What to do if the laptop restarts itself

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if the laptop restarts itself

Laptops today enjoys a huge number of people. It is quite a worthy replacement to the stationary computer, in most cases, is not inferior in performance and with sufficient mobility to the device you can take with you.

Naturally, laptop users are experiencing problems. One of them regular random rebooting of the computer. This can occur during operation or immediately when turned on.

Reasons why rebooted the laptop itself, without any action on the part of the user can be many, but all of them can be divided into two categories: hardware and software. This article will tell you more about the failures leading to random reboots and how to address them.

Common problem – viruses

One of the most common problems, which any computer can not work properly viruses. To show its presence are different, for example, you may lose the files, reboot the device every hour, the appearance of strange text or images.

Что делать, если ноутбук сам перезагружается

Particularly prone to the viruses a computer system on which software is installed for protection. Using the laptop without antivirus, one is exposed to the risk of disruption, information loss and others.

The best way to deal with this problem regular preventive maintenance. You need to install anti-virus software, regularly perform the database updates and file scanning for infection by unwanted software.

Other reasons

The list of problems, leading to the fact that the laptop constantly restarts is not limited to viruses. Very often this behavior is due to problems with parts or software.

Consider other problems, because of which the laptop can arbitrarily reboot:

  • the problem with the drivers.
  • overheating of the CPU;
  • problems with food;
  • errors on the hard disk;
  • the problem of the motherboard;
  • incompatibility of equipment;
  • error in Windows.

Correct diagnosis allows faster and easier to solve the problem. So tell us more about each of these reasons. This will help with further Troubleshooting.


Installing a new driver, which is incompatible with the operating system, may also lead to unconventional behavior of the laptop. You can usually determine this problem is quite simple, as the device gives an error.

In case of problems with the drivers usually appears BSOD or blue screen of death. If the system is configured to automatically restart when such error. For reference, you must disable the appropriate option under «system Failure», which can be found in the settings Windows.

Overheating of the processor

The high temperature of the processor can cause operation of protection systems and as a result, the laptop can shut down or reboot. To check the overheating simply using a special application like AIDA64.

Normal operating temperature for the CPU is 60 degrees Celsius. If the above, then you must find the cause of the overheating.

Consider the main reasons of the increased heat of the CPU:

  • the dust;

    Что делать, если ноутбук сам перезагружается

  • wrong acceleration;
  • malfunction of the cooling system.

Large dust laptop is a very common problem causing a reboot or freeze. To avoid this it is recommended to regularly clean, you can use a can of compressed air.

Что делать, если ноутбук сам перезагружается

Laptops rarely disperse because of cooling. In a small case all the elements are arranged compactly and, if the overclocks can become extremely hot. If this happens, it is better to abandon the performance increase with this method or to look for options allowing to improve the cooling.

Что делать, если ноутбук сам перезагружается

The cooling system failure may be different. For example, there are times when stops working the fan or other elements are damaged. Self-repair in this case is possible only if you have the appropriate knowledge and skills, and in other cases it is better to contact the experts.

Power supply

Malfunctions related to power supply can cause a reboot of the laptop. Computer accurate device and it’s stability security and power quality is very important.

Что делать, если ноутбук сам перезагружается

To diagnose at home, the problem may be taking obviously working power supply. Before doing this make sure that it is taken from the same model laptop or at least has the same characteristics and a connector for connecting to the computer.

Broken hard disk sectors

Broken sector on the hard disk can also cause malfunction of the laptop. This problem occurs frequently due to incorrect operation, for example, when the computer is knocked or dropped.

Diagnostics of the hard drive you can spend a built-in or third-party utilities, for example, Victoria. Most of them usually allow you to correct this problem by forwarding the bad blocks.

Что делать, если ноутбук сам перезагружается

It is worth considering. The regular appearance of bad sectors may indicate that soon the hard drive will cease to work normally. This means that all information on it will be lost. Please take care of backing up important data.

A problem with the motherboard

The motherboard is the main component of the laptop. It installed RAM, processor and so on. If it is not working properly, then the system behavior will be unpredictable.

Что делать, если ноутбук сам перезагружается

Self-diagnose the fault and fix the problem probably will not work. Therefore, if you suspect a problem with the motherboard, you should contact the authorized service center.

Hardware incompatibility

If the laptop started to reboot after adding a new hardware, most often the problem is caused by incompatibility of it or with the supplied drivers with the system.

This can be identified by appearing a blue screen if you disable the automatic reboot in case of system failure.

Error in OS

Modern operating systems are a long testing phase before being released for sale. Nevertheless, errors occur in them very often. Microsoft regularly releases updates that address a variety of problems. It is recommended to install them. This will help to avoid irregular behavior of the laptop due to bugs in the OS.

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How to resolve these issues

The fault is not enough to diagnose. Needs to be fixed. Many of the problems user can solve on their own. There are a lot of ways.

If the laptop began to reboot, you must perform the following steps:

  1. check your computer for viruses;

    Что делать, если ноутбук сам перезагружается

  2. to scan hard drive and to fix, upon detection of bad blocks;
  3. remove excess dust;
  4. to upgrade the operating system and drivers;
  5. to test the equipment.

To check the laptop for viruses using already installed antivirus software, but it does not give great guarantees of detection. It is better to download a special utility from the website of Kaspersky Lab or Dr. Web, record it on a memory stick or DVD, boot from recovery media and test with an infected system.

Program to check hard drive is built into Windows.

You must do the following:

  1. open «My computer»;
  2. to select a hard disk partition for testing;

    Что делать, если ноутбук сам перезагружается

  3. using the context menu to open the «item Properties»;

    Что делать, если ноутбук сам перезагружается

  4. tick «scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors»;
  5. on the tab «service» Service, click «Start scan».

    Что делать, если ноутбук сам перезагружается

If the operating system fails to start, to diagnose problems with the hard drive you will need to run the computer with a boot disk and use a third-party utility such as Victoria. These apps also allow, if necessary, fix the broken sector.

At home, you can also run a diagnostic on the RAM for this you will need to use a specialized utility MemTest. After booting from a clean system and check the RAM it is safe to discard this cause or change the memory module is operating correctly.

Cleaning the notebook from dust must be carried out regularly to ensure long life. The sudden restarts it’s also one of the first operations to be performed.

Remove excess dust using a can of compressed air, which is sold in many office equipment stores.

It is also recommended to replace the thermal paste, but often without disassembling the laptop it is impossible to carry. If necessary, it is better to use the services of a specialist.

Что делать, если ноутбук сам перезагружается

One of the common causes unexpected behavior in PC – old version of drivers or lack of updates are installed for Windows. If you encounter problems, you should visit the website of the device manufacturer and download the latest versions of software and install it.

It is highly recommended to configure Windows to automatically receive updates from Microsoft. If you haven’t done so already, then install them at any time using the update center or web site developer.

Many problems leading to the hanging or reboot of a laptop, users can decide on their own without the use of specialized equipment. If this can not be done, then you should contact the specialists of service center.

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