What to do if you lost sound on laptop

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if you lose sound on the laptop

Every laptop user may face this problem, as the absence of sound. It can happen at any time and on any device. However, you should not panic – most likely this is a minor faulty, fix that no problem.

The causes of interruptions in the sound

The reasons for the «silence» of the computer can be divided into two groups:

  1. software;
  2. mechanical.

The first group includes problems that are associated with faults or failures of the computer software. The spectrum of such problems is very wide: from the errors in the registry prior to failure of the driver.Что делать если пропадает звук на ноутбуке

The main programmatic reasons include:

  1. fixed minimum volume;
  2. the sound is muted;
  3. turned off service, which is responsible for the sound;
  4. corrupted driver sound devices;
  5. missing the right codecs.

The last reason refers to the media player. In this case, the sound will not be in a particular program, or when you play certain files. Should I install a different player or a new codec to installed media player.

Что делать если пропадает звук на ноутбуке

Considered to be a more serious mechanical failure. In this case, fail the nodes of a laptop such as: sound card, or module, speakers, connectors. Hardly any user will be able to cope with such failures independently: most likely will have to resort to professional assistance.

You can call the following mechanical faults:

  1. the failure of the sound card or the module motherboard;

    Что делать если пропадает звук на ноутбуке

  2. malfunction of the built-in speakers of the laptop;

    Что делать если пропадает звук на ноутбуке

  3. failure contact output to an external speaker or headphones.

The latter two faults can be easily calculated, for this you need to plug and unplug speakers or headphones. However, the reasons that the laptop is not sound, can be simpler and easier.

Disabled volume

This is a very common situation which can make a user nervous. On most laptops the volume is disabled by pressing combinations of two keys, and on some – one.

The sound will be disabled if you press a combination of the «Fn» key to disable the sound. Usually it is service keys F1 — F12. For example, for laptops brands Acer, the volume is disconnected by simultaneously pressing «Fn»+ «F8».

Video: lost sound on Windows 7

Disabled the service responsible for the sound

This is not a rare random error.

To check sound services should:

  1. click on the volume icon in the right part of the bottom bar of Windows.
  2. above that appears, dial the volume icon playback devices, clicking on which will open a dialog box;

    Что делать если пропадает звук на ноутбуке

  3. select «use this device» and enable it if it has been disconnected;

    Что делать если пропадает звук на ноутбуке

  4. here you can find the item «Properties», it is located next to the name of your audio controller. This menu in the General tab is information about the state of the device and its type.

Also, you can use the tab «Driver», but more on that in the next paragraph.

To access the configuration settings you can run the other way, it requires:

  1. to start device Manager;
  2. in the list you should select the sound controller;

    Что делать если пропадает звук на ноутбуке

  3. right-click of the mouse: can we enable the service, or to update its configuration.

    Что делать если пропадает звук на ноутбуке

Damage to the drivers

The driver and other software elements also fail. Often this happens when a long time has not been carried out to reinstall the system or update drivers. Usually reinstallation of the drivers helps resolve this problem.

To access the audio device driver your notebook as follows:

  1. go to menu «start» in «control Panel»;

    Control panel

  2. select «Hardware and sound»;
  3. it in the string «Sound» click on «Manage audio devices» in the window that will be displayed sound modules of your computer;

    Что делать если пропадает звук на ноутбуке

  4. select «default Device» and click properties. A window will open, displaying the audio controllers;
  5. click «Properties» in the appearing window select the tab «Driver». These will have information about the drivers of the sound device.

This menu allows you to update the driver to a newer version, or Vice versa to roll it back to a previous version. This should be done, if the sound disappeared after reinstalling or updating the driver. Then the system will return to the previous configuration of the sound controller.

Briefly, this can be written as:

  1. start;
  2. control panel;
  3. hardware and sound;
  4. manage audio devices;
  5. the default device properties;
  6. the controller properties;

    Что делать если пропадает звук на ноутбуке

  7. the driver, update the driver.

To access the settings for the sound controller can also in the manner described in the preceding paragraph: using the icon for audio settings in the lower pane of Windows.

If the menu tab «Driver» will not click «Update» or it will not be active, you will have to install the driver manually. This should be done only from the official website of the company supplying the equipment. Often this window will be a link to the official website of the manufacturer, if not, the driver will have to look for the hardware name.

To determine the type of equipment, device or controller in device Manager. This menu is located in the control panel, under «System and security». Call Manager can also be through the search window in «start».

Problems with sound card

If the crashes did not disappear after reinstalling the drivers, most likely, out of service sound card. Then in the properties of the controller, the message of the fault in the item «condition». You can try to run a standard service, troubleshoot Windows.

Что делать если пропадает звук на ноутбуке

If this action does not solve the problem, and the status of the controller indicates that it has errors, contact the service center. Most laptops have an integrated motherboard sound module, to repair which a regular user can not.

Что делать если пропадает звук на ноутбуке

A way out of this situation is to use an external sound card. This device connects via the USB port and can have significant size. But external cards are much higher than the figures built. Given the cost of the product, it is difficult to clearly assess the feasibility of this solution.

Fix audio Microsoft Audio Fixit

Microsoft Fix it Audio is a small simple program with which you can quickly adjust the sound on your computer. Download this tool from official website of Microsoft.

The program will check all the points that have been described above, but in automatic mode. In addition, you should allocate some additional features.

After verification you will be notified if:

  1. it runs a Windows service which is responsible for sound;
  2. disabled audio device;
  3. set to low volume.
  4. installed device is not a playback device default;
  5. the module is not connected;
  6. the problem with HDMI ports;
  7. not enabled automatic download of updates and drivers.

The application also has the ability to debug a web camera and Skype.

Что делать если пропадает звук на ноутбуке

This program performs all possible operations on debugging in automatic mode. It will be done faster and better than if you perform the same routines via the menu control panel or sound settings.

Microsoft Fix it Audio is a simple and reliable tool that will solve the sound problems, which are caused by faults in the software. Search and debugging are made with just one click, so to use this service, even a user who is not friendly with electronics.

The return of «the voice» laptop is quite simple, if damage is not mechanical in nature. How to do it: step check the configuration or use the Microsoft Fix it Audio to you to decide.

The first thing you should check off if the volume on the unit and whether there are any problems with media player. If these steps do not yield results, it is advisable to apply the Microsoft Fix it Audio: the program will save your time and a check will be performed carefully.

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