What to do if there is no Internet connection on the computer?

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if there is no Internet connection on the computer?

The problem is the connection to the Internet, you may experience under different circumstances. The reason may be cabling problems, incorrect configuration of the modem or the router or the problems arising directly from the provider, providing access to the Internet.

All problems, except for the last, you can fix yourself. First it’s important to understand what exactly caused the malfunction, this will depend on future actions.

What do you mean

Often the device is switched on, it is possible to detect that the connection is missing.

Talking about it the following signs:

  1. the icon in the lower right corner of the screen, indicating the network connection will be signed as «no connection» or «limited access»;

    Что делать, если нет подключения к интернету на компьютере?

  2. error «obtaining ip address» when the device attempts to make a connection, but in the end nothing happens;
  3. the corresponding signals of the WiFi router or modem;
  4. error «no available WiFi connection»;
  5. the browser message «server not found».

Mentioned in the list of the most common signs. The presence of one of them suggests that there was a failure in the network settings or hardware. To eliminate it, find out for starters reason.


If your device works through Wi-Fi, you first need to check the router.

In this case the reasons may be the following:

  1. malfunctions in the power supplies of the router associated with overload, or defective cable;
  2. problems in software (e.g., flipped the driver for the wireless connection);
  3. the fault of the router (burned contacts on the chip was damaged the socket, I put a lot).

The same problem may arise with a modem and a wireless adapter (most laptops it built-in). Often the error may occur in the program, which provides ISP services. But failure is not necessarily come in the hardware connection to the Internet.

Reasons not related to the modem and the router:

  1. Internet provider has blocked the access network (not paid service);
  2. fault on the side of the provider (a routine operation, the connection is broken, an error on the server);
  3. cable damage Internet;
  4. incorrectly connected cables (e.g., installed in the wrong slot);
  5. software failures.

Understanding that was the cause, you can begin to eliminate them.

Solution to the error «no Internet connection»

The first thing to do is to let the computer alone to solve the problem. Look in the lower right corner of the screen and click the right mouse button on network icon or the icon of the WiFi connection and select «troubleshoot problems».

Что делать, если нет подключения к интернету на компьютере?

After checking in the pop-up window, a notification will appear on the results. Sometimes such actions can solve a problem with the connection, but if the system can detect problems that will have to figure out why no Internet connection.

Follow these steps:

  1. check all connected cables and sockets to which they are connected (modem or router must be connected to a working phone line and correctly installed to your PC or laptop);
  2. restart your router or modem or reset the options button (extreme case it is possible to turn off the power for a few seconds);
  3. check more software for the modem or the router (usually comes with CD with drivers).

However, the problem may not always be so simple, and its solution will have to take much more serious action.

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Change the connection method to the network for Dynamic IP

IP address – this is sort of a user’s passport to access the Internet. Change connection method required in those cases where the computer can directly connect to the network but through the router it gives an error, or do not connect.

The reason may be a conflict of addresses.


  1. open the properties of the network card ( via control panel in the start menu or via the network icon in the lower right corner);
  2. then right-click «local area connection» and select «properties»;

    Что делать, если нет подключения к интернету на компьютере?

  3. you will see the properties window, select «Internet Protocol», click the right mouse button and select «properties»;
  4. in the opened window, change the IP address or check the box for «obtain an IP address automatically»

Change IP address of router

The router is involved only in the local network and not extend beyond it, so you can assign any IP address. However, this does not exclude the possibility of ip address conflicts.

Procedure for router TP-LINK:

  1. enter in the browser address bar «»;
  2. in the window that opens, log in to log in to the settings of the router (usually username and password — admin);

    Что делать, если нет подключения к интернету на компьютере?

  3. after a successful login will open the settings tab of the router, choose menu «Network» select «LAN»;
  4. in the center of the screen you will see a field with the IP address, change it to the one you want and restart the router.

Cloning the MAC address

The MAC address is a unique identifier for network cards. The meeting of two identical MAC addresses at one provider can cause errors and lead to the fact that one of the users cannot connect to the Internet.

The problem may occur as the router address and the address of the network card of the computer.

For the first case you must complete all the same thing to change the IP address of the router.

After you went into the service settings for different routers follow different steps:

  1. Zyxel Keenetic. In section «Internet» click «connection». In the window that appears, locate the line «use mac address» and set in front of her «computer», then click «apply» and restart the router;

    Что делать, если нет подключения к интернету на компьютере?

  1. D-Link. Go by the same references as for the previous model (here they are in English). Next, select «Manual Internet Connection Setup» in the bottom of the page click on the «Clone MAC Address»;

    Что делать, если нет подключения к интернету на компьютере?

  1. ASUS. Go to the sections IPConfig ->WAN&LAN in the bottom of the page will be the MAC address field, enter the desired value and click on Apply.

    Что делать, если нет подключения к интернету на компьютере?

In order to change the MAC address of the computer or laptop, you first need:

  • to get to know him. In the start menu, locate «command prompt» in the tab «Standard» or type in the search cmd and run the application found;
  • in the black window that opens, enter «getmac» and press enter.
  • the screen will display your MAC address;
  • now go to «Network connections» control panel in the start menu or by pressing the right mouse button on the icon of Internet connection. In the submenu «configure wireless adapter» select the desired adapter and click your right mouse button.
  • in the opened menu click on «Properties» and click «Configure»;

    Что делать, если нет подключения к интернету на компьютере?

  • open the «Advanced» tab and click on «Locally Administered Address» (also can be called NetworkAddress). In the value field, enter the address received through a command prompt, and click OK.

Change MTU (Maximum packet size)

Maximum transmission unit – maximum packet size transmitted over the data network.

Is appointed in respect of:

  1. the need to reduce the time of information transmission in case of packet loss or defects;
  2. reduction of waiting time for sending the subsequent packet;
  3. insufficient for large blocks of information of network buffers.

For the average user the need to change the value appears very rarely, but if the connection issue isn’t solved, and other possible options, we have to get here.

To adjust the size of the packages:

  1. via the command line (via ifconfig). As standard it has the largest possible size to achieve maximum performance;
  2. in order to change it, go to a command prompt and type the following:
  • fddiO ifconfig netmask mtu 1500, where the last number defines the maximum allowed packet size.

Any problems with the connection on your side you can fix your own hands, but sometimes there are unforeseen situations, which can handle as many specialist. If you have not helped this article, try to contact your ISP for help.

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