What to do if the laptop is not connected to WI FI

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if the laptop is not connecting to WI FI

If Your laptop does not connect to Wifi says limited access or without access to the Internet, you need to understand in more details this problem.

The reasons for the problem there are several:

  • inadequate or missing drivers on laptop;
  • the failure of most Wifi cards;
  • incorrect router configuration, etc.

Looking for the culprit — the laptop or the router

To understand why the laptop is not connected to the Internet via Wifi, consider all sides of this issue.

The first step towards solving the problem – the definition of the perpetrator. Problems with Wifi may be in the laptop and in the router. To find the reason it is important not to make things worse by changing everything in the settings.

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

To get started, try to connect via Wifi and another device – phone, tablet, laptop. The Wifi button on the router should be green. If other devices connection normal, then the problem is with Your laptop. And if it’s not working is the selected network, then the cause of the problem in the router and its settings.

If the cause is in the router, you still need to verify whether the Internet in General. Connect to laptop or computer cable directly. If everything works, then for sure the problem is in the router settings, and if not – contact your ISP to troubleshoot the problem.

Checking the version of network driver

The common reason for the lack of Wifi in the laptop is improperly installed or outdated network driver. This is evidenced by this icon at the bottom right in the notification bar.

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

It shows that no connections are available (although they actually are). This often happens when you reinstall the system. The drivers that worked on Windows XP may not work with Windows 7 but Windows 7 may not work on Windows 8.

To check whether the driver and, if so, their version, you need the following:

  • open the menu «start»;
  • on the «My computer» press the right button of the mouse.
  • select the item «Properties»;

    Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

  • if the system is Windows XP, but in the opened window select the tab «Equipment», and in it click on «device Manager»;
  • in the newer system just to the right in the opened window choose this item;
  • here is looking the tab «Network adapters/adapters» and your network adapter. It can be called differently, it all depends on Your laptop;

If the device is there, and beside him there is no exclamation marks, then the driver is all right.

To find out the version you need to click edit click on the driver and select «Properties».

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

In the opened window select «Driver» and see his date of development.

Hardware enabling adapter

The driver for your network devices is working and the network is still there? Or before the Internet was working now no connections are available? This indicates disabling the network adapter on the laptop.

On different models it is different but often you have to press FN + F2 simultaneously or FN + another key with a painted icon Wifi.

Some models have a special button on the body.

Video: How to share wi-fi from laptop

The system can also include a wireless network.

If You have Windows 7, follow these steps:

  • open «start»;
  • select «control Panel»;
  • «Network and Internet»;
  • «Control center network and sharing»;
  • «Change adapter settings».

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

If in the dialog the wireless network icon is colorless, this means that the network is inactive and must be enabled by pressing the right mouse button

To do this in Windows 8:

  • click «Settings» in the right pane;
  • hereinafter – the «Change PC settings»;
  • select «Wireless network». It should be included.

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

You can perform the same operation as that for the 7th operating system to ensure sure that the network is enabled.

In Windows XP delative even easier:

  1. «Start»;
  2. «Control panel»;
  3. «Network connections»;
  4. enable WLAN by pressing the right mouse button.

The inclusion of the adapter will witness such an icon in the notification bar.

The laptop stops connecting to WiFi

If before the laptop connects to the Wifi network, and then abruptly stopped (no settings changed), the culprit may be a virus. It can corrupt the file or knock down the setup. Even if the antivirus check showed nothing, knock the settings could install some software on the laptop.

Simple removal of this program will not lead to the restoration of the network. Alternatively, you can delete the network connection and recreate it, you can reset the router and connect it with zero, it is possible to search long shot down the setting on the laptop, but the easiest way to restore the system to that level, how the program got into it.

Restore the system

Start this process:

  • «Start»;
  • All programs;
  • «Standard»;
  • «Service»;
  • «System restore» ;
  • «Run system restore»;

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

  • «Next»;
  • select a restore point (updating and installing software is written in the registry, because in the opened window, select the desired recovery time);
  • Next.

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

The recovery process will start and after the laptop is restarted. If the problem in a malicious program, then Wifi will work.

Updating your hardware drivers

If when checking the network adapter icon driver in device Manager is there an exclamation mark – click on it, right-click, select ‘Activate’.

The lack of a record of the driver means that it should be installed. Then you need to download it from official website manufacturer. Or use the driver disc that comes included with the laptop.

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

To know the name of the driver is possible from the information in device Manager, the laptop, or using a special program.

To update the driver, if you click on the right mouse button and choose «Refresh». Or go to its properties and there select the item. Even if the driver everything is in order, it is recommended to download it again and install.

Check connection settings

To check the connection settings:

  • «Start»;
  • «Control panel»;
  • «Network and Internet»;
  • go to «control Center network and sharing»;
  • «Change adapter settings»;
  • on the «Wireless network connection» click the right button of the mouse.
  • open «Properties»;

    Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

  • find «Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)»;
  • select it and select «Properties»;
  • check below stood a tick on automatic obtaining IP and DSN addresses;
  • click «OK» in all Windows.

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

When trying to connect to the selected Wifi network for the first time, a message appears saying enter password. Next to network it should be auto connect when you turn on the laptop. But if the laptop doesn’t want will automatically connect and every time asks for a password, check the checkbox «Connect automatically» under the network name.

No Internet access or limited in Windows

It happens that, when connected, is identified without access to the Internet via Wifi and near the network icon on the panel appears the yellow triangle:

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

Also, if you go to «control Center network and sharing».

Log in to the connection properties. If it looks this way in the IPv4 connectivity says «No network access», the problem is incorrect IP addresses or disabled the router’s DHCP server.

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

Check You forgot to tick the box on the obtain addresses automatically. But if they already are, then try to do the opposite – to write all manually. To obtain the network address in the router settings. But mostly IP address 192.168.1 standard.X, and DNS

If the connection properties show IPv4 connectivity «No Internet access», then an incorrect DNS server address or router settings.

In this case, just manually changing the DNS settings, leaving the IP address automatically.

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

  • is a public DNS server of Google;
  • Try accessing – Yandex.

Some errors with the connection

If the laptop will connect to the Internet, but slowly loaded sites, You could stray too far from the coverage area of the router. And if high Wifi signal problem persists, it is likely that You catch a lot of other networks and busy Wifi channel.

This is changed in your router settings. The default is – 6, You try to change it from 1 to 13, and to follow the change of speed. You can try also the option «Auto».

If the laptop connects to Wifi but comes to the Internet, and while programs such as Skype and ICQ are working, check the DNS address. They should be automatic or spelled out, as in the paragraph above.

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

If the laptop is not connected directly to the Internet:

  • click «start»;
  • «Control panel»;
  • «System and security»;
  • «Power supply»;
  • «Power button»;
  • under «shutdown Settings» uncheck «Turn on fast startup (recommended)» ;
  • Save.

It is also recommended to reduce the number of startup programs in the startup.

Windows could not connect to…

Selecting the network and entering the security password to it, suddenly got the error «Windows was unable to connect to…»:

Что делать если ноутбук не подключается к WI FI

You can try to click «Troubleshoot» and see the written reason. Are still network devices and settings.

Also, this message appears because of an error of the router. Try to restart him and the laptop.

In device Manager, in network adapter properties disable «Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power».

Long authorization process

If after entering the security key for Wifi, while connected to the network, long appears «Obtaining IP address», and then the connection drops and attempts to reconnect, this indicates an error in configuring IP addresses. In this case, the connection properties need to set to automatically obtain an IP address. But if does not help – write them manually.

Attempt authorization may block antivirus and Firewall, so you need to try to turn them off or add Your IP address to the exceptions list.

Unidentified network — what to do

If the laptop is not identificeret network, check whether you have connected the Internet cable to the router. Restart the router and the laptop. You should also check the IP address and DNS server, as it was stated in the above paragraphs.

The reasons for the lack of Wifi on the laptop may be several, the main ones being an incorrectly configured router (see the instructions for setting up Your model), problems with the network adapter (outdated or not installed), incorrectly configured IP address or DNS server.

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