What to do if the phone gets too hot

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if the phone gets too hot

Very often the owners of mobile devices claim that their phone during operation tends to increase its temperature. The main task is to determine the cause (what heats up the phone) and consequences of such behavior.

This heat is perfectly normal and not a defect. However, there are a number of phone models that are extremely hot, even after brief conversations.

Possible causes and solutions

All electrical products in the operation of heat. Electrical nodes used for the operation of the current and this heat.

Что делать, если телефон сильно нагревается

The temperature of the mobile apparatus can be increased for the following reasons:

  • uses tasks that consume a significant amount of current;
  • the problem in the mobile device;
  • the heating of the phone is a normal situation, since during operation of electronic devices generates heat.

When charging

The heating of the phone when charging from the mains is quite common and should not cause much concern. All phones heat up to varying degrees when charging the battery.

Such behavior is a perfectly reasonable explanation: the process of charging is accompanied by heat, which causes temperature rise of the phone. It is important that this heat does not exceed the normative parameters of the phone manufacturer. Heat up while charging all the phones, some models more, some less.

Что делать, если телефон сильно нагревается

It is important to note the duration of the phone from the battery. If the battery is rapidly set to zero with minor use of the phone and its partial load, it is recommended to check serviceability of the charging unit.

When talking

Nothing surprising when heating the battery when using the phone in talk mode no, because the battery of the device gives a certain amount of energy during a conversation. Thus there is Express camera.

Что делать, если телефон сильно нагревается

An additional cause of heating the phone is that during a call the phone is constantly in hand, pressed to his cheek and gets a lot of heat. The duration of the conversation greatly affects the temperature of the phone – all fans of long conversations, the battery heats up significantly. Nothing criminal in this. Quite ordinary standard situation.

In the area of the camera

Often phone users notice excessive heating of the phone in the camera. In fact, the camera is not to blame, and the cause of heat is the CPU, which is placed close to the camera. The level of heating of the processor depends on the load of the phone and working on it.

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In standby mode

A more dangerous signal to increase the temperature of the battery in standby mode. This behavior of the battery is difficult to explain, because there is no excess loading of the apparatus, nor any other objective reasons. You can correct the problem only by replacing the battery with a new one.

Unlikely to save battery at the first signs of malfunction it is necessary to get rid of. Other options can be unsafe for both the phone and its user.

Что делать, если телефон сильно нагревается

Undue heating of the phone may be not only because of the flawed battery. Often the heat caused by the faults of other nodes. As an option – the ingress of moisture inside of the phone where the contacts inside the unit can oxidize and trigger a small circuit. In such a situation is also required cleaning of some items.

If any special incidents with the device was not recently, and he is constantly heated in the standby mode, it is extremely necessary to hand over in service center, as your own at home to answer the question «why heats the phone?» almost impossible.

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The phone gets very hot and runs out quickly

Often, the idea is followed by its rapid discharge. Critical in this is nothing, but reason to think were well-founded.

If the device is heated more and more, it is necessary to determine in what area of the phone growing temperature:

  • by heating the rear of you need to check the battery. He may have worn and not fully perform its function. Will help in this situation, replacement of the battery;
  • when heated the front part you should pay attention to the touch screen that heats up after prolonged use. Sometimes heating the front of the mobile device may be due to the incorrect operation of the processor.

Accelerated discharge of the device is facilitated by:

  • damaged battery. To clarify this fact should be inserted in the apparatus with the other battery and see if there are differences in the intensity of the discharge. If the device is also discharged, you must look for another cause;

    Что делать, если телефон сильно нагревается

  • mechanical effects on the phone, which can deteriorate the amplifier. To repair the damaged part can only be a professional;
  • unoriginal charger;
  • computer viruses. To avoid such problems allow high-quality anti-virus program.

Based on the described facts, the conclusion – the phone will not only warm up with limited stress. All elements of the phone under heavy use tend to emit heat waves that the substantial use may cause unwarranted concern of the owner

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