What to do if the tablet is frozen and will not turn off

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if the tablet is frozen and will not turn off

Tablet PC – an advanced device that uses great popularity.

The popularity of the tablet is attributable to the following factors:

  • the tablet can perform the function of a telephone apparatus;
  • the compact size of the tablet make it very convenient for trips and travel;
  • the functionality of a tablet is extraordinarily rich. Sometimes it even exceeds the functionality of a laptop.
  • the presence of the touch screen, the size of which depends on the size of the portable device.

Despite all the advantages of the tablet PC, it is not a perfect device. Its imperfect, first of all, appears when it freezes. It happens more often with the tablets Chinese manufacturers, but there are situations when crash and device brands such as Apple or Samsung.

Что делать, если планшет завис и не выключается

To determine the cause of unresponsiveness is very important to understand what to do when your tablet is stuck and will not turn off.

The reasons for the unresponsiveness of the tablet PC there is a great variety, but all of them can be divided into two big classes:

  • software;
  • hardware.

Software failure – the most common way to hang the tablet, which is quite easy to fix yourself. When errors associated with the hardware, to solve the problem without the help of the service center will not work.

The causes of errors caused by a hardware component of the device are numerous and understandable only to a very limited number of users of tablets. Often a hardware problem occurs because of connecting incompatible devices to the tablet.

The causes of errors due to the device software:

  • the operating system infecting the device with viruses and other malicious codes;
  • incorrect functioning of a specific program;
  • damaged system files in the operating system;
  • the failure of the basic device settings.

Do diagnostics

When you hang of the tablet, it is very important to correctly diagnose the problem.

It is recommended to remember which actions with the device led to the emergence of the problem:

  • the installation of the program;
  • fall tablet;
  • installing a new version of the program;
  • more.

You should also clarify the time when aktiviziruyutsya problem:

  • the inclusion of the tablet;
  • in the process of functioning;
  • when working a specific program;
  • when using the Internet.

The case when the device does not turn on, and off is the most critical, as it is very difficult to identify the cause of the problem. If the source of the problem identified, the repair process much clearer and simpler. In most situations, the trivial helps to reboot the tablet. If the problem is not solved, there are other methods of resuscitation of the tablet.

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To start, try press and hold on/off for 15-20 seconds until the tablet PC itself shuts down. If that doesn’t work, then you should try one of the alternative ways of correcting unresponsiveness tablet. Take a closer look.

When hovering programs

Often the hang of the tablet due to a particular defective software. In this case, it is recommended to disable, followed by uninstalling.

In Android this is done as follows:

  • enter the menu «Settings» («Settings») / «Applications» / «Running applications» («Running applications»);
  • mark the desired application and press stop.

    Что делать, если планшет завис и не выключается

To uninstall the software in the same menu. In this method it is extremely important to correctly identify a particular application complicates the normal functioning of the tablet. To solve this problem, it is recommended to experiment a bit, off gradually program to achieve an acceptable result.

On IOS devices, to disable the program, press on the front 2 times to the HOME key, then hold down your finger to stop the program, click on the «minus».

When an unresponsive tablet

Sometimes the device may freeze up completely. What to do in such a situation where the tablet does not respond? The only solution is to reboot the device.

The most trivial method is to turn off the tablet, remove it from the SIM card, storage media, and then re-enable it in «idle». This is an alternative method, often simply «dispersing» tablet. After successfully launching the device all the media should return to the place.

But how to disable the portable device where it hangs and does not respond to the power key? This requires the rear to find a small hole. This is a reset button that must be pressed with something sharp.


Often occur and more global problems with the hardware. For example, what if I got a tablet, so that even won’t turn on or turns on but screen is not responding?

In this situation you can use a very effective option. All data is stored on the device will disappear. This is a huge disadvantage of this method. Therefore, its use is appropriate only in the most difficult situation.

Что делать, если планшет завис и не выключается

To preserve at least some information should be removed from the tablet memory. For this option, each tablet has a certain combination or sequence of keystrokes that provide a reboot of the tablet or cause the special menu.


When the tablet, press the key combination «HOME» and «POWER». Followed a little while longer (5-7 seconds) until appears on the screen image of the logo of the manufacturer.

Что делать, если планшет завис и не выключается


To ANDROID devices used in combination with the pinching POWER key and press volume up. There are situations when you must also press the «HOME». The tablet will show a menu where the volume key you need to highlight «Settings» and then «Format System».

After selecting the menu item «Reset Android», will be carried out to restart the tablet, which will last a long time.

Reset to factory settings on Android

As a result of this solution, the device returns to factory settings and is practically clean. Among the shortcomings of this method it is important to note that you must re-drive with your personal data, install programs and so on.

The precaution

To avoid a situation related to the crash and inability of the staff overload the tablet, it is necessary to observe few precautions, namely:

  • use only the original firmware;
  • do not use applications from untrusted sources;
  • definitely a good anti-virus software;
  • to protect an electronic device from mechanical damage and moisture.

If the problem is only in software, the described solutions, you will certainly help. But if not, then there is a problem in hardware then it is recommended to go to the service center, because only experienced engineers will be able to revive your tablet PC.

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