What to do if not turn on a Android smartphone

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if not turn on the Android smartphone

When your phone is switched on, the use of it, you know, no. But for some reason it refuses to work? Let’s consider the most frequent cases and solutions, how to be and what to do if the smartphone is not included.

The same situation can be very different roots. In some cases, you will get spent a few minutes, others can not do without contact. But in any case it is better to be prepared and know in advance all possible.

Possible causes and solutions

Try to consider some cases. Sometimes the problem can be remedied, just looking at her carefully. But if you still have to go to the Studio, you will know what to prepare for.

Battery is dead or faulty

One of the first reasons why not included a smartphone – the battery. Modern phones (especially powerful flagships) don’t have much time to spend whole charge; some of them with the active work sit for a few hours. But if you accidentally left enabled resource-intensive game or a utility flashlight, it is generally a nightmare! You can and do not expect that the battery will run down completely so quickly.

The first thing to try is charge the phone. If he is charged and turned on (not immediately, after a few minutes), problem solved.

Что делать, если не включается смартфон на Андроид

If not, but the battery in it replaceable – do not be lazy to go to the store and try the same thing with another battery. If the problem thus solved, then you don’t have to look far for a replacement.

Worst of all, if the case is sealed. Then hike to a service center or a workshop you can not avoid.


Frankly, one of the most simple cases. If your cell phone razladilis completely, can’t connect again – maybe he’s just not charging?

Что делать, если не включается смартфон на Андроид

Just check it with another charger. If charging starts, then obviously it is in charging. Can also check the charging problem in parts – separately adapter and a separate USB cable to replace the component that is inoperative.

The Power Button

The power button is probably the most frequently used in the phone. And for the same reason – the most vulnerable. It may suffer if your «patient» is dropped on button, or the appropriate Board, or just from heavy use.

Что делать, если не включается смартфон на Андроид

Well, if your phone has an alternative unlock methods (for example, tap on the display or pressing the Home button), but, alas, to turn off the device, they are not suitable.

Check that button, turn only in a repair shop.

However, there are ways that can help you at home:

  • connect the charger to the socket and outlet. If the display notification «Charging», try to press the button to adjust the sound. Sometimes it is called the boot menu;
  • to connect your smartphone to your computer via USB. Sometimes it’s force activates it;

    Что делать, если не включается смартфон на Андроид

  • if you managed to activate the debugging mode via USB (most often this is done to obtain root), you can install on your computer ADB, connect your patient to the computer, launch the address bar, type «adb reboot» and press Enter.

However, all these methods only straw for a drowning man. High probability that will not help any of them. Then your way straight into the workshop.

Not working socket

This reason is more anecdotal, but it also has a place. So, if your mobile gadget is dead and wouldn’t turn on even when connected to a wall outlet, try plugging it into another outlet that you know works properly. Perhaps, in fact, you need not carry your mobile in a shop and to call home electrician.

See: Samsung Galaxy not included

Problems with the charging connector

In the era of Micro USB, of course, to bring the connector to complete deterioration of the problematic. However it happens, especially if you use cables from other manufacturers.

For example, manufacturers of advanced cases often complement their gadgets cable with an elongated plug, which can charge the device without removing the cover. But attempts to fully insert this plug directly into the connector can end badly.

Что делать, если не включается смартфон на Андроид

In this case it is necessary to try, whether the gadget is charging from other chargers (and Yes, from the other outlets!) If so, we can assume that you got off easy. If not, you will have to change the connector in the Studio. Fortunately, replacing the connector is not the most difficult task.

The program crashes

On the forums of experts Android common terms like «brick» or «ballup». Nothing good, they do not mean: «brick» – this is an Android device that refuses to boot after flashing, and «ballup» — cyclic restart.

Что делать, если не включается смартфон на Андроид

Why this occurs?

  • to interrupt the process of firmware. For example, by the negligence of the child, the cat or you pulled the cable out of the slot. Or do you have any electricity; it is therefore better for flashing use laptops with the battery fully charged.
  • you tried to set your phone firmware from another model. Sometimes the same model for different regions in different versions, which affects the software.
  • you did not follow instructions, which must be attached to each update.

Что делать, если не включается смартфон на Андроид

What to do? For each model recovery procedure has its own. Since you took to flash the Android themselves, so have a basic understanding of the basics.

As a rule, for the recovery of devices in the «Bullupe» you need to either clear all data or to fill the memory card the correct version of the firmware and install it via Recovery menu. How to enter in this menu is dependent on the specific model of your «patient».

«Bricks» are usually recovered through the computer. For models that are based on different chipsets, there are separate utilities for recovery. Unfortunately, this is too broad topic to cover in one article.

Update error

OS update today has become simple as ever. In most cases, it comes «on the air»: you don’t need to download firmware image to your computer connect cord. The image is downloaded directly to the device memory and installed it.

Что делать, если не включается смартфон на Андроид

But sometimes mistakes in the process. For example, if not enough memory to decompress the files. Or if the battery runs out in the middle of the update installation.

As a rule, the mechanism of OTA update, there are protective measures and recovery methods. But if they don’t work, you will have to install the firmware the old way through the computer. How? – search for details for your specific model. Or again refer to the experts.

Mechanical problems

Modern smartphones is very fragile technique. Even with protection, is pretty good against scratches and friction, it is possible to hit so that it hurt. What to say about fragile budget buildings and displays without protective glass!

Что делать, если не включается смартфон на Андроид

Usually, if the device does not switch on due to the fall, the cause of the problem visible to the naked eye. Display-it could survive, but the lid could fly, the case may have cracks and dents. This is enough to hurt electronics.

Options are possible

  • broken connection between the battery and the motherboard. Then the smartphone off immediately;
  • broken connection between the battery and power controller. In this case, the device «dies» after the discharge of the battery and will not respond to attempt to charge it;
  • suffered battery. There are various manifestations of the problem;
  • affected system Board. Perhaps the saddest of situations. The problem may manifest itself at once, and some time after the fall.

In any case, if your smartphone has started to act up a little after the fall – bring it in for repair.

What to do if smartphone fell in water and is not included

It’s hard to imagine your phone fell in water and got wet without your knowledge. So, you managed to proplavit with him across the lake, not noticing the pocket of swimming trunks-shorts. Or dropped in a deep puddle so deep that I found it immediately. In General, Sviridenko the device does not turn on, nor which buttons to push.

Что делать, если не включается смартфон на Андроид

There are General guidelines for dealing with «drowned»:

  • the first thing, not waiting until it turns off, turn it off yourself. If the housing is disassembled, remove the battery and leave open, if not at least remove the case;

    Что делать, если не включается смартфон на Андроид

  • remove and remove all that is possible – SIM card, a flash drive, all covers and plugs;
  • blow it up with a blast of air from a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer (not hot!);
  • leave for 48 hours, and preferably longer, in a disassembled state;
  • it would be good to immerse «drowned» in a dry rice: it absorbs moisture.

    Что делать, если не включается смартфон на Андроид

Maybe this procedure and will not save. But at least you will know the cause of the problem when you go to a repair shop. Tell everything as is.

It is not necessary to hope that the occasion will regarded as a guarantee to hide his embarrassment or to be shy of any trouble that happened to you. This will not increase the cost of repair and the experts will be able to quickly locate the affected components.

Of course, the faulty phone to be repaired immediately, without trying to fix it yourself. But sometimes the cause of problems is ridiculously simple, and you just need to understand it to fix it.

Some other cases require on your part certain actions (especially software failures), but there was a problem, you can avoid costs and loss of time. Hope this helped you in coping with malfunctions.

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