What to do if the laptop runs out quickly

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if the laptop runs out quickly

A new laptop is always fine holds charge and has a long battery life. Over time, all owners face the problem of rapid discharge to the notebook PC. What to do if the battery on the laptop runs out quickly? First of all, we must try to determine the cause.

Что делать, если ноутбук быстро разряжается

It often turns out that the laptop battery is just worn out. The fact that it was designed for a certain number of cycles of discharge and charge as any other rechargeable batteries. In this embodiment, the user can simply replace. This is an extreme case first it should solve the problem without changing the battery.

Reasons and how to solve the issue

Not in all cases, the laptop is quickly discharged due to problems with batteries. In some cases, these problems can lead to other factors. The correct definition of the causes of rapid discharge eliminates the problem without replacing the battery, and save money.

Что делать, если ноутбук быстро разряжается

Consider the main reasons because of which the laptop PC battery can quickly get:

  • incorrect operation of drivers.
  • excessive dust and heat issues;
  • malware;
  • incorrect configuration of the operating system;
  • oxidation of the contacts.

It’s not all the causes of those that can cause a rapid discharge of the laptop. However they should start when looking for the source of the problem.

To cause more rapid discharge may also following reasons:

  • the active use of Wi-Fi;
  • a brighter screen;
  • insufficient RAM;
  • a large number of active applications.

Video: calibrating the battery

The problem with the drivers

The driver is a management utility ensuring correct work of an internal or external computer devices. Incorrect drivers can cause a laptop battery will begin fast enough to sit down.

Consider the main causes of problems with the drivers:

  • incorrect update.
  • file corruption;
  • the action of the virus;
  • the failure of the OS.

Most often a driver problem start after trying to update them. Many users install incompatible or preliminary version of the administration tools available, which leads eventually to a variety of product defects.

In addition, you receive errors related to the drivers because of the actions of computer viruses or corrupted system files caused by faulty Windows, hard disk errors and so on.

To try to solve the problem in the following ways:

  • to scan PC for malicious software;
  • to test hard disk special tools;
  • go to the official website of the manufacturer of the laptop;
  • download and install the latest stable version of drivers.

In rare cases, the reinstallation Windowsтакже helps you troubleshoot issues related to battery.

Dust is a consequence of the rapid discharge

Inside the laptop has a special cooling system for removal of hot air from the enclosure to remove heat from the important elements, such as CPU, graphics card, South and North bridge.

Что делать, если ноутбук быстро разряжается

The main components of the cooling system:

  • radiators;
  • the heat conductive tube;
  • one or more fans.

During operation the inside of the case inevitably gets dust, dander and so on. Needless contamination of the cooling system can lead to rapid discharge of battery.

The fact that the system tries automatically to achieve the optimum temperature for the important details and when dust increases the speed of the cooler, and this leads to higher energy consumption.

The problem can be solved by cleaning the laptop from dust. It will also help extend the life of the device and to maintain performance at optimum levels.

Что делать, если ноутбук быстро разряжается

Consider the order of cleaning mobile PC:

  • turn off the power and remove the battery;
  • disassembly of the device;
  • the removal of the cooling system;
  • dust removal;
  • lubricant coolers;
  • replacement of thermal paste;
  • computer Assembly and testing.

Important! To clean yourself is recommended only if you have the necessary knowledge and experience, otherwise it can damage the laptop. If the user is uncertain, it is better to go for the operation to specialists.


Malicious software can cause great harm to the health of the system. Including due to the actions of viruses can much faster to get the laptop battery. This is due to the fact that they are heavily loaded system, this increases the power consumption and battery drain is faster.

Consider what actions will help avoid infection of your system by computer viruses:

  1. regular installation of security updates for the operating system;
  2. the use of anti-virus;

    Что делать, если ноутбук быстро разряжается

  3. periodically scanning other anti-virus utilities, for example, Dr.WebCureIt.

The scan and inspection using special tools of the type CureItили Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is recommended to perform if the infection has occurred. Freeing the system from malwares, user can protect private information, improve system performance and increase battery life.

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Using wi-fi

Wireless network adapter Wi-Fi is built into all modern laptops, and is enabled by default. At the same time, his work consumes a lot of power and eventually the battery quickly to sit down. This is due to the fact that the mobile computer is constantly looking for and interviewing for available networks, even if the connection is not being used

Что делать, если ноутбук быстро разряжается

You should always disable the internal device responsible for wireless communication, e.g. wifi or Bluethooth adapters when not in use. This allows to significantly increase the battery life of the device.

A brighter screen

Most mobile default PC have different screen brightness settings with the AC adapter connected and on battery power. Due to the fact that always-on backlight requires a lot of energy.

Dimming the screen helps to improve the battery life of the device. In addition, the inflated value of this parameter can be a bad influence on vision. But the reduction should not show bigotry, to work differently with the device will be difficult.

To change the settings for screen brightness when it’s plugged in or battery by doing the following:

  1. select the menu start the item «control Panel»;
  2. in the opened window go to «System and security»;
  3. open the «power supply»;

    Что делать, если ноутбук быстро разряжается

  4. choose a scheme you want to modify and click «change plan settings».

    Что делать, если ноутбук быстро разряжается

In the opened window you can configure the settings for screen brightness. In an alternative way laptop owners can use the combination of Fn+function key with the image of the sun.

A lot of running programs

Every running application consumes system resources and as a consequence electricity. When the battery power is becoming particularly noticeable.

You should perform the workflow and to refuse from the simultaneous use of many programs during Autonomous operation. In many cases, this allows to increase the duration of battery life by 5-30%.

Что делать, если ноутбук быстро разряжается

Special attention should be paid to unnecessary system services and startup programs. They are like any other apps also consume power and use up battery power. To disable them you can use built-in or third-party utilities.

Oxidized battery contacts

During operation of the laptop with the battery can occur different things. One of the problems could be oxidized contacts. In this case, the mobile PC stops working without a connected charger or starts very quickly to sit down.

Что делать, если ноутбук быстро разряжается

Actions that must be performed, if the battery contacts are oxidized:

  1. unplug the laptop from power supply and unplug the cord from the socket;
  2. remove the battery;
  3. inspect the contacts;
  4. gently clean the contacts on battery and laptop;
  5. to install the battery.

System setup

Incorrect setting of the operating system can lead to a situation when the laptop battery will very quickly take.

To increase the battery life by doing the following system settings:

  • disabling unnecessary services and programs from startup;
  • failure to automatically check for updates;
  • setting plans power management, turning off hard drives, screen and other devices must be assigned using the minimum time intervals;
  • brightness control for power mode from the battery;
  • disable unnecessary devices like an external mouse.

Not enough OP

Insufficient RAM leads to the fact that the laptop is forced very often to access the hard disk to use a swap file, and this is one of the main consumers of electricity in your computer.

Что делать, если ноутбук быстро разряжается

Users that the battery life often use resource-intensive application, you should consider adding more RAM. This will prolong the life of the drive and the operating time from the battery.

Что делать, если ноутбук быстро разряжается

Following the tips given in this article, the user can extend the battery life of a laptop. If nothing helps and the battery just came in disrepair, then it is better to replace. Fundamentally rechargeable batteries for laptops can often be repaired, but it is only recommended to experts.

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