What to do if Opera is slow

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if Opera is slow

Today Opera is considered one of the fastest and most popular browsers. It is very comfortable, has many different advantages.

It is therefore a very large number of users are choosing it to surf the Internet, browser games and solve other issues. Despite good debugging and versatility, this app still sometimes crashes.

This application has numerous advantages – high speed Internet, extensive functionality and excellent ergonomics.

What you should do first?

When it begins to slow down Opera, you must first perform the following steps:

  • to free up space on the drive where operating system is installed;
  • to verify anti – virus- cause of problems can be any Trojan or malicious application;

    Что делать, если опера тормозит

  • to defragment – standard service or app from a third party;
  • to test the speed of your Internet connection.

The problem with the browser

If all the specified actions have been performed, but Opera insists very lag, then the reason for the slow performance is the browser itself.

In this case, you will need to do the following:

  • remove all the supplements;
  • erase unnecessary entries in start label Opera;
  • to do a full wipe of the browser;
  • to reinstall the program.

Video: Settings of Opera

Remove add-ons (extensions)

One of the most important advantages Orgasmsa the opportunity to install various add-ons and extensions. They can be used to implement a variety of tasks, some of the plugins allows to extend significantly the functionality of the browser. But these extensions have their drawbacks – they are not all created by the official developers.

Что делать, если опера тормозит

Some plugins in Opera is written by the fans. Therefore, the normal debugging they are not, because they can contain a huge number of bugs and errors. The result of the use of such additions is reduced speed. Also the slow is possible in the presence of a large number of plugins.

To remove the «extra» extensions are required:

  • start Opera;
  • click on the red «O» in the upper left part of the screen;
  • will open the context menu;
  • direct the cursor on the «extensions»->»extension Manager»;
  • select the desired action (remove/disable).

    Что делать, если опера тормозит

In most cases, the problem of the presence of glitches of a browser lies in the plugins.

Unnecessary entries in the startup command

Often a very clever virus writers implement the launch of their offspring on someone else’s PC is quite simple, but very effective method – prescribe the appropriate command into the appropriate field in the shortcut properties. The removal process is recording quite simple.

He performed in the following way:

  • click the right mouse button on the label;
  • in the menu there is an item called «properties»;
  • emit the cursor all that is after .most of echedo closing quotation marks and remove (if after the quotation marks also have some kind of record – and erase it);
  • click on «OK».

    Что делать, если опера тормозит

Tthe Governor a simple way you can get rid of different viruses, Trojans. It is necessary to periodically perform this check if the user is constantly working in the Internet. Perhaps the reason for the appearance of bugs in Aragocrete.

It happens that, for whatever reason, to make changes in the appropriate field in the shortcut properties is not obtained. In such a situation, you just need to create a new icon.

Doing this is as follows:

  • we find through the «Explorer» program folder (most likely path is: C:ProgramFilesOpera);
  • click on the icon with the right button of the mouse.
  • in the context menu hovers over the «send to»;
  • choose from the dropdown list «desktop (create shortcut)».

    Что делать, если опера тормозит

Full browser cleanup

Sometimes to understand why it slows down the browser hard enough and the above methods do not help. In this case, it is necessary to resort to full treatment. The fact that to expedite its work, the program retains quite a large amount of data on hard drive, permanent memory.

If they have accumulated a lot, then Opera can slow down your job.

To remove unnecessary information that interferes with the work, you must:

  • open menu «settings» (by clicking on the tab in the upper left corner);
  • click on «delete private data»;

    Что делать, если опера тормозит

  • click on the triangle with the caption «detailed setup» — select the desired paragraphs;
  • click on «remove».

This way you can considerably speed up the work Mozilla. Preferably in the section «detailed setup» to select all items.

An exception can be made for:

  • «remove account passwords email»;
  • «remove saved passwords».

    Что делать, если опера тормозит

Most often, the personal data shall in no way affect the performance of the considered type.


Sometimes it happens that even after execution of all actions required (cleaning, removal of viruses and other), the browser continues to run very slowly.

In this case, you must perform a new installation, first remove the Opera through the «control panel»->»add or remove programs». It is very important to do it correctly and completely. It is advisable to erase all entries from the registry manually.

To install you must use the mandatory distribution only from the official website. This will enable to avoid the installation together with the software any virus, Trojans. A file full of them.

Opera is one of the fastest Internet browsers today. If in the process of experiencing bugs, errors, this may indicate the presence of serious problems in the form of viruses and other malware. Because it’s better to find the cause of such problems.

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