What to do if the user computer is not included

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if computer does not turn on

Most of the users before failure the PC does not notice the importance of standard actions. Computer work starts with a simple inclusion. Only after that before each of us opens a world of unlimited opportunities and unlimited access to information.

But sooner or later there will come a day when the simple inclusion does not work and we are in a stationary black or blue display. The origins of this problem are many. There are mistakes that can be eliminated independently. To troubleshoot complex technical problems have to call master.

Reasons for not turning on the PC

Defect elimination should begin with diagnosis. In the case of the computer, the rule remains valid and the difference will be is that the «cure» will have a computer device. Know the origins of the problem means to recover the correct operation of the PC, causing the their actions harm another.

Что делать пользователю если компьютер не включается

The main reasons because of which does not turn on computer black screen and the cursor is considered to be:

  • broken power supply unit;
  • accumulated too much dust and debris inside the system unit;
  • broken video card, RAM;
  • there is a fault in the ribbon cable;
  • the problem of the motherboard;
  • fuse power button;
  • the virus has seriously damaged the file system of the PC;
  • failed hard drive.

The reason for the fault could even be a simple lack of electricity, not remembering the rule: how many details – so many possible sources of failure.

Video: Diagnosis of the system unit

Check the power supply

Initially, you need to make sure that electricity is included in the apartment, and then see if everything is okay with the power button. If it’s broken, there’s only professional wizard. If the button is in working condition, you need to check the power supply itself.

Что делать пользователю если компьютер не включается

To establish the fault of this detail is possible this way:

  • take BP from a friend of a friend, an employee, and to put temporarily instead of his (considerably simplify the task of having another PC in the house);
  • if after moving the computer to start the system is the part most likely need to be replaced.

This is one of the simplest and most obvious cause of failure. The power supply often fails due to interference and power surges in the mains. By purchasing this item, you should not give preference to the cheap Chinese options.

Battery is low

When the fault lies in the motherboard, the computer or does not turn at all or turns on for a few seconds-minutes and then again stops working. Image at the monitor is usually not.

Что делать пользователю если компьютер не включается

Check the option of failure because of the battery of the motherboard is possible by a standard scheme:

  • to turn off the PC and disconnect all cables;
  • remove the guilt that hold the side cover of the system unit;
  • to put the device sideways on the floor and find the BIOS battery;
  • a screwdriver is necessary to tilt the mount so that the round metal element popped out of the socket;
  • the battery should pull out and check with a voltmeter; normal voltage – 3 volts.

Usually users do not keep any appliances such as a voltmeter. In this case, to check the efficiency can be «friendly» way. For this you just need to install another motherboard (or battery), and see if it’ll affect the device as a whole.

Clean the dust

Dusty and the presence of mud layers on the main parts of the computer device can be considered almost the main reason for technical problems. Failure to clean leads to the fact that the details begin to work to wear. In this case, failure is inevitable.

Что делать пользователю если компьютер не включается

A guide to cleaning your PC can serve as a noise at a time when coolers work, and sudden system shutdown. Cleaned the system unit manually or with a vacuum cleaner (with special attachments). It is better to combine cleaning.

The cleaner it is advisable to apply to remote nodes (for example, for cleaning of the PSU).

Manual cleaning is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • Computer disconnected from the network, disconnect the cables;
  • with a special screwdriver to Unscrew the cover of the power supply;
  • the purification is carried out exclusively with a soft, natural brush;
  • accumulated at the bottom of the dirt can be removed with a dry washcloth.

In any case, do not use any liquids. Full cleaning is best left to master.

A malfunction of components and loop

Causes of failure of the computer may serve the following internal faults:

  • the disabled state of the processor; test the functionality of the existing is possible only replacing it with another item, but to do this the layman is not, the processors are not subject to repair;

    Что делать пользователю если компьютер не включается

  • if the fans started working but the image does not appear on the display, most likely, out of order memory; the phenomenon is quite rare, but to establish the truth of the assumptions we need, again, to install a «borrowed» compatible strap memory;

    Что делать пользователю если компьютер не включается

  • if you break the video card, the technical specifications will start, but on the screen appears a picture, a graphics card, you need to check out first when there is no display signal.

Fault components can be caused by pollution, mechanical damage, and age incorrectly held on the dispersal capacity. In case of breakage of the hard drive image is always present, so it is subject to separate consideration.

The power button sinks

During prolonged or improper operation, the power button can break. If it is urgent to access computer files and can’t wait for the arrival of the master, the indents can try to correct yourself.

Algorithm of actions the following:

  • make sure that the button really is stuck (if it is not click, then she fell);
  • take a screwdriver, a paperclip or a pen and trying to return it to working condition.

When the retraction buttons there is no need to disassemble the computer, otherwise it will be a failure, the elimination algorithm which is much more complicated. After all the action button will be working again.

Not included computer when you download blue screen

It so happens that after booting or a few minutes the computer shuts down and face a blue screen of death. That’s the way they suddenly appeared before our eyes the information in English. Very often blue screen appears because of a virus, but in any case, it demonstrates the large errors.

System failure is often triggered by incorrect operation of drivers. To fix blue screen on their own. But that primarily depends on the degree of damage to the system.

Что делать пользователю если компьютер не включается

The algorithm of actions with the appearance of these error messages follows:

  • first, you need to try to understand the text that appeared on the display;
  • each such message, after the word STOP indicates the error code;
  • digital code and must be used to solve problems;
  • to do this, simply access the desktop computer and enter a value in the search engine.

For example, if your error code 0x00000001, then it indicates a mismatch in the index of ARS. In other words, it’s an inconsistent sequence of calls to disable and re-enable ARS.

Error code 0х00000001В indicates that PFNуправления memory units of the damaged database count of number of clients. Error 0х0000000В quite rare. It specifies an unsupported exception handling.

The display of death code 0x0000002A is more frequent, which suggests that IRP contains inconsistent information. One of the most common error code 0x00000032. It indicates the initialization failure.

Among the options system it is always possible to try a few. Worse certainly will not. It is obvious that blue notice not as deadly as we think.

Black screen and flickering cursor

Black screen and flashing cursor often transformirovalsya in the blue window of death. The reason for such failures can only serve as a serious system flaws.

Return the normal view of the monitor will help the following:

  • first you need to try to run the equipment in safe mode;
  • if it wouldn’t work – you need to disable startup and to repeat the inclusion in the normal mode; only after that you can learn about the nature of the problem and possible ways of its elimination;
  • if you have the installation disc system, you can boot from it; it is a good method for diagnosis and repair.

To eliminate the problem of black screen can also use special programs. But it is advisable to write to the disk. Using task Manager you can also try to get rid of this problem.

The algorithm of actions is the following:

  • invoked task Manager with Ctrl+Shift+Esc;
  • in the window that appears, follow the path «App», «New task» and write «regedit»;

    Что делать пользователю если компьютер не включается

  • in the registry editor, you need to find the branch with the value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / WindowsNT/CurrentVersion/Winlogon;
  • you need to double-click on the value «Shell»;

    Что делать пользователю если компьютер не включается

  • delete all records except explorer.exe and if it only one, then it is also deleted and create again.

Creating an artificial sticky keys (5-fold press press shift causes the desired mode), you can try this way to get to the registry and then use system restore. But in any case, after the reconstruction will need to download the program Anti-Malware. It will find and eliminate viruses and Trojans, which provoke the appearance of black screens.

The technique greatly simplifies our lives, but it is not eternal. Of the reasons that PC at one point will not turn on can be many, and they all have different origins. They definitely need to be installed as this will provide an opportunity to assess the need to call the masters or the ability to self-repair.

The main reasons for this is that the inclusion of stationary computing devices can be considered pollution and dust, breakage of key components and the destructive activity of the viruses. Often the causes can be related to each other (for example, the content computer may lead to wear and breakage of parts of the power supply).

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