What to do if quickly iPhone 5s

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if quickly iPhone 5s

Many users of smartphones from Apple complaining that the battery drains in less than half a day. But not always, the reason lies in the low quality of the purchased goods or defective battery, most often it is improper use or incorrect settings.

If you have become quickly discharged the iphone 5s, there are a few ways to minimize this effect and increase the battery life without recharging.

Clean the device

You should remove all unnecessary files and programs. Most popular services like WhatsApp or Instagram are gradually clog up your phone’s cache with unnecessary information, it is necessary from time to time to remove.

To check the cache you need to:

  • go to settings/basic/statistics/vault;
  • there you will see that the app itself weighs a bit, and accumulated over a long time the cache may take 500 or more megabytes;
  • delete all unnecessary files.

    Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

There are special programs to clear the cache, you can reinstall the program or use a special application, for example, PhoneClean.

Disable services

If you still discharges quickly iPhone 5s, you can try to block unnecessary functions that are not used, or you can easily opt out in favor of increasing the duration of operation of the device without additional charges.

All unnecessary services you can disable it manually via the settings, the following describes all the basic functions that you will be able to disable or reconfigure so that they do not affect the battery.


  • location services your phone determines its approximate location, you need to detect you in a number of programs, such as Navigator or 2gis;
  • go to settings/privacy/location services and you will see how many applications are trying to learn about your location;

    Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

  • after that you can disable almost all of them, as they expend energy your device in vain, and the more unnecessary programs running, the more your iPhone heats a battery drain;
  • such function as «plugs», for example, is not supported in Russia and you can disable it without any regret.


To get rid of unnecessary notifications would not only be useful for charging the battery, but also nice for you, so as to stop the endless flow of spam and advertising, which is distracting and annoying.

To disable notification, you must:

  • go to the Settings;
  • Notice;

    Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

  • now look at the list that is displayed, and prohibited most programs to send messages. While leaving those that you use.

After this operation you will notice improvements battery life and can relax from the annoying spam.


The causes of rapid discharge can be suppressed in the constant updates to applications that have visually for you to see. On your device the software updated in stealth mode, and often without sending requests to your consent.

To disable all unneeded updates of secondary programs, you need to:

  • go to settings/General/update content;

    Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

  • a list will appear from which you can choose what to update and what is not necessary. Accordingly blocking unnecessary updates.

3G Internet

3G and LTE, in our area often unavailable, and when one of these options is enabled, the charging indicator rapid pace creeping down. It turns out that you need a speed boost you don’t get, and the loss of energy occurs at an accelerated rate.

Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

To disable 3G or LTE, you must:

  • go to settings/cellular.
  • in parallel, turn off the data transmission to the information transmitted over wi-fi only.

    Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

Photo stream

This function provides for the transfer of the photos that you do on the cloud via the Internet.If you are not using this feature, the best solution would be to disable it.

To neutralize the photo stream you need to:

  • go to menu iCloud/Photo;
  • move the switch to position «off»;

    Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

  • if you want to upload your pictures to the cloud, you can optimize their storage with the corresponding switch in the menu.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Enabled wireless data transmission via Wi-Fi significantly increases the energy consumption from your smartphone. Turn on wifi only when needed, when you directly use the Internet or download content.

Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

Also activated mode of information transmission, Bluetooth can reduce the time of use of the device without recharging for thirty minutes. Make sure that both options are not active.

Startup programs

Using ios 8, ensure that the automatic downloads were turned off, as it drains your phone. To boot can apps, books, music and more, pay attention that this function was inactive when you don’t need it.

To turn off the startup should:

  • go to settings/itunes store/AppStore;

    Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

  • move the switch to the desired position.

    Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

  • particularly damaging this function is active when mode is on 3G, the charging indicator may subside before our eyes, in the process of downloading from the Internet at high speed.

The download of mail

Another enemy to the long life of the battery of your iPhone you can call mail, which you probably don’t need.

To deactivate this feature, you should:

  • go to settings/mail, contacts, calendars;

    Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

  • select the desired mode.

Background applications

Very common most smartphone users is the case when running multiple programs at the same time, despite the fact that people use at the moment only one of them. For example, you shoot video on your phone’s camera, and the background you have a running Internet browser.

Such use is abuse of the battery, so it is best to avoid such moments. Just a timely close unnecessary in a particular moment of application, make it a habit to close them immediately after use.

In order to disable background applications you need to:

  • go to settings/General/background applications;
  • if you want to disable all applications in the background, then move the corresponding switch;
  • if you want to disable only some apps, then choose from a list.

The parallax effect

The parallax effect on your device makes the operation more convenient with a translucent background, which helps with menu navigation smartphone. It creates a sense of dimension inside the screen.

This effect improves visual perception and makes the iPhone more exciting, but at the same time serious consumes energy and reduces the operating time of the device without recharging.

Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

To disable the parallax effect you need to:

  • go in settings/General/accessibility/reduce motion;
  • after disabling effect, you will have a regular flat screen with no 3D effect.


This service is to transfer data from your smartphone to the cloud that is the Internet for storage. Transmitted photos, documents, music and any other information.

With this service your information can be simultaneously available to multiple devices, such as iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Naturally, this service will actively drain your battery. Therefore, by disabling it, you save energy for other operations.

To disable iCloud:

  • go to the menu/iCloud;

    Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

  • choose the appropriate command.

The iphone 5s is quickly discharged in standby mode

If your machine is quickly discharged in standby mode, then you should try the following


  1. to block it on 3G and LTE;
  2. to cancel the startup programs;
  3. prohibit auto-update apps;
  4. to block location services.

If after all these operations the situation is not changing for the better, try to upgrade the operating system. If after upgrading the problem remains the same, should seriously think about what battery your phone is out of order or was defective from the start.

In such situations, you should contact the service center, which will be able to correct deficiencies by replacing the battery or adjusting system of the iPhone.

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Enabled Airdrop

AirDrop technology involves high-speed data exchange between the I-devices without using the Internet. But constantly using this service, you must remember that the battery will fall much faster. So don’t forget to lock out this feature when you’re not using it.

Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

You can enable and block this feature through the Control Center by pulling your finger from the top of the screen or down in the options.

Make a battery calibration

Another effective method to achieve our goal is to calibrate the battery.

To do this:

  1. download the appropriate application, for example, the Battery HDPro;
  2. launch this app and make with it a calibration.

    Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

Adjust the screen brightness

Another obstacle on the way to the charge, which lasts a long time, may be set too high screen brightness. Reduces the screen brightness via the options screen.

Is there a way to set the brightness below the minimum level to even greater savings of energy.

  1. go to menu iOS/basic/universal access/zoom;
  2. go to the «zoom Area» and put the marker opposite to «full screen»;
  3. to return to the previous menu and there you enable the «Increase»;

    Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

  4. then three-finger triple-tap. Appear special window where you set the slider to the minimum;
  5. now click «Choose filter» and leave a marker in front of the inscription «Weak light».

Turn on airplane mode

When you find yourself in a situation that the phone’s going off, and you may need this at any time, you can go to the next trick.

Just enable airplane mode to do this:

  • go to the menu;
  • to choose the appropriate option;

    Что делать, если быстро разряжается iPhone 5s

  • enabled asiaregion your smartphone for a long time will keep the battery in idle mode/

So, there are many ways to increase the time that can hold your iPhone without recharging. Which of these methods suits you, you will be able to fix it myself, having tried them in practice.

Of course, they would be useless in the event of a malfunction of the battery or any system errors, which you can eliminate by turning to professionals.

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