What to do if the IPhone gets too hot

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if the IPhone gets very hot

Apple produces a very reliable and high-quality equipment. However, it has its weaknesses, and it sometimes still fails.

One of the most common problems that arise for various reasons – a strong heating of the IPhone. In the event of such phenomena, it is desirable to quickly detect and eliminate the cause, as heat adversely affects the operation of the apparatus.

The causes of heating and solutions

To understand why there is a strong temperature rise of the case under consideration, the device is sometimes quite difficult.

Что делать если Айфон сильно нагревается

This phenomenon is often accompanied by the following events:

  • charge of the battery;
  • the process of performing various tasks;
  • in the standby mode;
  • after upgrading the operating system;
  • during the games.

If an excessively high temperature rise of the device is accompanied by the abovementioned events, to solve the problem in most cases you can own.

Video: Apple iPhone 4 not included,heated

When charging

Very often, apparatus of the type under consideration it was very hot in the charging process.

The reasons may be several:

  • incorrectly installed software;
  • high voltage;
  • hardware fault – charging or the phone itself, battery.

    Что делать если Айфон сильно нагревается

Very often the cause of the high temperature of the body in the process of charging is a faulty program installations. You need to figure out which app was plumbed before the unit began to warm up and just delete them to reinstall. This will solve the problem.

If the above steps do not work, the problem may be surges of the mains. You should try to connect to the outlet in a different location. In the absence of changes in the work should contact the special service center – possible malfunctions of a hardware nature, there is a malfunction on the motherboard.

Что делать если Айфон сильно нагревается

When working

It happens that in the process of the IPhone quickly sits down the battery, excessive heat. This often occurs with models of the fifth series. The thing is issued by the company Appleопределенной party products, where you set the battery having a defect. In this category are phones that were released in the period from 09.12 01.13, G.

Check your phone on the line you can use the serial number. You must enter it on the page https://www.apple.com/ru/support/iphone5-battery/ and click on the «send» button. If the serial number falls within a certain range, the absolutely free Apple will replace the battery.

In standby mode

Rarely, but it happens that the IPhone heats up just by being in standby mode.

These symptoms are often the result of serious faults:

  • the battery has worked for the resource;

    Что делать если Айфон сильно нагревается

  • oxidized contacts on the motherboard.

The weak point of many devices is the battery. If in idle mode, it begins to heat up, you need to urgently carry out its replacement. As it can fail at any time, that is not the best way affect the device.

The second, more dangerous cause of heating in the standby – oxidation of the contacts on the motherboard. This is possible if Robertville moisture – fell into the water or got condensation. In this case, disassemble it is not recommended, it is better to carry in service center.

After updating

Quite often the problem of heating occurs after updating the software to version 8.1. To solve this problem you simply need to perform a «hard» reset.

To do this, you will need to simultaneously press the «Home» button and «Power». After that a dark screen will appear the Apple icon restart process in this case is long enough.

Что делать если Айфон сильно нагревается

After performing the above action, the temperature should be the same. If this method fails, it is necessary to disable the location reminders. This service uses GPS, what is very processor-intensive – it causes heating of the battery.

The disconnection process is as follows:

  • go to menu «settings»;
  • open the section «confidentiality»;
  • click on «location services»;
  • click on «reminders».

In the opened window, you must disable the location with a simple press.

Что делать если Айфон сильно нагревается

During the games

If the iPhone is slightly warm during active use of the applications, it is absolutely fine. But it happens that the temperature of the back of the case too high. Often a similar phenomenon occurs in the area of the camera. This feature is a characteristic of the 6-series.

Что делать если Айфон сильно нагревается

To resolve this problem can easily upgrade to the latest version of firmware. New software from Apple includes special power saving module. Thanks to him, the consumption during the games and use other functions of the device decreases. Accordingly, the battery heats up less. )

The iPhone gets very hot and runs out quickly

It happens that while talking or just in standby mode, the IPhone begins to heat up.

In addition to the typical reasons (battery, charging, firmware) problem may be:

  • there are leaks on the motherboard;
  • the use of non original charger.

    Что делать если Айфон сильно нагревается

Often after the fall there is any damage on the Board. As a result, the current starts to be distributed incorrectly, the battery capacity – it heats up quickly and gives charge.

To solve this problem can only be a service center. Also cause this kind of problem may be the aftermarket device. Its use leads to malfunction of battery, which is also a cause of heating.

Heating of iPhone is normal. But if the back cover is starting to overheat to very high temperatures, it is a chance to immediately make a diagnosis or to address in service cent. Since this mode of operation may result in damage.

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