What to do if tablet does not turn on

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if tablet does not turn on

Tablets today are available to almost everyone. These devices have a large number of functions and its characteristics are often not inferior to a real PC.

But at the same time the gadgets there are some drawbacks. First and foremost is the fragility. That is why after the fall sometimes the phone just wouldn’t turn on. Sometimes to fix these problems is quite difficult.

Causes and solutions

There are a very large number of different reasons can be difficult to start. This is the greatest difficulty of the repair. But there is a list of common problems, which are similar precedents.

These include:

  • breakdown of a mechanical nature, the ingress of moisture;
  • battery problems;
  • the failure of the software;
  • the problem of the video card.

Mechanical failure and moisture

If not turn on the tablet after a heavy blow or a fall on a tile, brick floor, it is likely that the presence of the following damage:

  • burst screen;

    Что делать, если не включается планшет

  • damaged ribbon cable;
  • additional breakage.

Most often the reason for the lack of reaction on pressing buttons Powerкроется in mechanical damage of the screen. Usually falling on the floor from a height of 1 m for its failure. If the screen does not work, then most likely will need to replace it.

This operation is quite difficult from a purely technical side, but to implement it is quite real. You just need to be very careful.

Что делать, если не включается планшет

Also often fails the ribbon cable that connects the screen of the computer system. Sometimes it just comes out of the connector, it is only necessary to open the casing and install the connection. It’s much harder if you fell off pike. This repair difficult to do yourself.

If the device fell into the water, often it subsequently stops working.

Что делать, если не включается планшет

Upon the occurrence of such a situation, you must perform the following steps:

  • to open the case;
  • disconnect the battery;
  • with the help of household Hairdryer to blow out all the moisture;
  • leave the unit to dry for 24 hours.

    Что делать, если не включается планшет

The problem with the battery

Often difficulties with running gadgets of this type occurs due to the breakage of the battery.

It can:

  • completely fail;
  • heavily discharged.

    Что делать, если не включается планшет

Complete failure of the battery is possible in case of incorrect operation. Often diagnose a problem visually. If the battery is swollen and does not fit into the case, then you should replace it. Also it often happens that when a full charge battery the device can not start.

In such situations, it sometimes even does not respond to charging. You want to leave it connected to the 220 V for 12 hours.

The failure of the software

Not to start a miniature PC can due to a malfunction in the software.

There is no such in the following cases:

  • applications installed from unknown manufacturer;
  • updated.

    Что делать, если не включается планшет

This kind of failure to eliminate in most cases is quite simple. You just need to remove the installed, if any way to run the device is still possible. If the gadget is completely «dead» and unresponsive, then you can simply perform the operation HardReset. It is a complete reset. The only negative – the complete removal of all data.

The failure of the video card

When the run is done and all possible steps are carried out (responds to the home button, increases and decreases the sound) but the screen is black – this means that failure came the video card.

Что делать, если не включается планшет

Most often this kind of fault occurs due to overheating of the device, as well as factory marriage. Independently to replace a component will fail in this case, it is necessary to include the unit in for repair.

Tablet not included

Also sometimes there are situations when the gadget does not start after you perform certain actions.

This type of problem often occurs after:

  • charging;
  • installation of the new firmware;
  • reboot;
  • reset;
  • disconnected the charger;
  • run a large number of applications.

Measures for problems of this type should be taken various. They are highly individual in each case.

After charging

Sometimes it happens that the device is charging, but, subsequently, simply not working.

In this case, the culprit for this situation may be:

  • charger;
  • battery.

Что делать, если не включается планшет

You first need to verify charging. You need to connect it to the same machine and watch – is there any replenishment of the battery charge. If everything is in order, then it most likely is the battery. She could simply not hold a charge. To establish the true cause in this case can only be experienced through.

After flashing

Often the reason for the lack of response when pressing Power is flying firmware. Similar problems arise as the fault of the user or due to incorrect software.

To resolve this situation in two ways:

  • install new firmware;
  • to perform a Hard Reset.

How to flash the tablet, if it is not included? This will require:

  • enabled personal computer;

    Что делать, если не включается планшет

  • special software;
  • the device itself;
  • the communication cord.

In most cases, the device does not fully start, but only partially. Therefore, by connecting it to a personal computer via a special communication cable, it is possible to implement flashing. In many cases, this allows you to deal with the problem type under consideration.

If after flashing the situation has not changed, it is necessary to perform a HardReset. This operation allows to reset all settings and remove installed applications. The launch of this operation, carried out in various ways, depending on the model of the gadget.

Что делать, если не включается планшет

For example (two buttons pressed simultaneously):

  • «decrease volume» + «increase volume» + «enable»;
  • «insert» + «home» + «volume increased»;
  • «decrease volume» + «Power».

If necessary, you can easily find the key combination run a Hard Reset for any model of the gadget of this type on the Internet.

After a reboot

A large part of the problems in the office can be resolved using the usual reboot. If this operation does not affect the work, then most likely damage has occurred to the Boot Loader.

To cope with this problem in two ways:

  • running formatting system HardReset;
  • by reflashing the OS.

If these measures are no actions had no effect, you should contact an authorized service center. As likely to experience any problems with the hardware.

To identify the problem and perform repairs only if you have special equipment and skills. In a domestic environment a simple user to do this is extremely problematic.

After a factory reset

Sometimes it is very difficult to determine what the problem is, when the tablet does not turn on after factory reset. But, in most cases, this is not required.

Что делать, если не включается планшет

You can just Reset the hardware way. Most of the models is equipped with a special button for this operation. Most often, the key recessed into the body.

To perform a Reset so will need a long thin rod:

  • needle;
  • clip;
  • pin.

When there is such an object:

  • find the Reset button on the device;

    Что делать, если не включается планшет

  • insert the rod and push it;
  • held not less than 10-15 C.

After that, in most cases loading the default settings and factory settings and is restarting. Most likely, the gadget will resume its normal operation and will respond to key Powerкак expected.

Without charger

Relatively often the machine does not start without charger connected – what can be the consequence of problems with battery. In the presence of the respective port charging contacts creates the necessary voltage and the gadget works without any problems.

After disconnecting from the electrical outlet electric current is lost – what is the cause of the shutdown.

Что делать, если не включается планшет

To cope with this only by replacing the battery. Some gadgets of this type allow you to do this without any difficulty by yourself. In other cases (iPad and similar techniques) require special equipment and skills.

Due to lack of memory

Sometimes, the gadget may not launch until the end. Very often the reason is the large number of programs and applications present in RAM, the startup.

To solve this problem you simply need to reset all settings to standard, or to edit startup removing all unnecessary.

Video: Repair tablet

Ways firmware

If after flashing the gadget does not start, you can handle this in two ways:

  • software;
  • hardware.

When software recovery need:

  • flash drive FAT32 formatted;
  • a fully charged gagdet;
  • utility NSBAtchTool.rar.

When all you need is already there, you need to:

  • to be unpacked on the system disk: utility NSBAtchTool;
  • in field # 1 find the standard firmware;
  • specify the letter flash cards in the box No. 2;
  • click on ?? it means «start».

    Что делать, если не включается планшет

Boot when the card is ready, you simply insert it into the gadget, then hold down Powerна 10-20 seconds. The installation will run automatically. After the end of the process to extract the memory and restarted the machine.

The tablet turns on and immediately turns off, what to do?

Sometimes it happens that a banal Hard Reset and install new firmware simply does not help. To cope with such trouble by closing of the contacts of the flash memory on the motherboard.

Что делать, если не включается планшет

This will need to read the technical documentation, or to scour the forums in search of the necessary information. These contacts can look like legs or as ordinary specks of copper.

The reporting process is as follows:

  • the case is dismantled using a screwdriver and opening tool;
  • find the necessary contacts;
  • peremeshaem them with a paperclip while pressing the Power button.

    Что делать, если не включается планшет

Consider the gadgets quite Moody and fragile, therefore treat them with maximum caution. In most cases, this avoids various problems, including the usual inclusion.

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