What to do if the laptop does not turn on

By | 10.12.2018

What if the laptop is not included

Laptops firmly in the life of modern man. As another technique, they sometimes break down. When he has ceased to be, it is not necessary to panic, but we must find the cause and eliminate it. In most cases, you will be able to restore the computer.

The causes of failure and their solutions

Reasons why the laptop is not working actually, can be a huge amount. Many of them are quite simple and resolve them yourself is not difficult, but with some malfunctions will have to contact the service center.

Consider the main reasons because of which the mobile computer can no longer run:

  • problems with food;
  • issues with the hard disk;
  • faulty graphics card or chipset chipset;
  • incorrect BIOS settings;
  • failures in the memory;
  • overheating;
  • errors associated with the operating system.

    Что делать, если ноутбук не включается

Remark. Very often, people saying that PC does not turn on, mean that it is not loaded

Windows. This is not the right reasoning, but it is popular among ordinary users.

Problems with food

The problems associated with food very often lead to the fact that stops running of the PC. Despite the fact that the problem seems serious in most cases to diagnose and fix it at home easily enough.

Primary issues associated with food:

  • incorrect connection of the adapter;
  • damage to cables and connectors;
  • malfunction of the battery;
  • the failure of the power supply;
  • problems in the power supply circuit.

Often in such problems is not lit the power indicator of the laptop. First of all, check up correctness of connection of the power supply and the fact that he is stuck in the socket. It is worth noting that even very experienced users can forget to connect a PC to the network. The result after the battery is discharged, the device stops running.

Что делать, если ноутбук не включается

Damage to power cables and connectors can be caused by many reasons, including rough handling or Pets, peregruzka wire. To verify this fault by using the external inspection.

Another common fault associated with the battery. In some cases, if it doesn’t work, then the PC is not longer activated even with this network adapter connected. Usually after pressing the power button even the fan is not working. So you should try to launch the mobile computer from the mains without the battery.

Что делать, если ноутбук не включается

The unit fails quite often in any devices. Without the charger laptop battery will sit sooner or later, after which the computer will no longer turn on. To check whether the network adapter is very simple. It is sufficient to connect another charger from a known good computer.

A power supply equipped with the indicator. Even if the lamp is lit to prevent problems with the network adapter until the end is impossible.You should pay attention that the power supplies for laptops available a lot. Connect to computer is only suitable for the specific model adapters.

Much less common are problems related to a malfunction in the power supply circuit, but they are more serious. Self-diagnose, and especially to resolve the problem in this case will not succeed. You must contact the experts from the service center.

Faulty hard drive

Hard drive stores all the information and operating system of your computer. In case of a failure include the computer succeeds, but it hangs before the startup screen Windows. In some cases, you may receive an error message HDD, for example, information that the disk not system.

Что делать, если ноутбук не включается

In any case, the user will still be able to go into the BIOS SETUP menu. There you can check whether the hard drive and the correctness of the settings. If the Winchester is visible, it is possible to start the system with a boot disk or USB drive and test it.

The failure of the video card and chipset to chipset

Laptop components can also fail. The reasons for this can be overheating, damage from impact and so on.

Consider what items are most often give you problems with starting the PC:

  • South bridge;
  • North bridge;
  • video card.

Что делать, если ноутбук не включается

Computer behavior may be very different. If failed card, the image is missing, but will run a fan and sometimes even boot Windows, and issued the corresponding sound. If failure came one of the bridges, the computer may not turn at all or stop before loading the OS.

Install why in this case alone is almost impossible. And attempt repair at home, most likely only hurt. Therefore it is better to use the services of the service center.

Video: Laptop not included. Diagnostics Board.

Other reasons

In fact, the fault may lie in a number of other problems.

Among which are the following:

  • damage to the processor or memory;
  • broken BIOS firmware;
  • overheating;
  • error in Windows.

If the PC beeps when you turn, it is evidence in most cases of overheating or problems with the RAM. If you have little experience, you can try to find out why this is happening. To do this you must first remove the dust. If the problem persists, you can replace the memory modules for known good.

Что делать, если ноутбук не включается

Broken firmware Woogie occur as a result of wrong updates. If before the problem occurs a user tried to perform this operation, you will have to contact for repair.

Often there are also errors when configuring BIOS. This problem is self solved very easily simply by going to the menu SETUPи downloading the default settings, for example, by selecting option Load Setup Defaults.

Errors Windowsмогут lead to the fact that the OS doesn’t start. First of all, you need to find out the cause and try to solve it. In addition, you can try to reinstall the operating system or to repair the installed from the factory.

The laptop doesn’t turn on completely

Very often, the computer will not turn on completely because of problems with nutrition. But what if the laptop does not turn on, burn on button after you press and nothing more happens. Will have to find the cause and eliminate it.

Typical actions, which stops to get off the laptop:

  • cleaning from a dust;
  • update;
  • overheating.

Что делать, если ноутбук не включается

If in the process of cleaning or upgrading, mistakes were made, the behavior of the computer may be very different. Including the may not start at all. In addition, not included in the system due to problems with the hard drive and after overheating.

After cleaning

There are times when after cleaning, the laptop ceases to illuminate. It can run a fan or issued a squeak. Some models are also beginning to flash the indicators.

Cleaning the notebook associated with its disassembly. The first thing you need to do to re-disassemble it and check the connection of all components and the installation of the cooling system. It is useful to pay attention to the thermal grease and the condition of the tubes used for a heat sink.

Что делать, если ноутбук не включается

If the cleaning process has removed the memory modules, then try again to remove them, clean contacts and reinstall. You should also check whether the laptop is started while disconnected from the hard drive and optical drive.

Pay attention when re-disassembly also the sensor opening the lid (display). If you are not very careful assembling it can be in its place.

If the execution of simple tips have not led to the results and the device still does not work, you should contact the service center. It is possible that during the disassembly of the damaged elements by static electricity or any other problem.

After updating

During the execution of the updates may have problems. If the installation is done incorrectly, it can cause the computer may stop included.

The user may install a new BIOS, drivers, or fixes for the operating system.

The most difficult case is the inability to start the computer after the BIOS update. This happens when the user tried to intervene in the process, e.g., by rebooting or turning off during computer or if you use unofficial firmware.

Что делать, если ноутбук не включается

Of course, reset the settings to standard, will not be superfluous. This can be done by removing the battery for a few minutes or closing the appropriate jumper on the motherboard. But as practice shows, to correct the problem it certainly will not help. The only way to go to repair service center.

In a situation when the errors started after installing driver updates or Windowsможно just roll back to a previous restore point from safe mode, reinstall the operating system or return to the state it was at purchase if such a function in the model.

Serviceable hard disk

Usually when your hard disk crashes start happening, but the system just hangs on the logo of the manufacturer or displays information on that disk is not the system or corrupted.

Что делать, если ноутбук не включается

If the Winchester is defined in SETUP, it is possible to independently perform its diagnostics by booting from removable media and running a specialized utility such as Victoria. In the case of confirmation of the worst fears or the inability to determine the device in the BIOS need to check the train.

In extreme cases, it is necessary to replace the Winchester on their own or in the service.

After overheating

Modern computers emit enough heat during operation. In dusty conditions or malfunction of the cooling system overheating may occur, after which the parts may be damaged. To solve the problem, usually impossible, you need to contact the service center.

Что делать, если ноутбук не включается

The main parts that can fail as a result of overheating:

  • processor;
  • video card;
  • hard drive;
  • the North and South bridges.

Keeps shutting down

In some cases, the computer may turn on and even work normally for some time. After which there is a spontaneous shutdown. There are a couple main reasons.

Consider common problems that cause the device to shut down without an indication from the user:

  • overheating;
  • fault details;
  • viruses;
  • software errors;

Overheating the most common cause of random shutdowns and reboots mobile PC, which can later lead to breakage of the device. In order to avoid this, you should regularly remove any dust, and also sometimes to change the thermal paste.

Fault details very often also due to overheating. If there were regular purges, the probability of this is great. To decide this issue will not work. So you should go immediately to a specialist.

Viruses can lead to incorrect operation of the system, with the result that the PC can shut down. To resolve need to download a special utility from the website of Doctor Web or Kaspersky, perform a full system scan and delete threats.

Software errors too often result in random shut down the laptop. You need to find the reason using the key code that appears on the screen at the time of failure. After this problem the application should be removed or try to update to the latest version.

Check for problems with the batteries is simple enough. You need to remove it, connect the charger and start the laptop. If the glitches are gone, replace the battery.

Turns on but

In some cases, the PC may be included, but the download will stop at some point. At the same time on the display of the error message. In some cases, does not start Windows, even in the other fails to initialize.

Not is initialized

Initialization occurs when you start the PC to switch to Windows. If the indicators turn on, turn on the cooler but no HDD (does not light up the light bulb), it is likely to perform initialization failed.

Что делать, если ноутбук не включается

Possible reasons why the laptop could not be initialized:

  1. the fault processor, memory or graphics card;
  2. incorrect firmware BIOS;
  3. defects or damages southern Il North bridge.

Regardless of the reason will have to carry the PC to the service center. Only a specialist with the necessary equipment in this case will be able to pinpoint the cause of the problem and eliminate it.

Windows does not start

The inability to run Windows most of the cases does not indicate a hardware problem. So you can try to reinstall it to revert to the previous state of the PC or use the recovery tools from the manufacturer.

Что делать, если ноутбук не включается

In terms of hardware, most often the impossibility of loading the operating system associated with the problems of the hard drive. In this case it will have to be replaced. You can try to make a diagnosis special tools, booting from removable media.

Options Troubleshooting laptops quite a lot. To diagnose and troubleshoot many of them yourself at home, but serious damage will have to contact the specialists of service center.

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