What to do if the phone won’t connect to wifi

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if the phone won’t connect to wifi

Modern life is difficult to imagine without phones and Internet. Therefore, modern smartphones provide an opportunity to work with the Internet. However, most of the people are using Internet via WiFi. This is due to the fact that it is much easier, moreover, do not waste a lot of money.

The reasons for the lack of wifi in the phone

Can often happen is that the phone connects to wifi but no Internet comes connected this can be from various reasons, consider them in detail:

Что делать если телефон не подключается к wifi

  • the first thing you’d think when you connect to the network, that is paid whether the Internet itself. But this rarely happens;
  • therefore, the problem is quite solvable;
  • it may be that the Internet is connected, but it is written: without network access. It happens pretty often;
  • the phone will not connect to wifi says obtaining IP address. It turns out that you connect to the Internet, shows a connection, but the connection does not occur;
  • authentication error. It is also a fairly common reason why the Internet and will not be connected;
  • error type: «Saved WPAWPA2 protection».

This might not all the problems which can be while connected to the Internet with mobile devices. But, they are the most common. Many people, not knowing what to do, just trying to call the operator and find out the reason why they don’t have Internet, though, in many ways, the problem may not be with them.

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Solutions reasons

It is logical to assume that to solve these problems it is, therefore, we will tell you how to do it.

  1. The problem of unpaid Internet can be solved fairly simply and quickly, so long to stop is not worth it;
  2. As for the case, when you write: without access to the Internet. There are two versions of events. The first thing to do is to turn on and off the modem. Because it may often be that the modem may vary slightly, and this rather simple procedure, oddly enough, helps. If this does not work, you should call the operator;
  3. Infinite obtaining IP address:
    • As in all cases, it is generally recommended to restart the modem or router. This may not always solve the problem, but to try in any case is, a lot of the time it doesn’t take;
    • The second thing I advise is to download a special application which, unfortunately, is only for Android called wifi fixer. But again, there is no likelihood that it will definitely help you in this problem;

      Что делать если телефон не подключается к wifi

    • Also, you can try to register a static IP address. But it may be a problem with using wifi in other places. Because before you can use other Wi-Fi you will need to remove the address;
  4. this is all possible solutions to the problem, and assigning static IP addresses was the most suitable, even in the future may bring some complexity;
  5. authentication error. This is a pretty common issue when connecting devices to Wi-Fi, but it can be solved.
  6. Let us consider the options:
    • again, as in all cases, the problem may be that you have to restart the modem or router. It always suggest even if you seek help from an operator;
    • also, this problem may occur due to the fact that you entered a wrong password, it is necessary to check or re-enter;
    • may be such that the encryption type and security settings and fit for your device, in this case, it is necessary to change them in your router settings;

      Что делать если телефон не подключается к wifi

    • one solution to the problem may be the changing network conditions, or change channel for the network. And this is exactly supposed to help;
  7. most importantly, remember that any changes you should always remove the connection on the device and then re-enter the password to confirm.
  8. saved, the protection of WPAWPA2. This problem is most common among users.

Therefore, in addition to the usual advice in regards to restarting the router, there are a number of really useful and more

  • to get started is to select the correct region, go to the settings of the router. It is likely, that in this whole business;
  • of course, it is advisable to check how well your Wi-Fi password;

    Что делать если телефон не подключается к wifi

  • verify the proper operation modes of the network, it is necessary to go into the settings of the router;
  • the same should be done with the encryption type and security type. To do this, simply change the password by going to router settings;
  • you can also try to change the channel, which is currently running your network;
  • and last, change the width of this channel;

Restart the router

Many people wonder why I can’t connect to the Internet, and what to do to solve it. There is one procedure that can make every person, that she is restarting the router. It can help in many problems when the phone is not connected to your home Wi-Fi because it can help to configure the router again.

Restart can be done in several ways:

  • On any router there is a Reset button, which can be used to restart. You just need to keep it no more than five seconds, and then turn on the router again. Why no more than five seconds? Because otherwise you can do a factory reset, which probably nobody would like;

    Что делать если телефон не подключается к wifi

  • The second method is to turn on and off the device. As trite as it may sound, but really, so really you can restart the router.

These are the main ways in which to reboot. It’s really quite simple, but I would like to note that the first method is the most high-quality and also gentle to the product.

Remove old connection

Also, one of the solutions to the problems with connecting to Wi-Fi may be the removal of the strict connection. With this, you get the opportunity to re-connect to Wi-Fi and enter password, this will give you the opportunity to reconnect to all settings and may solve the problem with connecting the phone to the network.

The problem is solved due to the fact that when you remove the old connection all Wi-Fi settings are removed, allowing re-connecting, installing new settings.

All of this suggests that you will be able to work with the network. But it does not mean that you will be able any to solve the problem that way. This is only one of all the options.

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Change the channel in the router

Change the channel the router is when you started to have constant problems with the Internet connection. Because it can be such that two router on the same channel, and then it causes such interference. If you have often had similar problems connecting, it is just what you need to do.

Что делать если телефон не подключается к wifi

Also, it is likely that for this reason can be a problem: wifi is working within only one room, and then he catches, but does not load Internet sites. It just might be connected with disturbances that arise from other devices. Therefore, to change the channel is, especially because nothing bad from it will not be exact.

Connection password

Probably, everyone understands what is the password and what is it for. With the help of it you can connect to Wi-Fi any network. The use of Internet also depends on the correctness of the password.

Что делать если телефон не подключается к wifi

A suggest, if necessary, to resolve connectivity issues to change the password, because the problem can be in it.

Check the MAC and IP addresses

IP address is that assigned to the device, after you connect to the Internet. Check the MAC and IP addresses needs to be done because this may be the main problem of the lack of Internet in the device.

Что делать если телефон не подключается к wifi

Checking IP addresses is not so difficult to do, simply go to network settings. The correctness of this address gives you the opportunity to work with the Internet without any problems and interference.

The type of encryption/security

One of the reasons for the absence of Internet connection or inability to connect to it is the wrong type of encryption that plays a rather large role for devices. There are devices that work and support in working with the Internet, and sometimes the connection is just because of mismatch.

Что делать если телефон не подключается к wifi

If there is a problem, then simply check the type of encryption and change it if necessary. Then it will be possible to connect Wi-Fi again, and to check his work. Basically, it is the type of encryption is the last step in Troubleshooting connectivity problems.

Why is the phone not connecting to wifi — authentication error

Connect your phone to the Internet via Wi-Fi is always without any problems, but there are times when you need to take additional steps to ensure that the connection happened. The most common reason is an authentication error. As in all cases it is advisable to go through many stages that can help in solving the problem.

Что делать если телефон не подключается к wifi

It is quite difficult to solve such a problem, since you do not have access to the settings of the router. But you can just check the password and it’s the only thing you can do. Incorrect password entered is also leads to problems with authentication. Therefore, to not arise, simply be careful.

Error Saved WPA

Also, most people ask questions like: why is my phone not see the network. This problem is quite logical. The first thing can be, this is certainly a problem in the router, or the same error is Preserved, the WPA, the problem is solved. It occurs quite often, and mostly due to the fact that there was some failure in the settings of the router. In such cases, the phone sees the wifi but does not connect.

Что делать если телефон не подключается к wifi

As a result, we can say that whenever a problem was you, the first thing to do is to reboot the router. Because it’s pretty safe, doesn’t require much time, and besides, can handle any man. Then you can proceed to other actions which are already more complex, but at the same time, it is possible to cope with them.

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