What to do if sound does not work on IPhone

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if sound does not work on the IPhone

If you are a happy owner of an iPhone, you probably noticed that the daily use of its features. And now for a second imagine that you have a sound does not work on the iPhone. Unpleasant and inconvenient, don’t you?

To such a disaster can happen for a variety of reasons. It causes loss of sound and their solutions we will look at today.

By the way, the sound can be lost in the phone and in the headphones. The problems are essentially similar, but at the same time, technically, very different.

Increase the volume level

If you have a smartphone, you probably don’t know that the volume buttons are at the end. Just click on the top button, she is responsible for adding sound. This is the easiest option.

Что делать, если не работает звук на Айфоне

It is worth considering also that the volume on the regular speakers and headphones is set separately. Also earphone can be configured only when connected to the device. If not, then you adjust the volume it phone

Often happens also such that the headphones with the phone already got, but it still shows that they are connected. Try carefully to clean the socket, it should solve the problem.

Что делать, если не работает звук на Айфоне

Reboot the device

If the increase volume button does not work, it means something is wrong. First you need to reboot the phone and then check the sound first, native speakers and then in headphones.

Что делать, если не работает звук на Айфоне

The problem is in the headset connector

If the sound on the iPhone only works with headphones, then the problem is with the connector. Clean it, look inside. Be sure to inspect for mechanical damage.

The main signs that there were problems with the mini jack (3.5) connector (headphones when the following options must be disabled):

  • the phone does not record audio through the recorder;
  • you don’t hear the interlocutors in a speakerphone mode;
  • pressing the volume button, you regulate not the ringer volume, and the volume of the headphones;
  • using basic dynamics of the music is not playing, but when connecting the headphones everything is in order;
  • broken headphones, and the plug remained in the socket. Of course this happens rarely, but still happens. If the plug stays in, the iPhone thinks headphones and no one was turned off that they work.

    Что делать, если не работает звук на Айфоне

If you have the above listed problems, I advise you to carry the smartphone in for repair. Do not try to do technology from Apple is very delicate, needs in a very professional repair.

Microchip sound control

Inside the iPhone there is only two chips that are responsible for the sound. This:

  1. the audio codec;
  2. microchip sound control.

Что делать, если не работает звук на Айфоне

They can be damaged during the penetration of water into the body, and with a strong impact. In case of damage, you only need to replace other solutions present. By the way, if all of the above chips don’t work, then call audio to work at will.

Mechanical deformation

In the case of mechanical damage to the phone, there is a high probability come down to either the speakers or chipset sound control. As in the first and in the second case, the problem is better than trying to decide how to disassemble the iPhone the first time you most likely will not. Something damage, and the repair will cost several times more expensive.

Что делать, если не работает звук на Айфоне


Moisture inside the phone – frustrating phenomenon. Can fail as certain features and the phone in General. The same applies to sound.

Once the phone is pulled from a moist environment, you should immediately do these simple steps:

  1. to de-energize the apparatus;
  2. to remove residual moisture.

The main problem is to disconnect.

Что делать, если не работает звук на Айфоне

The fact that the owners of Apple smartphones do not have direct access to the battery, respectively, to pull it out, you will have to disassemble almost half of the phone. If you have no skills in disassembling Apple devices, you better not try to immediately bring the phone to a service center. In any case, do not include it!

What to do in any case is impossible:

  • drying the phone is on the radiator radiator;
  • to check phone for performance after the self-drying;
  • to put the device in a container with rice. It is a myth that rice will not help.

Video: Problem with sound

Protective mesh dynamics clogged

If the sound still works, but not correctly, or significantly deteriorated the sound quality became much worse is heard, is to ensure that the dynamics does not blocked. For example, a cheap cover that was incorrectly manufactured, and may partially cover the speakers.

Что делать, если не работает звук на Айфоне

Clean the protective mesh also plays a role in sound quality. If you notice that the grille is very dirty, take a soft brush and clean it lightly.

Thus purified as speakers, and a microphone. To verify, I advise you to record your voice on a dictaphone and then listen to the recording. If the sound is clean, then everything is fine, and if not, if the record is fitful: means either you are poor cleaning, or it’s time to carry the phone to a service center. If you can’t even hear the call, most likely a broken speaker.

If the sound is gone for no reason at all, then the problem is software, and, most likely, will be resolved after the reboot. If problems with speakers started soon after the introduction of smartphone in the water, mechanical damage, you will have to carry the device in STS, the problem is 100% hardware.

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