What to do if the button does not work Fn on laptop

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if not working Fn button on the laptop

The popularity of laptops has earned mobility. Active people, who prefer active way of life appreciated the opportunity to use every spare minute to good use. The Fn key is one of the ways of simplifying work with the system, its optimization for the personal needs of the user, the method quickly adjust the settings without further manipulation.

Function key Fn

Let’s start with location keys. By default, the Fn is in the bottom corner next to the left Ctrl, which gives the possibility to adjust with one hand. Often, gaming laptops can be found located in the lower right corner that allows you to activate macros without interrupting gameplay.

The button name is an abbreviation of the word Function, meaning a function key that gives access to regulate the functions and settings. Often the inscription «Fn» is different in color from the base font of the keyboard.

Что делать если не работает кнопка Fn на ноутбуке

Color her on the keys, often a number of keys F1–F12, deposited the keys:

  • adjust the brightness of the screen;
  • access to the settings of the media player;
  • manage connections to a WiFi network;
  • adjusting the volume or disabling it;
  • the introduction of the system into a sleep mode;
  • settings battery saving;
  • the Keylock mode.

These functions aktiviziruyutsya after clamping Fn. The list is not mandatory and can vironostica depending on the brand of laptop.

Video: does not work FN key on laptop keyboard

On laptop not working the Fn button

Consider the following what to do if not working Fn button, and how to fix the problem. First you need to establish the cause of the malfunction, and their are essentially two.

Mechanical failure

Moisture – the keyboard has been flooded or has long been in a humid environment:

  • carefully wipe the surface with a moisture-absorbing cloth;
  • disconnect the laptop from the network;

    Что делать если не работает кнопка Fn на ноутбуке

  • fully disabling the operating system;
  • if possible remove the battery pack from the device;
  • leave the laptop in a dry place until completely dry;
  • with a strong soaking of contact the service center.

Pollution – if the working surface is cleaned rarely, the grooves of the buttons can become clogged with dust or larger particles of debris. For more severe contamination can overheat the whole system, which leads to various problems.

Что делать если не работает кнопка Fn на ноутбуке


  • clean the grooves of the keys with a cotton swab or a soft brush;
  • if you have the appropriate skills open and blow the laptop, or contact a service center.
  • buy cooling pad for laptop, it will prevent the overheating with heavy use and will not allow clogging with dust.

A software fault is the lack of a driver or damage it and talk about it below.

Driver installation

To ensure proper operation of the function keys must have the appropriate driver. Before you install new drivers you need to get rid of the old software and its parts. You can use the control panel or special programs to clean your system directory.Что делать если не работает кнопка Fn на ноутбуке

The driver can be installed from boot CD or download from official website manufacturer. In the search bar of the website enter the exact model name and download all the options of the archives, this is the driver and update it.

Watch your BIOS settings

Work Fn aktiviziruyutsya into the BIOS and enable it quite simple:

  • start the laptop and during boot press F10;
  • in the BIOS screen looking for the tab System Configuration;
  • omitting the points select Action Keys Mode;
  • select Disabled mode;
  • save the changes and reboot the device.

    Что делать если не работает кнопка Fn на ноутбуке

Mechanical damages.

To verify the presence or absence of mechanical damage non-working key to be opened. If the keyboard is collapsible pry with a thin screwdriver and carefully remove the key.

The internal mechanism consists of three parts connected by latches. Playground – base, it needs to be cleaned from dust and inspect for condensate. Lift and spring mechanism, this is a working part that you need to inspect for cracks or deformations.

Что делать если не работает кнопка Fn на ноутбуке

If damage found, and after cleaning functionality is recovered, most likely, from failed paths. Confirm damage of this nature will be able to staff the service center.

Proper functioning of the Fn button – a matter of comfort. The problem, more often, software can be removed independently.

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