What to do if there is no audio on my computer Windows XP

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if there is no audio on my computer Windows XP

If new operating systems, the drivers for most devices are automatically installed, that solves a lot of problems with lack of audio in previous versions of Windows there is no such function. So many users have to search, download and install the driver manually.

Most often this occurs after you install Windows XP, when the user needs to install the missing drivers for all devices including the soundcard.

Что делать, если нет звука на компьютере с Windows XP

As there are many different sound cards, in some situations it is very difficult to determine what card is installed in your computer. In addition, some manufacturers provide drivers for their devices on all operating systems, but only for some of them.

More rare case is the failure of the sound card. Usually, this happens rarely and before replacing the sound card, it is recommended to more accurately determine the cause after trying all other methods.

The reason why there is no sound

Problems with

Why no audio is heard from your computer? The most common reason for the lack of sound is incorrectly set or no. For sound playback in the system required driver for your sound card. For playing audio and video files of different formats need the appropriate codecs.

Sound driver

Typically, the driver is provided to the device on disk, but you can also download them from the manufacturer’s website. If you know neither the model nor the manufacturer of your sound card, you can use the program Driver Pack Solution which will automatically find the driver for your device if they are provided by the manufacturer for the specified operating system.

Что делать, если нет звука на компьютере с Windows XP

Despite the convenience of this option is recommended to install the driver for a more accurate driver.

Codecs for audio/video

If you have no sound in the video or hear music, then in most cases on your computer is missing codecs. To play audio files, videos and movies of various formats, you must install a pack of codecs. One of the most popular codec packs is the «K-Lite Mega Codec Pack». Download this codec pack on software portals.

Settings BIOS

In some cases, the sound card may be disabled by another user in the BIOS. Option to enable and disable the sound card from the BIOS of each manufacturer can be in different sections, so the names may be different from the options considered. Despite this, the principle is the same.

To enable it:

  • to enter the BIOS when you turn on the computer by pressing del or F2 depending on the type of computer;
  • to enable integrated audio card, find the setting «On Board Audio Controller» and transfer mode «Enabled»;
  • to enable an external sound card to look for the option called «Audio Controller» or the name of your sound card, such as AC 97 or HD Audio.

Что делать, если нет звука на компьютере с Windows XP

Disabled sound card in BIOS – very rare, highly recommend to check other items before you go into the BIOS to prevent accidental changes to other settings.


One of the options work properly with codecs, drivers, and sound card are viruses. To solve this problem, we recommend you to install antivirus. The most effective antiviruses are ESET 32 and Kaspersky. If you are looking for a free antivirus you can download Avast from the official website. After installing the anti-virus must check all disks for viruses.

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The sound in the settings

If you install drivers for your audio card doesn’t help, perhaps in the sound settings the volume level is turned down or disabled altogether.

To check these settings, you must access the following settings:

  • click «start»;
  • to open the «control Panel»;
  • go to «Hardware and sound»;
  • in menu Sound you can enable or disable your sound device, and check the exposed volume level;
  • in the Advanced section is also available diagnostics sound your speakers.

Что делать, если нет звука на компьютере с Windows XP

The sound became quieter, to add?

  • go to the bottom right corner of the screen;
  • looking for the volume icon;
  • click and raise the slider to the volume level.

Also on laptops and some keyboards have special keys responsible for volume level. Thus, you can establish on the front of the laptop the volume level.

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Control the level of sound is performed through a combination of Fn+the key with the sign of the volume or touch or separate mechanical buttons with appropriate icons.

Problem with sound devices

If none of the items are not helped and the sound is still missing, or there is a strange disturbance, most likely out of order any of the audio devices.

The fault of the speakers(cords or speakers)

If you have a very nice sound on a personal computer, the first that builds to check, connect your speaker wires to the computer. Stereo speakers tend to be connected with mini Jack connector into the sound card’s green.

Что делать, если нет звука на компьютере с Windows XP

If the cord is plugged in the right connector, you should try to replace the cord or test cord with other devices.

The sound on the faulty speaker maybe as absent, and be distorted. To verify the integrity of your speakers, you should check them by connecting to another device using the same connector and cord. For Troubleshooting your sound devices you need to refer to specialists.

The fault of the sound card

In the event of a malfunction of the sound card the sound can also be absent or play back smoothly, or disappear, or may appear extraneous sounds.

To diagnose the sound card must do the following:

  • press Win+R;
  • enter dxdiag and click OK.
  • in the window that appears go to the tab «Sound»;
  • in the line notes you can view the information about the problems of the sound card.

Что делать, если нет звука на компьютере с Windows XP

How to fix a sound card? Unfortunately, in the event of failure of the sound device you will need to contact the appropriate service center.

No sound on the computer in the video, what to do?

As mentioned earlier, if you have no sound in the video, it is likely that you are missing codecs to play certain media formats. One of the most common codec packs is the «K-Lite Codec Pack», download which you can on many sites.

Eliminate the cause

Weak sound what to do?

Most likely, the volume slider sound is set to low level. To change the volume, you need to click on the sound icon in the lower right corner.

Mutes the sound on the computer?

To solve this problem, you should test the connection or to replace the cord, which may broke.

How to restore sound on computer?

If there is no sound after reinstalling operating system, you must install the driver for your sound card. If you know neither the model nor the name of the card use DriverPackSolution for automatic installation of the driver.

Что делать, если нет звука на компьютере с Windows XP

Headphones off sound?

Check the volume level of sound on headphones. If the volume is exposed to the maximum level, it is possible the headphone wire broke, test the headset on another device.

How to find abruptly the sound was gone?

Verify the connection of the cord to the computer and the speakers and the volume level of the sound. If the connection and the volume level is normal, then you should check the cables and speakers by connecting them to another sound source.

A bad sound is distorted in the speakers

Verify the correct driver installed on the website of the manufacturer of your sound card. It is also recommended to check the cord connecting the speakers and sound card. If you replace the cable improvement unnoticed, most likely, your sound card or speakers went out.

Restore the sound

Sound recovery to reset the system is by installing a driver for your operating system. Driver can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer of the sound card.

Thanks to this user, basic users may be able to solve the problem with the lack or low quality of sound. Sound problems, unfortunately, are quite common among users of obsolete operating systems, as well as rare sound cards.

Что делать, если нет звука на компьютере с Windows XP

The most problematic task is to find the drivers for your sound device. Since most sound cards integrated into the motherboard card, to determine the model of the sound card is somewhat difficult.

In most cases, to select the most correct drivers for your sound card can help the program Driver Pack Solution. This application includes a variety of drivers for different operating systems.

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