What to do if the computer slows down Windows XP

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if the computer slows down Windows XP

Operating system Windows XP undemanding and works fine on the hardware with minimal settings, and more powerful hardware. It is a product from Microsoft that has won the trust of billions of people worldwide due to its reliability and simplicity.

But there comes a time when certain problems arise and Windows XP even begins to falter.

The signs indicating the poor performance of the OS:

  • the system is long loaded;
  • programs no longer respond or respond with delay;
  • at times cease to execute commands with the mouse and keyboard;
  • freezes the screen.

Why is this happening, what are the factors that provoke it and what to do if Windows XP very slow computer?

The main reasons

There is no one reason why a computer may start to slow down and hang. The case often comes down to the individual for each computer problem. But you first need to consider the most common and important reasons, violating the normal operation of the system.

Overflow startup

This is the first and most common reason due to which system starts long boot and hang. The longer you work with a PC, the more it appears different programs you install. A considerable percentage of these programs by default, without the knowledge of the user assigned to the startup.

Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

Users are not often interested in what exactly is about the startup and how much it takes system resources. Most often, most of these applications does not make sense to run with the operating system, as they are very rarely used or even never used and do not bring any benefit.


The second common reason is when Windows XP slows down is the dust that has accumulated in the system unit. Dust constantly gets inside and falls on all parts of the body. Especially susceptible to contamination coolers, which for that reason may cease to fulfill its function.

Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

In the absence of proper cooling hardware is overheating, reduced overall processor performance and, as a consequence, the operating system stops to work efficiently.

Important! The dust accumulated in the housing may cause overheating and completely damage your computer.


Sometimes computer viruses can be a major factor in loss of performance of the OS and cause many other problems.

What can be dangerous viruses:

  • block access, or incapacitate the OS and the individual programs;
  • record and send to the third parties enter passwords and other confidential information;
  • change, encrypt, and delete files;

    Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

  • to download other malware;
  • to connect an OS to a Botnet-networks;

Viruses tend to embed its malicious code into the program and violate their right work. They use computer resources, thereby reducing its performance.

Important! If you have no antivirus program, then most likely, your PC are viruses.

A clutter the registry

All the settings and installed programs, created accounts and other alternate functions are recorded in the system registry. If an incorrect subsequent disposal or modification of specific programs or functions all the unwanted entries remain in the database.

Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

Gradually, thanks to these records, the registry grows to a huge size, which slows down the speed of the OS when you access the database.

Visual effects

Most attractive graphical effects, though pleasing to the eye of the user, but it also greatly stresses the CPU, RAM and graphics card, thereby reducing the overall performance of the machine.

If the computer is weak and meets only the minimum or average requirements of the OS, it is worth pondering to disable some visual effects.


How to troubleshoot

If you have a slow Windows XP to run on your computer becomes unbearable, do not rush to contact the service for help or to demolish the asset. Repair and setup of computer can cost you dearly, and reinstallation of OS with all necessary programs takes a lot of time.

In almost any situation, there are solutions, alternative treatment in the service or reinstalling the operating system, which will save you nerves, time and money.


To solve the crowded startup is not required to have special programs or special programming knowledge. Any user will be able to understand this.

All you need to do is to run «system Configuration» and remove the «startup» tab markers with useless programs.

Let us examine step by step procedure:

  1. click «start» then «Run»;
  2. in the opened window type msconfig and press Enter;

    Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

  3. then go to the tab «startup»;

    Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

  4. will remove the markers from all unneeded programs;
  5. after click «Apply» and «OK».

Important! Do not turn off the startup of anti-virus and firewall, this increases the vulnerability of the machine.

Dust cleaning

Pay attention to the CPU temperature, hard disk, motherboard and graphics card, they always must be in the normal range.

There are two ways to find the temperature:

  • to use «BIOS»;
  • to use special utilities.

Consider the analysis of the overheating of the machine through the «BIOS«:

  1. reboot the OS;
  2. when you download the «BIOS» depending on motherboard press «F2» or «Del»;

    Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

  3. in the Launchpad menu, find the tab «Power/Monitor».

    Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

In this tab there is information about the current temperature of the hardware, the speed of rotation of coolers and other information.

To analyze the component parts of the machine you can also use one of the following utilities:

  • Speccy;
  • AIDA64;
  • CPUID HWMonitor;
  • Core Temp;
  • SpeedFan;
  • Real Temp;
  • Hmonitor;
  • CPU Thermometer;
  • PC-Wizard;
  • Open Hardware Monitor.

    Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

You can choose any of them, they are equally good at their job.

Allowable temperature:

  1. CPU – 40-50 °C;
  2. graphics card – 60-65 °C;
  3. motherboard – 25-35 °C;
  4. a hard disk is 35-40 °C.

If the temperature of a particular part of the car exceeds the permitted limit, you need to check, probably inside the case it’s time to do the dusting.

To remove dust suitable vacuum cleaner with the function of supplying air flow and a toothbrush.

Proceed to cleaning:

  1. unplug the system unit from a network;
  2. open the case;
  3. remove the hard drives, video card and CPU;
  4. clean all the internal elements of the vacuum cleaner;
  5. for hard to reach places use a toothbrush.

    Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

Important! Pay attention to the amount of thermal paste under the cooler, if necessary, add it.

Virus scan

Be sure to install on your computer one of the antiviruses, this will not only protect your data but also increase the efficiency of the OS.

On the Internet you can find a lot of antiviruses differs in price and the degree of effectiveness of anti-malware software.

Consider best paid of the options offered on today market:

  • Kaspersky Internet Security;
  • Norton 360;
  • Avast! Internet Security;
  • ESET NOD32 Smart Security;
  • Dr. Web Security Space.

Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

To decide which antivirus suits you, you can visit the official websites of manufacturers and are familiar with all the terms.

Best free anti-virus utility:

  • 360 Internet Security;
  • Panda Free Antivirus;
  • Avast Free Antivirus;
  • AVG Antivirus Free;
  • ComodoInternetSecurityPremium.

Each of these utilities has its pros and cons, the choice is yours.

Cure viruses:

  1. using your chosen antivirus, run a scanner to check the entire data volume;
  2. all identified threats to remove or put in quarantine, depending on the recommendations of the antivirus.

Tip: configure your firewall to work only with reliable utilities that use the Internet.

The registry cleaning

For registry cleaning without specialized software can not do.

Best free tools for working with the registry:

  • CCleaner;
  • Vit Registry Fix;
  • WindowsCleaner;
  • RegistryLife.

The interface of these utilities are very simple to optimize and clean registry entries you need to press a few buttons.

Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

Tip: to experience the difference before and after cleaning, restart the computer.

Configuring visual effects

To improve PC performance, adjust visual effects.

Consider how to disable the options of graphic design:

  1. right-click the mouse on «My computer»;
  2. select «Properties»;
  3. go to the «Advanced»tab;
  4. in «Performance» click «Settings»;

    Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

  5. in the window «performance Options» tick marker «adjust for best performance»;
  6. click «Apply» and «OK».

    Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

Increase the paging file

Change the settings of the paging file is another effective way to increase the efficiency of the PC. The swap file, or in other words virtual memory is used to save certain information and helps memory to cope with the work.

Guidelines for configuring the paging file:

  • the size of the swap file should be half to two times more installed RAM;
  • it is not recommended to set the virtual memory in the same partition of the hard drive that hosts the OS.

Increase the paging file size:

  • right-click the mouse on «My computer»;
  • select «Properties»;
  • go to the «Advanced»tab;
  • in «Performance» click «Settings»;

    Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

  • open the «Advanced» tab and select «Virtual memory»;
  • click «Edit»;
  • select the least loaded partition;
  • set the marker on the «custom size»;

    Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

  • set the initial and maximum sizes;
  • click the «Ask»;
  • after that you can turn off paging files on other partitions (if any);
  • to do this, place the marker «No paging file» and click «Ask».

After your PC restarts, the changes will take effect.

Windows XP slows down after updates

When you start Windows XP after you upgrade you may find that your PC is not stable. To resolve this problem you can use system restore.

Troubleshooting after upgrading:

  1. open the «start» and select «Programs»
  2. then hover over «Office» and open «system Restore»;

    Что делать, если компьютер тормозит Windows XP

  3. in the resulting window, select «Restore an earlier state of the computer»;
  4. select a control point before the updates.
  5. confirm and wait for process.

This method will allow you to roll back OS to earlier stable state.

As you can see, the unstable operation Windows XP can be caused by not one factor, but they all have its simple solution. You will be able to use the methods to troubleshoot.

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