What to do if Opera doesn’t open the page

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if Opera doesn’t open the pages

When working with Safari as with any program, there may be a number of problems. The most common among them – lock pages or errors when you open the browser itself. In this article we will discuss the most common reasons for their occurrence and suggest solutions.

Possible causes

Why is there such a problem? Most often, the inability to establish a connection with the page due to lack of connection to a specific server.

The reasons for this may be several:

  1. access to the site from this computer has been blocked by the antivirus.
  2. open resource is impossible due to improper browser settings;
  3. no connection to the network;
  4. Opera needs to be updated;
  5. the resource is considered unreliable, and access to it is automatically closed.

Next, we consider how to deal with each of these issues.

The browser blocks the page

The main reason that the Opera open pages can be system error. The first is to check the network connection. To make it easier – just start the application that requires an Internet connection, and make sure it works.

If the suspected problem is in the antivirus, then its solution worth a look in its settings.

Что делать, если Опера не открывает страницы

This process will differ for each specific program, but the steps will be similar:

  1. menu antivirus should find the option Web protection, which acts as a filter unwanted resources;
  2. go to the list of blocked sites;
  3. here find the right and deactivate the protection.
  4. confirm your selection by pressing «OK».

Important! Allowing access to the site manually, you need to be sure that it contains no viruses and spyware. Carefully approach this issue.

The blocking page may be viruses that got on your PC. To get rid of them – updated the current version of the antivirus and perform full system scan.

Another common reason can be some files located on the system drive.

To remove them you must:

  1. go to the drive where operating system is installed (default);
  2. find the folder «Windows» and «Prefetch»;

    Что делать, если Опера не открывает страницы

  3. here it is necessary to remove all files, the title of which the word «Opera».

Errors in the browser can also be caused by a very simple and banal reason – it is out of date. So, before drastic action is to update the «Opera» installing the latest version.

Correct configuration of the Opera

Very often the inability to contact the desired resource due to incorrect browser settings.

This may be due to:

  1. broken proxy server;
  2. by polluting the cache and cookies;
  3. blocking pages or their elements by the user inadvertently.

Let’s start the troubleshoot of proxy server settings:

  1. click on the icon Opera in the upper left corner of the screen;
  2. in the resulting menu, select «Settings»;

    Что делать, если Опера не открывает страницы

  3. in the first Browser tab, find «Network» and the option «Change proxy settings»;

    Что делать, если Опера не открывает страницы

  4. in the Connections tab make sure the correct display of your provider, if in the window settings connection spelled out something different from its name – contact support, or edit them yourself.

To configure the proxy server need to know the following information:

  1. Protocol;
  2. Internet address;
  3. the port number.

To obtain this information, you can contact your ISP. They also stated in the documents, annexed to the Treaty.

Please note! To configure proxy automatically is only recommended for advanced users. If you are not confident in their abilities – it is better to seek help with setting tech support.

Another common cause of problems – polluting the cache and Cookies. What to do in this case?

Let’s start with the removal of Cookies:

  1. called the menu browser by clicking on its icon;
  2. select «Settings» and go to the tab «Security».
  3. then find the item «Cookies» and «All files coockie and site data»;
  4. in the window that appears, click «delete all».

    Что делать, если Опера не открывает страницы

Then clear the cache:

  • go to the browser menu;
  • almost at the end of the list is an «About program»;
  • it shows the main data of your browser including the folder in which the cache files;
  • goes to this address and remove the contents of folders.

Что делать, если Опера не открывает страницы

If unknowingly the user has disabled some settings, this can also affect the operation of a search engine.

In this case can help the following method:

  • open the browser menu and go to «Settings»;
  • select the tab «Websites» and here set the checkboxes next to several items: «Enable javascript» menu javascript «to Run all content plug-ins» in the menu «Plugins» and «Show all images» in the Image menu.

Video: the browser does not open page

The problems with opening the

Often, users are faced with more serious problem – the inability of the browser itself. The solution to this problem depends on the operating system installed, so we will consider two concrete cases.

Windows 7

If Opera does not open on the computer running the Windows 7 operating system, you should go through the following process:

  1. go to the drive where operating system installed;
  2. remove the restriction to «Show hidden folders, files, drives»;

    Что делать, если Опера не открывает страницы

  3. find two folders in the following locations: C:UsersИмя пользователяAppDataRoamingOpera and C:UsersИмя пользователяAppDataLocalOpera and remove them;
  4. remove their contents;
  5. go to the folder «Windows» and «Prefetch»;

    Что делать, если Опера не открывает страницы

  6. then delete all the files that contain the name «Mozilla»;
  7. completely remove the browser and its folder in «Program files»;
  8. reboot the system and reinstall search engine.

Windows XP

If you are using Windows XP the process is slightly simpler:

  • go to the address C:Documents and SettingsИмя пользователяApplication Data and delete the folder «Mozilla»;

    Что делать, если Опера не открывает страницы

  • go to the folder «Prefetch» clean all files with the name of the browser;
  • remove the search engine, restart the system and install it again.

Hope the above methods of solving the problems with opening the pages in Opera has helped you. They are quite simple and take very little time, so even an average user can easily cope with the described processes and to restore the health of your beloved search engine.

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