What to do if your smartphone runs out quickly

By | 10.12.2018

What if the smartphone runs out quickly

A smartphone is a versatile device, allowing to solve a large number of different tasks in minimal time.

At the same time this device due to the nature of their work required a lot of power, because the battery capacity is a very important factor. But it often happens that the charge is spent very quickly for no apparent reason.

Today, almost everyone has devices such as smartphones. All the famous brands offer high quality products. But even it tends to break down.

Что делать, если смартфон быстро разряжается

To understand why the smartphone is quickly discharged, it is necessary to observe what factors affect the duration of its operation. It is possible empirically to establish the fault.

If you find a fault for some reason fails, you should try the standard ways to solve the problem of this type.

Causes and solutions

Most often, the gadgets on the operating system Android very quickly lose battery life due to:

  • work live Wallpaper;
  • operation of the accelerometer sensor;
  • the functioning of the background programs;
  • excessively high brightness of the screen;

    Что делать, если смартфон быстро разряжается

  • due to an improperly configured connection;
  • wireless protocols for data transmission;
  • profile activated «In the plane»;
  • network type 2G.

Mentioned above causes a quick discharge is quite typical, to eliminate them, do not even need to do any complex manipulations.

Live Wallpaper

Working screen, but also different types of occurring in the processes seriously affect the CPU load. The bigger it is, the faster you consume battery energy. Sometimes the discharge rate due to the work of these Wallpapers is increased by a third.

Live Wallpapers can be of two types:

  • installed additionally as an application;
  • standard.

    Что делать, если смартфон быстро разряжается

In both cases, you can resolve the situation simply without help.

If live Wallpaper set the standard, it is possible to do the following:

  • open «Settings»;
  • click on the «Screen»;
  • select «Wallpaper»;
  • activate standard Wallpaper without animation.

If a special application that creates on the desktop an animation, you simply delete it.

This will require:

  • click on «Settings»;
  • select «Applications»;
  • to find the right name.
  • to uninstall the application.

    Что делать, если смартфон быстро разряжается

Accelerometer sensor

Consider the gadgets today are a very real telecommunication harvesters, stuffed to the eyeballs various functions, which can be used to solve various problems.

Almost every device has a accelerometer, it allows you to measure the acceleration and the position of the vehicle relative to the earth. But its use increases the load on the processor.

Because this device can be very quickly discharged battery.

To disable the sensor and to reduce the discharge rate, you must:

  • fold down the top edge of the screen;
  • find the icon called «rotate»;
  • to make sure that he was not selected to disable it.

Close background apps

Immediately after the screen the CPU (especially if it is multi-core) is the most energy-intensive device. Since data processing requires the maintenance of high voltage inside the CPU. Therefore, if you have a large number of concurrent applications the energy of the battery will decrease quickly enough.

To close a different kind of running programs, you must:

  • open «Settings»;
  • select «Applications»;
  • activate the section «Working».

In the opened list you should choose which utilities are not required at this particular moment. Then click on the desired icon and stop. There is a special button, which is the inscription «Stop». Sometimes some products from third-party developers consume up to 50 percent of the stock battery.

Что делать, если смартфон быстро разряжается

Adjust the brightness

The highest consumption has the display. This component, regardless of its type, during operation, always emits light as illumination works. It enables a user easily can distinguish in the darkness all that there is on the screen. But the brighter it is, the faster you consume battery.

In many cases, the problem of quickly discharging the battery of the smartphone, you can allow a simple reduction in the brightness of the display.

All devices running the operating system «Android» you can do the following:

  • finger lowered a worker down the screen;
  • find in the top menu called «Brightness»;
  • open a long slider, which is moving you can adjust the strength of the glow.

Что делать, если смартфон быстро разряжается

Making a little less brightness or subtract it to the ground sometimes you can save up to 100% battery charge. Also, you should always extinguish the display if its use is not required.

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Communications setup

In some cases, to save power in your device you just need to disable some communication protocols. For example, GPRS/3G/LTE. As it is because of working modules that support connection of this type, the battery can melt before our eyes. Often it is enough just to disable them – this allows much less likely to connect the gadget to the network.

The various communication modules turned off simply enough. You can simply open the task bar, which is located at the top of the screen and click on the appropriate icon illumination from under them should disappear.

Disable wireless technologies

Often immediately after buying the lucky owners of the phone can’t understand what it is: a new battery can lose its charge. Any visible reasons for this: the screen brightness is really low, employ only the most necessary background apps.

The secret of such behavior may lie in the fact that the device is simply activated all at the same time or any individual wireless communication technologies.

These include the following:

  • Bluetooth;
  • Wi-Fi.

Particularly strong eats battery Wi-Fi. To disable these technologies, you should open settings and check the switches with appropriate signatures. They should be in position «Off». Otherwise, turn them off.

Turn on «airplane Mode»

All the gadgets are running the operating system «Android» has a special profile called «flight Mode».

When activated, disables the following modules:

  • GSM;
  • UMTS.

At the same time Wi-Fi and GPS to function continue. An important feature of modes of this type is that during its operation significantly decreases battery drain. To turn it off just press «Power» and select the appropriate menu item

Что делать, если смартфон быстро разряжается

2G network

The simplest way to get rid of quick battery consumption is the use of the mode in which the communication is through a Protocol 2G.

It is very simple:

  • select «Settings»;
  • click on the «Wireless networks»;
  • activate «Mobile network»;
  • make «2G Only».


Also, the phone may lose battery charge very quickly due to problems with the hardware. This can be a common factory defect battery, motherboard or other details of the smartphone. Sometimes there are problems with plug a special device for charge, or voltage is not high enough or too low.

The smartphone is quickly discharged in standby mode

Sometimes the apparatus can be very quickly discharged in standby mode. The blame can be damaged motherboard, where there are leakage currents. To determine the presence of this kind of defect is possible only with a special equipment.

If you suspect the occurrence of such problems, it is best to contact an authorized service center.

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Save battery

If all the above ways of dealing with falling battery charge does not help, you can try to use a special utility:

  • Easy Battery Saver;
  • Battery Dr.Saver.

Easy Battery Saver

EasyBatterySaver is a utility that provides the possibility to increase the duration of the smartphone is 5 – 20%.

Что делать, если смартфон быстро разряжается

She also offers the following additional functionality:

  • allows you to fully charge the device;
  • makes it possible to quickly reload a gadget to kill him for the task;
  • can automatically deactivate the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other processes.


Battery Dr.Saver is a utility that can choose the optimal mode used battery. It gives the possibility to reduce the power consumption to the minimum. But the most important Dostoinstvo this app is the ability to save up to 50% charge in standby mode, and increase the duration of work without recharging.

Что делать, если смартфон быстро разряжается

Update the firmware

Sometimes to solve the problem of this type it is enough just to update the firmware. This is especially true of devices running on very early versions of Android.

This process does not take much time, just a good Internet connection and a fully charged battery.

Battery problems on smartphones running Android is quite rampant. However, in most cases, to deal with them is relatively simple. It is only necessary carefully as possible to monitor a specific machine and check what it affects the duration of the work.

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