What to do if not working speakers on the computer

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if not working speakers on the computer

Ordinary, not professional speakers is a pretty simple device with a small number of components.

The replacement of one of them – the problem is simple for someone who has skills in radio and electrical engineering, and doable for someone who knows how to solder and theoretically knows how removable equipment for audio output.

However, in many cases don’t even have to change the speaker or transformer. The problem may be caused not by the failure of some part, and legosteinen failure.

The types of faults

Faults are divided into software failures, hardware failure and connectivity issues. The latter include: incorrectly inserted or missing plug, plug, lack of electricity, etc.

Что делать, если не работают колонки на компьютере


The reason is that a serviceable sound card not correctly handle or incorrectly transferring data. This may be due to lack of drivers or incorrect operation. You need to go to the official website of the manufacturer of your soundcard and download the latest version. If, on the contrary, the device ceased to function after the upgrade, you should install the previous version driver, which is also available on the official website.


The problem lies in the failure of one or more elements of the device. It may be a speaker, transformer, switch, etc to find the fault, you need to diagnose. To do this, first eliminate the most lekarstvennye failures, and then check all the elements using a multimeter.

Что делать, если не работают колонки на компьютере

The reasons for failure

The reason it is important to know in order to make a decision about expediency of repair, and in the future to prevent the occurrence of similar problems.

The most common causes are:

  • natural deterioration of structural elements. Defective components should be replaced. If you have all the right parts, equipment life can be prolonged indefinitely. Wears the last body, but it can be replaced;
  • the voltage drops in the network. To protect devices you need to connect them through the individual power supply of the computer. Another option – when you purchase a select devices with high-quality fuse. This element is easiest to replace if the device will suffer from the voltage drop;
  • cable damage – devices do not receive power from the network and therefore do not work. Is it possible to replace the wire? Yes. How easy it would be to do depends on the design of the columns;
  • malfunction or incorrect operation of the computer sound card. If the card is faulty, it will have to change. If it functions properly – you need to update the drivers or roll back;

    Что делать, если не работают колонки на компьютере

  • violation of the rules of operation. Speakers do not like high humidity and fluctuating temperatures. Of course, quality equipment has a stock of strength, however long it will last only if manufacturer’s recommendations are complied with;
  • poor quality or factory defect. Cheap small ad build is not worth buying. However, expensive and may in fact prove to be «garage production». Conclusion: you need to buy products of reputable brands and to do this in stores a long time working in the market. In this case, marriage is rare, if this happens, they without problems will quickly replace or repair in warranty.

Popular malfunction

There are a few of the most common types of faults (e.g., back out). Some of them can be addressed independently. To do this, first and foremost, to understand what happened. Visually to find damage is not always possible, so you should pay attention to the symptoms characteristic of each type of failure.

Damage to the wire near the plug

If the cord is frequently in a cocked state, the conductive core may be damaged. The device will be disconnected and will not work. The weak points near the plug and near the hull, near the rigid elements.

Что делать, если не работают колонки на компьютере

Need to inspect the wire several times to try to change his position. If the sound appears and disappears, it means that the faulty component is detected. Sometimes it is enough to stretch the cord, but probably will have to change it for a new one.

The failure of the speaker

A relatively rare problem, however, dismissed the possibility of this breakage is not worth it.

To believe the efficiency of this part of the structure, you need to «ping» it with a multimeter. On the housing dynamics of the specified nominal resistance. If the measurement result differs from the nominal value, the cause of inactivity is the speaker. It needs to be replaced.

The gap in the windings of the transformer

Corrupted can be both primary and secondary windings. In any case, you should check whether the actual resistance value, which is specified by the manufacturer.

If the transformer is faulty, it must be replaced with a new one. This part is difficult to repair, use b/u is not worth it, no matter what good condition he was.

The failure of the mute switch

Pretty common failure. Sometimes it can be detected without disassembling the equipment. If the switch changes its position too easily, without the slightest resistance, then most likely, the reason for it.

If no obvious injuries, you need to make sure that food normally goes through the switch on the network.

Video: Repair computer speakers

Recommendations on repair

General rule: start with simple actions. To open the case, test the circuit with a multimeter and look for a failed item makes sense after completely ruled out external causes.

Fixture can be normal and there is no sound, for example, that the plug fell out of the nest;

  1. if it was working fine and suddenly the sound was gone, check all connections: plugs, plug. If you have a connection with a network-connected laptop, make sure there is electricity. The laptop is running on battery power and you may not immediately notice that there is no light;
  2. properly if the indicator light is illuminated indicating that they are included, and there is no sound, check the volume control. Perhaps he is on the minimum, and therefore you do not hear the quiet audio;

    Что делать, если не работают колонки на компьютере

  3. if one speaker sounds, and the other is not, check the audio settings on the computer. The balance slider should not be heavily biased in any direction, its normal position in the middle of the scale;
  4. check if connected to the computer with headphones and preferably a microphone. If both devices are functioning normally, the problem really lies in the speaker system;

    Что делать, если не работают колонки на компьютере

  5. connect the device to the phone or to player. If you work, it means that the problem is not in them, and the sound card in your computer or in the software;
  6. if there is noise, then make sure that the connector is plugged in the correct socket. You also need to check off whether the settings;
  7. the noise may be the result of damage to the speaker. You need to check its integrity, after the excluded causes described in the preceding paragraph;

    Что делать, если не работают колонки на компьютере

  8. without multimeter you can check the speaker, but if the issue is not in him, moving on will be difficult without this measuring tool;
  9. to check the dynamics connect his contacts with ordinary battery 1.5 V, plus to plus, minus to minus. If the speaker is OK, you will hear a sound and notice a small shift of the diaphragm;

    Что делать, если не работают колонки на компьютере

  10. when it became certain that the problem lies in the hardware of the speakers, you need to «ping» the circuit with a multimeter to find the failed element;
  11. leads in the repair need to connect only to soldering. You can’t just twist them or use terminals;

    Что делать, если не работают колонки на компьютере

  12. all splices need to be isolated, you can use electrical tape.

How to check whether the speakers on the computer

Correctly working device is withdrawn clear sound with clearly distinguishable tones and minimal distortion. Should be no noise, crackling, metal «impurities», including at minimum and at maximum volume. To check the quality of the sound need to listen through them and music, and speech, and then to draw conclusions.

The audio system must correctly respond to changes in settings. You need to check not only the software volume control, but all the other options.

Что делать, если не работают колонки на компьютере

So, to repair the equipment easy. The most that will need to do is find the part and install it instead of the failed element. Cheap «zvukovykh» low quality weak link is usually the transformer. Any can buy almost in any shop of radio components.

In expensive professional loudspeakers, equipped with systems of sound processing, to deal more difficult. Before starting the repair, you need to find the diagram of this or similar devices. The malfunction of such equipment may be connected with the dynamics of wear or failure of the capacitor.

Please note, not cheap quality speakers from reputable manufacturers usually have a fairly long warranty. If her period has not expired, you need to contact the warranty center. There will it work or will replace the device for a new one.

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