What to do if your computer gets too hot

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if your computer gets too hot

If your computer gets too hot, you should try to quickly identify the cause of such phenomena. And if possible eliminate it.

Due to problems of this type may require the purchase of new equipment. Accordingly, it is unnecessary spending of money. However, you should be very careful, because excessive heating may be a symptom of serious problems.


To detect the presence of excessive heating of the hardware on your personal computer, you do not have to install any special additional software that receives the information from sensors.

Sometimes there’s plenty of indirect evidence. They are:

  • slow work;
  • The PC emits various audible signals;
  • spontaneous shutdown and restart;
  • very rapidly spinning cooler, make a lot of noise;
  • on the screen there are various foreign objects – artifacts.

    Что делать, если компьютер сильно нагревается

Is slower

Sometimes it happens that even after cleaning, the PC functions quite slow. Does not help either disk Defragmenter or various other manipulations. The reason for this phenomenon may serve as an excessively high heating of the CPU and other components of computer. Strong slowdown in task execution for no apparent reason is a serious symptom.

A tone sounds

Many motherboards desktop PCs are equipped not only with special sensors, but also the associated built-in speakers. If there are any faults they serve a special alarm sound. Many such devices are programmed to signal the exceeding of specified values.

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He shuts down or reboots

Sometimes PC to start itself off, or restart. Quite often a mother Board and the BIOS are supplied with a special automated system that performs emergency power off when you have any critical situations. For example, excessively high temperature composite parts.

The coolers are spinning, the noise is stronger

Cooling device, which is a powerful fan, automatic mode performs the speed adjustment. And, usually, the bigger it is, the stronger the noise. If for a sufficiently long time the coolers are spinning very fast, not stopping it goes, not decreasing the temperature of the CPU and the video card, power supply. It is worth to check.

«Artifacts» on the image

Often under heavy load on the video processor on the screen appear various foreign matter.

They may look like the following:

  • the squares and the image overlay one another;
  • bright color elements, which can be on the monitor.

Sometimes this occurs because of driver issues, but most often the problem is the excessive heating of the hardware. This may occur due to different factors.

Что делать, если компьютер сильно нагревается

The reasons and ways of elimination

Causes excessive heating of individual parts will Smoget to be quite a large number. Moreover, most of them obvious and requires a minimal amount of effort for its elimination.

The most common causes of overheating hardware is:

  • not powerful enough, or just a faulty device heat dissipation;
  • the blower is not big enough;
  • inside the chassis there is a very large amount of dust;

    Что делать, если компьютер сильно нагревается

  • the heat sink fits tightly enough;
  • on the power supply too high a voltage;
  • error in the power settings of BIOS/OS.

Insufficient or malfunctioning cooling system

Many personal computers are extremely powerful and productive machine. They consume a lot of power, which naturally leads to a large amount of heat. This kind of stationary PC needs to have a good cool down. If the heat dissipation is not fast enough, then overheating will occur.

Что делать, если компьютер сильно нагревается

To cope with this problem, you can simply:

  • to completely replace the device heat dissipation;
  • install the processor and graphics card more powerful coolers.

If a particular configuration has extremely high performance of conventional cooling fans (even very powerful) because something can not cope with the heat, you can use a specialized cooling system – liquid. It has a very high efficiency.

Что делать, если компьютер сильно нагревается

Extra fan

Almost all system units designed for stationary personal computers, are equipped with seats on which you can install additional fans. Thus, we can very simply solve the problem with the excessive heat inside the PC case. And the more powerful the fan the better.


Adversely affects the heat removal, the presence of very large amounts of dust inside the system unit. The fact that it forms a kind of web on the crate of coolers, exhaust holes, and other items of hardware. The dust disrupts the normal heat transfer.

To solve this problem simply, you need to:

  • to open the device;
  • using ordinary household vacuum cleaner to remove the inside of all the dust and cobwebs;
  • the remaining particles are removed with a soft watercolor brush;
  • the housing is assembled in the reverse order.

    Что делать, если компьютер сильно нагревается

If after a good cleaning mode RSNA has changed, you need to look for the cause of the overheating in something else.

Something to mount the radiator

The removal of hot air is carried out not only by means of special coolers-fans, but also for the radiators. This component is aluminum, or a copper piece, which is attached directly to a heat emitting surface through thermal grease. For normal operation the maximum fit snugly to the surface of the processor.

Что делать, если компьютер сильно нагревается

If there is at least a small gap, the process of removing heat deteriorates significantly. That leads to increased heating, and consequently, overheating. Most often, the radiator is mounted on four screws. To solve the problem, just tighten them well.

Inflated the output voltage of the power supply

When the PC issues of this type should be checked using a special instrument output voltage at terminals of the power supply. Sometimes it is for various reasons may be very different in a big way from nominal.

To perform a self-repair of the power unit is not so simple, it requires special skills and a soldering iron (a Hairdryer, an infrared). Much easier and sometimes corny cheaper to buy a new PSU and install it on your PC.

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Configuring a power plan in the BIOS and system

Quite often it happens that when the processor is powerful, but is in a very hot room, it can overheat. To resolve this trouble, you can not only through the installation of additional or more efficient cooling, but also just to reconfigure the power plan.

Operating system Windows 7 this is done in the following way:

  • open «control panel»;
  • select «power supply»;
  • find the section of the PCI Express;
  • set znaczenia for the relevant sections:
    • minimum processor state – 5%;
    • the maximum processor state to 95%.

      Что делать, если компьютер сильно нагревается

Is set cooling mode to «active». Before slowing the processor Windowsбудет independently increase the rotation speed of the cooler, thus removing the heated air.

Similar actions can be done by going into the BIOS of the system. Most have the ability to set the rotation speed of the cooler, and applied voltage on the CPU. You should choose such parameters, that would be temperatures came back to normal, but system performance is not decreased significantly.

Danger of overheating

Overheating of any component parts of a PC today is not as dangerous as before. It happens that even after the complete failure of the cooling system OS continued more or less steadily to work.

Что делать, если компьютер сильно нагревается

But it must be remembered that the normal mode of operation of the processor – not more than 60-70 0C, graphics card – 70-80 0C. Accordingly, it is necessary to consider the intensity of use of resources.

With a significant increase in temperature possible violation of the integrity of cores. Which leads to the failure of the electronic component. Usually repair as a result of such a situation is impossible, therefore, to avoid their occurrence.

How to check if your computer heats up

Any user who is actively using your PC, it is mandatory to monitor his condition. First of all the temperature.

This can be done in various ways:

  • with the help of special software;
  • with the help of the BIOS.

Easier and safer just to see the amount of heat your PC is running through a variety of programs from third party.

The most popular and functional are the following:

  • SpeedFan 4.42;
  • AIDA64;

    Что делать, если компьютер сильно нагревается

  • Everest.

Some utilities (such as SpeedFan) allow not only to obtain information with special multilattices engaged in monitoring the work PC, but also in real-time to control the fan speed. Which is very convenient – it is possible to independently regulate the cooling system and, as a consequence, the temperature of the work.

Another sure way to check for overheating – see its information in the BIOS.

This can be done in the following way:

  • after opening the main window go to the «Power»;
  • select the item called «Hardware Monitor»;

    Что делать, если компьютер сильно нагревается

  • in the opened window will contain the following temperature:
    • CPU emperature temperature of the CPU;
    • MBT emperature temperature of the motherboard.

It should be remembered that the operation mode for each CPU and motherboard is an individual choice. That is why you should see on the Internet with the technical documentation, which will be denoted the value of the normal operating temperature.

Prevention tips

It is best just not to overheat any component parts of PC.

It is necessary to carry out maintenance work:

  • timely inspect the condition of thermal paste on the heat sink surface and cooling surface;
  • periodically (1 every 6 months) to clean the system unit of the PC from dust;
  • you should install a special utility that allows in real time to verify the mode of operation strongly heated parts.

    Что делать, если компьютер сильно нагревается

It is best just to prevent any accidents. It is much easier than to remove their effects.

The computer heats up – what to do? You must quickly find the cause of the occurrence of such a phenomenon and eliminate it. As the impact of extreme high temperatures could simply lead to overheating, which may die hardware.

If this phenomenon does occur, you will need to purchase new parts for your PC.

Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary spending, should as often as possible to diagnose your PC and eliminate the different problems that can cause damage to the hardware level.

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