and add-ons are configured and started automatically. To track this feature in the «Settings» – «Websites»:
  • Allow javascript (recommended);

    Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

  • Plug — ins run automatically (recommended).

Adblock Plus

To download this plugin you need from the official site, specially oriented to the Opera. Adblock Plus is free, and after installation requires no additional and/or manual settings.

In the case of blocking the desired part of the desired site and the correctness of its display, the plugin should be disabled. For convenience and fast control module Adblock, you can launch your browser (near the address bar).

Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

To make a button in a prominent place need:

  • go the path of «Opera — Extensions Management extension»;
  • here click on the picture of the wrench;
  • click on the item «Settings»;
  • select the tab «Button» and put a bird on «Show icon extension»;
  • the pictures to select any two to display on and off the plugin.

    Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

Does its job well, does not slow down. The only drawback is the omission of advertising from Google, which he considers useful. Therefore, those who with this statement of dissent, is, in addition to Adblock, use spare methods against spam.

Extension Adquard

This utility can perform filtering and controls opening pages. In the case of the unreliability of the web resource, the page does not load, notifying appropriate inscription. Using AdGuard extension does not pass any pop-up pictures, no banners, nor the rest of the Intrusive spam.

Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

AdGuard need to install the system yourself, though some versions of other browsers, it is already in the options and requires the simple activation.

After downloading the new program (in normal mode) should be done first launch, in which:

  • to select the language;
  • to enable automatic verification;
  • to add to the list of browsers to protect those that are missing in the list of AdGuard.

    Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

Rid manually

If after all these manipulations, the following spam has failed to get rid of completely, then to seek the origins of its appearance to manually. Such advanced cases skip commercials can be caused by other processes that are allowed to access files on your computer. It can be applications or files that secretly infiltrated into the system during the boot process of the other.

What to look for

Programs that allow and/or provoke the emergence of ad units, diverse.

But there is a small list of settings that you should pay particular attention to:

  1. Pirrit – main title can be deformed, but the overall framework will remain the same (examples: pirritdesktop.exe, Pirrit Suggestor).
  2. RSTUpdater.exe.
  3. Websocial and Webalta.
  4. Search — all names (example: Search Protect ), containing this phrase, in addition to SearchIndexer (Windows service ).
  5. Babylon.

    Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

  6. Conduit.
  7. Mobogenie.
  8. Awesomehp.
  9. CodecDefaultKernel.exe.

The list is incomplete, but the detection and removal of one name from this registry will save your eyes from blinking and pop-UPS blocks. In any case, if some process has caused suspicion, is sufficient to find its quality in the Internet and understand what exactly is employ this app and whether it in the management system.

Removed spam program

After detecting malicious software in the process of the system, they need to be properly removed:

  • click on «start»;
  • go to the control Panel;
  • select the folder «Programs and components»;
  • review displayed list of installed apps.

    Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

Not much disguised malware will be located in this directory, but more in-depth programs, there do not seem to. Found unwanted application deleted directly from this window using the button «Remove/Change».

Other Intrusive and hidden installation looking the other way:

  1. Open task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del).
  2. Go to the tab «Processes».
  3. Click on the button «Show processes from all users».
  4. In the browsable list looking for suspicious names.

If a running application is found, then:

Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

  1. click the right mouse button and complete the process. In the case of a re-launch — watch a saved location of the file, remember, and better recorded;
  2. go to the system configuration (Win+R – msconfig);
  3. in the configuration window, put the bird next to the inscription «Safe mode» and restart Windows;
  4. in safe mode go back to the control Panel and turn on display of system and hidden files;
  5. go to the location of the malware and found folder, delete the contents;
  6. enter the name up to this hidden agenda in the search;
  7. if any additional non-empty folders, they too should be cleaned.

To skip spam you need to check the browser which can be updated with new extensions:

  • to do this, go to the tab «Extensions» in the main menu.
  • in the new window you can see the list of extensions that are installed and the button activation/deactivation.
  • in the case of uncertainty in the solution of disabling different add-ons, you can try to take turns off each of them and watch the results.
  • when at the stage of disabling the next extension spam will disappear, then the rest of the installation continue to function as usual, except the one where you stopped.

    Что делать в Опере выскакивает реклама?

The solution to already existing problem situations in the failures and malfunctions of the system are always more costly, both in time and effort. Therefore often better to control the download and installation of programs, keep a check on malicious files and not to allow the system was not under the control of the computer owner, and penetrated through the Internet program.

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