What to do if slow hard drive

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if slow hard drive

Drop the speed of the computer most of the users is associated primarily with the CPU, graphics card, and sometimes RAM. Meanwhile, a significant impact on performance may have a hard disk.

To find out what the issue is with the hard drive, is quite simple. Just look at the indicator of his work during popisania or sharp drop in PC performance.

Consider the main problems that can be associated with the hard drive:

  • a large number of temporary files;
  • bad sectors;
  • the high temperature of the hard drive;
  • the physical damage.

    Что делать, если тормозит жесткий диск

Make cleaning Windows

When the computer creates a huge amount of temporary files. Not only that they occupy the free space, they can cause «freezes» of the system. This is because growing the file allocation table and the system needs much data spends a lot of time.

To avoid delays because of the large number of temporary files will help regular cleaning. Produce it by using system tools or third party tools.

Consider how to clean temporary files in Windows 7:

  1. go to «control Panel»;
  2. choose «System and security»;
  3. in the section «Administration» click on item «Release disk space»;

    Что делать, если тормозит жесткий диск

  4. in the opened window, specify the drive letter, which should be cleaned.

In other versions of the operating system the cleaning process starts the same way.

Temporary file cleanup using the system tools are not the most efficient way to perform this maintenance operation. Much better results show the utility developed by other developers, like CCleaner, but use them better for experienced users, otherwise you can lose important data.


Often slow hard drive because of big files fragmentation, it is connected with the fact that the recording on the data carrier takes place in a random empty seat. Eliminating it can significantly increase PC performance. This process is called defragmentation.

Что делать, если тормозит жесткий диск

Consider how to defragment on a computer running Windows 7:

  1. open «control Panel»;
  2. go to the «System and security»;
  3. select «Optimize hard disk», which is located in the «Administration»section;
  4. specify the desired disk;

    Что делать, если тормозит жесткий диск

  5. click «Optimize».

Note that defragmentation is long enough, especially if it has not done, and the amount of drive big. Therefore it is better to put it on the night.

Check for errors

Logical errors on the hard disk can lead to various problems, e.g. the brakes or the appearance of messages about various errors. They arise for a variety of reasons, for example, due to incorrect power-off the computer. The user can easily eliminate them using built-in OS tools.

There are two ways to run the scan and fix errors on the disk. This:

  • using the command line;
  • in the graphics mode.

Что делать, если тормозит жесткий диск

For novice users it is more convenient to use the graphical mode to run the tool checker.

Consider the procedure to perform this operation in Windows 7:

  1. open «My computer»;
  2. select the desired drive and call up the context menu with the right mouse button;
  3. click on «Properties»;
  4. go to the tools tab;
  5. click «Scan»;
  6. set a tick on «Automatically fix errors»;
  7. to run the test by clicking the appropriate button.

More experienced users often prefer to use software written for the command line.

To run check disk in this mode, you must perform the following steps:

  1. start a command prompt with administrator rights;
  2. enter the command chkdsk /f;
  3. press Enter.

After that, the program will check and will automatically correct all the found logical errors.

Video: How to check your hard disk

Disk check utility Victoria

Another well-known problem with hard drives are bad sectors. This blocks on the hard disk, reading and writing occurs with errors. If the number is small, then you can fix the problem using special tools, for example, Victoria. The manufacturers specifically for this purpose at Winchester leave a separate area.

Что делать, если тормозит жесткий диск

Attention! A large number of bad sectors is a sign of serious problems with the disk. He at any moment can fail. It is recommended to immediately backup important data.

Here are the main signs that your hard disk there is bad sectors:

  • the PC freezes when accessing the hard drive;
  • the loss of some files;
  • the emergence of previously missing rattle or crackle;
  • long up data and overall system performance.

It is worth to note that these signs can indicate other problems with the computer, but the hard drive in any case need to check.

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Victoria is one of the best programs for testing hard disk for bad sectors. She, of course, there are the counterparts, moreover, the system provides its own tools to solve this problem, as Victoriaзаслуженно is very popular, will talk about her.

Consider the order of action to find and fix bad sectors with utility Victoria:

  1. Victoriaс run as administrator;
  2. go to the section TEST;
  3. click on the START button.

This is followed by testing the surface of the drive. A problem would indicate the appearance of red and blue rectangles. It is the latter indicate the presence of bad sectors.

If Victoria while testing found one or more blocks marked in blue color results, you must repeat the test with Remap.

Operation mode HDD — PIO/DMA

Users of some older computers are often unable to deal with the fact that Windows result of errors switches the operation mode of the hard disk from the now-long a standard DMA, which allows you to work with RAM directly, in the old PIO when all actions are performed through the Central processor. Because of this, there is a significant reduction in speed.

Что делать, если тормозит жесткий диск

Consider how you can tell what mode the drive:

  1. open «task Manager»;
  2. select «IDE/ATAPI»;
  3. select primary or secondary channel;
  4. go to the tab «advanced settings».

If the window mode is set to PIO, it is necessary to translate it in DMA. In most cases the problem is caused by software errors, then to fix it you just need to remove both channels IDEи to restart the system.

During the launch system re-install driver and select the optimal parameters by switching the mode to DMA.

Council. This mode can also occur when you connect a hard drive and optical drive to one loop. You need to connect them to different channels, open the system unit and using the secondary IDE cable.

Note. Users who purchased a computer in the last 3-5 years, this problem usually does not affect.

High HDD temperature

Overheating is dangerous not only for the processor or video card, but for hard drives. These devices are originally designed for normal operation at a temperature of 30-45 degrees. In the case when the indicator rises above 50-52 degrees it is urgent to take action.

Что делать, если тормозит жесткий диск

If there is a suspicion on overheating of the hard disk, it is necessary, first of all, test your assumptions. To know the temperature of the hard drive is easily possible using a utility or PC Wizard Aida.

Consider the basic ways to eliminate overheating HDD in desktop PCs:

  • cleaning the PC from dirt and dust;
  • the transfer of the winchesters at a greater distance from each other;
  • extra cooling systems.

Что делать, если тормозит жесткий диск

Users usually do not pay attention to carrying out simple preventive action with the system unit. Although, basic cleaning helps to avoid overheating of components and possible failure. It is recommended at least 1-2 times a year.

If cleaning does not work, then you have 2 or more disk can try to install them in the system unit at a greater distance from each other. This usually reduces the temperature by 7-10 degrees.

In cases where other methods are powerless can try to improve the cooling inside the case by installing additional coolers. For cooling of winchesters produced special fans that are installed in close proximity and to improve the removal of hot air.

The owners of the notebooks are more limited in ways to reduce overheating of the hard drive they but dust can only use the cooling pad, especially when working with demanding applications.

Video: Chirping hard drive

What to do if HDD is bursting

Hard disk is a mechanical device, inside of which are moving and rotating parts. Therefore, when the work emits a certain not strong sounds. This is a normal working situation. About the problem you can speak only if before they were observed.

If the user has noticed the emergence of a strong noise or crackling from the old drive, it should be faster to copy all the important data to another media and test the hard drive using special tools, for example, Victoria.

Important! If the crack appeared on the warranty disk should not try to fix the problem yourself, better contact the seller for free replacement.

The answer to the question of whether the hard disk drive braking system, positive. But do not just fall into despair in most cases can be corrected using special tools. But we must not forget to do the backup.

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