What to do if not working video card

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if not working graphics card

Graphics card enables transfer of signals with the computer memory to the monitor.

The main symptoms of a faulty graphics card:

  • when turning on the computer, the computer SPEAKER emits two short and one long squeak,
  • no image on the monitor
  • artifacts on the monitor
  • computer freezes when running game


Before you start to repair need to know that You have a problem is the video card. To accurately verify this, you need to try to connect a different video card. It can also happen that the problem is in the cable going from the monitor to the system unit. In this cable, check the legs of the connector, sometimes they break. It is treated by replacement of the cable.

Repair video card can be both software and hardware. Try to start to identify the graphics card.

Hardware repair:

1. Check does the fan on the graphics card. If you are not spinning the fan, lubricate it with special oil (e.g. silicone) or replace.

2. Turn off the computer.

3. Disconnect the computer’s power cord.

4. Pull out the video card.

5. Inspect the video card for the presence of swollen capacitors, burnt elements. Finding a faulty electronic element peredayte it to substitute.

6. Clean eraser the contacts of the graphics card.

7. Flat screwdriver to scrape the contacts in the slot of the graphics card. This should be done carefullywithout damaging the fastener contacts:

If the computer freezes in games, then most likely occurs overheating of the GPU graphics card (heats the system unit). To resolve this problem, try to change the thermal paste between the processor and heatsink of the GPU. If no fan, then install the additional radiator of the graphics card.

8. Special warm with a blow dryer graphics processor graphics card, after removing the radiator.

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