What to do if sound does not work on my phone

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if sound does not work on my phone

The main purpose of any phone communication with another person. If during a conversation the interlocutor is not audible or it breaks and noise, respectively, then the usefulness of such devices spoken sharply to zero.

On today’s mobile devices in addition to communication, there are many other functions. So you can use them to listen to music, watch movies, play games, use various applications. All these attractions will be less interesting without accompanying audio effects.

Let’s try to understand why is not working the sound on the phone? What can cause this kind of malfunction and how can I resolve it? Though all mobile phones have their own device, but a common symptom observed in all models.

Signs of lack or instability of sound

Consider the main grounds on which it can be argued that mobile disappeared an audio signal.

  • the first sign is, undoubtedly, the complete absence of any sound signals;
  • during a call, you can hear noises or squeaks coming from the speaker;
  • the voice is then periodically increased, reduced or interrupted;
  • tones are not produced or their sound changes, audible crackles.

If the signs are not so obvious or happen periodically – it could mean as random crashing and start standing out of the speakers or other parts of cell phone.

Perform the test

To understand why sound was not working in the phone, not necessarily immediately run to the service center. Perhaps the cause of the problem is trivial. This is primarily to check external regulators or check the settings in your mobile phone.

Both operations will not take you much time. Although every cell phone, its design features, all of them there is an external volume control and there are the sections menu, responsible for audio support.

Video: adjusting the sound via the engineering menu

Volume control

First, if you encounter problem with bad sound on your mobile device you should do a check of the regulator.

Usually it is placed on the body of the cell on the right side. Can be several types:

  • in the form of solid buttons. The sound is adjustable depending on pressing a particular end. On the one hand it decreases, the other increases;
  • in the form of separate buttons, which show the plus sign or minus sign.

Make sure the slider is set at the right level. If you need to move it. If the problem was in the controller, the adjustment needs to fix it.

In the normal state is changed audibility of the call system commands. In order to increase the voice of the interlocutor during a conversation, you need to make adjustments in the moment of conversation, or when you call.

To increase the sound when playing videos or music, as well as in games and applications, the adjustment should be done with open media files.

The volume in the settings menu

If external adjustment is not avail, it is possible that the reason lies in the system settings.

To check you need to do a few steps:

  • go to the «Menu» on your device;
  • in the window that opens, find the section «Sound»;
  • in the tab «Volume» move the slider in the desired direction.

These actions will increase the overall audibility of the phone. As that of the external controller, the audio control can be divided into individual parameters: for the media to talk about. Depending on your symptoms do settings need points.

Что делать, если не работает звук на телефоне

The cause of buzzfuse can also be set one of the modes of your camera. There are «silent», «quiet», «plane» and others. Accordingly, if you replace one of these modes for simple, the problem can be resolved.

The main causes and methods of elimination

If the inspection of regulators and the system settings doesn’t fix the problem, then the reason lies elsewhere. It can be as software failures, and mechanical damage or breakage on one of the components of the device.

Accordingly, depending on the type of fault exists and a method for its elimination. In some cases it is possible to manage own forces, and small manipulations, and sometimes without the help of the wizard can not do.

Что делать, если не работает звук на телефоне

In any case, the first step is to find the source of failure and then decide how to fix it and would it be advisable to do so.

Broken speaker

One of the reasons for the loss of any audio signal is breaking dynamics. This is a serious problem and in most cases can only be solved with replacement parts.

It should be said that modern mobile devices is 2 or more speakers. Usually one is responsible for music, games, apps, the second for talking. If the sound is not made by any of them, then most likely the problems lies in other reasons.

Что делать, если не работает звук на телефоне

One of the easiest ways to check if it’s broken earpiece – is to shift the conversation to the speaker. If the person was well heard, it means that the failure is detected.

Types of breakdowns and their solutions.

  • one of the reasons for worsening of hearing from the speaker may be a blockage. Sound in such cases is reduced but does not disappear completely. You can try to clean the speaker using a thin needle, cotton swab or toothbrush. This is best done with the help of squeezed the air;

Important! The main thing is not to overdo it and not to damage during cleaning of the membrane.

  • the coil on the speaker is shorted or burned. Hard to hear person or sometimes crackles. Solved by the installation of new parts;
  • in the coil there is a break. The sound disappears completely. Can be corrected only by the replacement component.

Important! In cases of reduction of audibility in a mobile device, problems with the speaker are in 80% of cases.

The malfunction of the circuit amplification

It often happens that a mobile device goes down, the amplification of sound. In such cases, when you add or reduce volume, the sound will not change. It’s quite difficult to fix this problem. It is best to contact the service center where you will diagnose and make replacement of the enhancer circuit.

Что делать, если не работает звук на телефоне

The reasons why can burn the amplification circuit:

  • mechanical damage;
  • when the cell operates in a highly congested regime, and significantly raised its temperature;
  • the ingress of liquid;
  • factory fault in the circuit gain.

Broken trail

One common failure-the failure of the train. Most often this malfunction happens in the sliders and «raskladushka». Because every time you open the machine moves and the trail that leads to the chafing of the contacts.

The main symptoms is the loss of audio signals and the failure of the volume controls. When replacing parts all the problems should disappear.

In addition to grinding the joints of the train, his faults can also result in physical damage or ingress of moisture to the contacts.

Что делать, если не работает звук на телефоне

The program crashes

Every day an increasing number of useful applications for mobile phones. Unfortunately, not all of them are a sufficient level of compatibility testing with various mobile devices. Not to mention the deliberately harmful programs.

To the disruption of the transmission of voice effects to your camera using a software glitch can cause:

  • incorrectly installed programs;
  • hacked versions of applications;
  • wrong reset to factory settings;

    Что делать, если не работает звук на телефоне

  • conflict between installed applications;
  • viruses;
  • for smartphones or iPhones — independent firmware update.

Some software failures can simply be eliminated by deleting the installed app. Some require a reset to factory settings. More complicated conflicts that started the chain of failures, will require re-flashing your cellular devices.

Mechanical damage

Happen often enough. Not every camera can withstand a drop or impact with a heavy object.

We can divide mechanical damage into three groups:

  • the external fault. The fall could damage the speaker or volume control. In this case, you should replace the apparent faulty part;
  • damage to the chips. After an attack can fail, like a train, and a sound card or other fragile elements of the device, to see the defects which are visually impossible without an autopsy. Need to do the disassembly and then already to understand what the item is damaged and to repair it or replace;
  • cracks in the main Board. The worst of the options. Depending on your model may be more appropriate to buy a new mobile phone than to make repairs.


Dust or small litter on the contacts can get burnt circuit boards or parts. A lighter option is the pollution of the external parts. It can be grid dynamics, having cleaned you can remove a negative effect.

Что делать, если не работает звук на телефоне

Cleaning is better to make special devices and tools, and even better to entrust it to professionals.

Gets wet

Rain, snow, dew or any other liquid that got on the phone, unlikely to extend his life. It concerns and any parts of the device responsible for the reproduction of audio signals. Excess moisture can burn out any components or oxidized contacts that will eventually lead to the loss of voice or music

If you had time to notice the problem, the consequences can be minimized. Should turn the phone off, carefully disassemble it and put to dry. It is advisable to wait for a long period of time, as the desire to quickly check the operation of the device may lead to its ultimate failure.

Что делать, если не работает звук на телефоне

Loss of sound on the phone of course an unpleasant situation, but in any case, do not panic. Run the original validation of volume controls and settings in the menu. Then check out the different apps that can mute the volume or cause a failure.

If the fault lies within the machine, it is better to turn to professionals who conduct comprehensive diagnostics and will return the performance of your mobile device.

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