What to do if your phone reboots by itself

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if your phone reboots by itself

Often there are situations when mobile devices have to restart, but there are times when the phone rebooted itself.

Try to understand what you can do on their own, to bring him «back to life», and in some cases, need to rely on the experience of experts.

Possible causes

There are several main reasons for restarting the phone:

  • mechanical damage (due to a blow or fall);
  • a glitch in the software;
  • the failure of the battery;
  • a faulty elements on the circuit Board;
  • the effect of moisture on device (falling under the body of the device).

Quite often the reason for sudden restart phone is defective power amplifier of the signal or battery. The power consumption increases, which eventually leads to a crash reboot. Replacing these items is in minutes and not great for the pocketbook of the owner.

Following the leader by quantity of complaints of users of mobile devices in service centers is the failure of the software. Previously installed the phone app may conflict with each other or the owner of the gadget made a mistake in choosing a firmware that didn’t come to the phone.

Normal moisture can cause a restart on a par with mechanical damage, resulting fall from a height, which is often damaged or main PCB.

What if rebooted

A fairly common problem of the modern smartphones – spontaneous reboot. The following describes the steps you need to take to restore the normal operation of the system.

All the time

The reason may lie in the damaged battery. To see this, it suffices to pull out the battery from the camera, put it on a hard surface and twist. If the battery spins easily, so she has somewhere there is a bulge or the battery is already starting to swell.

If the problem lies in this, then you should look into the nearest service, as the swollen battery repair can not be.

Что делать, если телефон сам перезагружается

In cases where the battery is in order, it is necessary to update the software, along with the previously installed applications. If the gadget runs on the Android platform, it is recommended to go to Google Play and select the desired updates, the lazy can just click «Update all», but it is better to review the proposed application to avoid garbage in the phone.

After updating applications, you should begin to upgrade the system. If that doesn’t work, then you need to contact the service center.

When you enable

When the phone restarts unexpectedly when enabled, you can use the following methods:

  • to reset it to factory defaults. A chance to return the machine to malfunction in this way is very large. Each device your method of returning to the default settings, you can see in the instructions to the device;
  • remove the battery and then put it back after 30 minutes.

Perhaps the problem is that the phone simply overheated, also there are cases sticky power button of the device. If none of the suggested options to no avail, you need to flash the gadget. You can do this on their own or to appeal to the workers of the service.

Что делать, если телефон сам перезагружается

When talking

In the case where the phone reboots when an incoming call or during a call, it is likely that the battery loses contact with the device. The reason is that during long period of operation occurs a small gap rear surface of the battery (the gap between the connecting elements).

Что делать, если телефон сам перезагружается

With daily use of the gadget is shaking the body, which causes separation of the contacts. To check whether this is the root cause of a failure in the device, you need some time to shake it. If the device is again rebooted, then you must re-soldering the connector contacts. It will be easier to give it to service if it is under warranty.

Another cause of incorrect operation of the device may be a software glitch.

Apply here three solutions to the problem:

  • the transition to a default setting;
  • firmware update;
  • service center (if you do not help none of the above options).


After updating

The mobile device may restart after making the necessary updates. However, there are pitfalls.

To begin, you need:

  1. to turn off the device and remove the battery;
  2. after 15 minutes, put her in her place and re-enable the device.

If this procedure did not produce results, then keep an eye on what updates are installing.

Some applications may block normal operation or conflict. If update, did you notice abnormalities in the operation of the gadget, then you need to go back to factory settings and again restart the machine.

Что делать, если телефон сам перезагружается

The reason for the incorrect operation of the gadget could be malicious software that hit him with updates. In this case you can also use the above tips if they did not work, then you should give the phone to re-flash.

When you enable

Another common type problems – restart your smartphone when you enable an application or function. Following are the steps necessary for its elimination.


There are cases when mobile devices will reboot after the camera. Especially often suffer from this trouble, the owners advertised the iPhone. The cause of the problem may lie in any app that «caught a virus». It is recommended to run the antivirus to find the cause of anxiety and restart the system.

Что делать, если телефон сам перезагружается

If that doesn’t work, then you should return to the default settings, but before that you need to make a copy of all necessary documents and contacts. The problem could also be specifically with the device of the camera itself, after a stroke or a fall from a height the phone could move the train.

The treatment is to open the gadget and put him in his place. Craftsmen often do it yourself.

In the case of other smart phones, it is recommended to format the memory card or its replacement. If damage is not mechanical in nature, that in 90% of cases on a frequent reboot is affected by a malfunction of the SD card.

To understand what caused the reboot, we should remember, was it ever lost in water or other liquid. In such cases, the device may periodically reboot, which is not much annoying, but this is just the beginning.

If the phone has recently experienced the beauty of water treatments, then again disassemble the tool and thoroughly dried. After such tests, a reboot is when you turn the camera – not the worst thing that can happen to you.


What happens if you reboot the phone after enabling GPS?

There are several solutions to the problem:

  • replace the old SIM card (often new mobile phones interact badly with older cards);
  • after the fall of the gadget may be damage to the Board that affects the system to reboot. In this case, you must seek the assistance of employees of the service center;
  • replacing the memory card;
  • roll back the settings to the factory.

    Что делать, если телефон сам перезагружается


This problem is quite common among owners of HTC phones. To solve it you can reflash the phone or just never use the function of transferring multimedia. However after flashing the device is guaranteed to work as before. You can also use a simple factory reset.

As for disabling pesky features then here it is not so simple. Because of the constant restarting, the user has only a few seconds to disable Bluetooth. So, you must turn off the device, get SIM card and memory card. So the gadget will run faster, whereby the owner of the phone have 10 seconds to disable Bluetooth, and then restart, but for the last time.

When you run the application

Such an incident often found in Nokia phones.

To understand the reason for the restart is necessary:

  • to ensure that the battery is in order;
  • then wait 10 minutes, put back battery, turn on and again to enter the application;
  • if everything remained the same, then you should do a flashing.

    Что делать, если телефон сам перезагружается

A few tips on how to avoid problems with the restart at startup applications:

  • try not to use the registry cleaner;
  • do not load too «heavy» applications;
  • use only official.

When connected to the computer

Reboot phone when connected to PC may cause malware. Check both devices for viruses. If to eliminate the threat on the phone using the antivirus failed, then you may need to reinstall the software or reset the settings.

Don’t forget that artisanal method of flashing can result in a breakage, which cannot be corrected. If the problem has not been solved using conventional methods, then you should contact the service center.

Что делать, если телефон сам перезагружается

The phone constantly restarts on Android

To return Android phone to normal operation, you need to check the date of the last update. This applies not only to applications but also the system itself.

Happy owners of Samsung phones can do the experiment — try to go into safe mode. If the gadget does not go in reset, so we can safely say that the device is exhausting one of the installed applications.

To identify and get rid of it, it is recommended to get a Clean Master app, which will give the cause of the problem. Interestingly, through this program, the user can see even that which I myself have not uploaded.

This is the consequences of malware. After uninstalling, you must restart the device.

Try attentively and carefully to concern to the technique, of course, mechanical damage to be corrected, but they entail more serious problems. Contact the specialists of service centers, the only way guaranteed to get back a functioning device.

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