What to do, if not detected USB flash drive

By | 10.12.2018

What to do, if not detected USB flash drive

USB flash drives now enjoys almost every. This is a simple and reliable method of transferring and storing information. But the failure of these devices has become a common problem for many users. Below are all possible causes of errors and ways of their elimination.

First will be described in more simple and effective ways to solve the problem, because the need to implement the recommendations in order. But do not forget that some problems, such as severe physical damage, repair will not work.

The reasons why the system does not recognize the device

For USB device it built-in a special controller. When a particular failure it can block that will not allow the computer to recognize the flash drive.

The reason for failure may be a jump in the power, removing USB drive, improper formatting, etc. Violations of this type to fix, but when mechanical or thermal damage to restore the flash drive it is impossible.

Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

To understand that the flash drive is not detected by the computer, according to the following factors:

  • USB device is connected, but the computer says «insert disk»;
  • POPs up a message «Device connected is not defined»;
  • prompts you to format the flash drive;
  • you receive an error message read data;
  • the indicator on the drive illuminates, and the computer it is not displayed, etc.

Also, the failure can be:

  • non-working USB ports on the computer;
  • outdated driver;
  • viruses on the device.
  • crashes settings in the BIOS;
  • different file system on the USB device and the computer;
  • the assignment of drive letters connected to the hard disk etc.

Test driver

The first thing to check whether driver is installed on the computer.

To do this, go to «disk Management»:

  • control panel;
  • administration;
  • computer management;

    Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

  • disk management.

    Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

Now try to poke and insert the USB device and see whether there will be it in this window. If the flash drive is displayed and indicated as «OK», click the right mouse button and select «mark partition as active».

If there is a fault in the status field will display the label «Not allocated, Not initialized» or «Unknown,» that means the device is damaged.

The system may assign the wrong drive letter that will not allow her to recognize. Just right click the device and select «Change drive letter» and assign a different value:

Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

The driver drives you need to check in device Manager:

  • start;
  • control panel;
  • device Manager.

If the driver for the flash drive is not installed near one or more USB devices will light up yellow question marks.

Hardware computer errors

When the PC is not detected a new USB flash drive, insert it into different USB ports. During normal operation, all the connectors except one, the cause of the problem the problem in this port.

The same problem may occur when you connect the stick not directly but through a USB hub or extension cable. Try plugging the device directly into a USB port. If it worked, the reason is the adapter.

Sometimes that is connected to the computer via the USB many devices, then the ports may not be enough power to the flash drive. In turn disconnect from the ports of the other devices, leaving only mouse and keyboard. Now if USB drive work, then the problem of lack of supply.

Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

In this case, it is better to put a more powerful power supply or USB hub with a separate power source. But if the size of the flash devices is very large, the old model laptops just will not pull its power. In this embodiment, to solve the problem almost impossible.

Another problem is the heating of the connected USB device. The problem may be in the circuit on the Board.

You can check this on another computer – if it continues to heat up, so your USB drive is faulty. But if in other places it is OK, then whiling away the can port of the computer.

If the flash drive and the USB port is working properly, then the device indicator lights. Then the reason for failure is the system, not the hardware.

Video: Restoring a USB flash drive that is not recognized by the computer

Virus scan

Then why the flash card is seen by the computer, but not read? One of the reasons can be a virus that infects the boot file on the USB drive. Because of this device, or generally not loaded, or immediately blocked by the antivirus. And if appears, it gives a warning «access denied» when you try to open.

The first step is to destroy the infected download file «autorun.inf». To do this, enter in Explorer address flash drive (e.g. G:/):

Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка


  • «Service»;
  • «Folder properties»;
  • «View»;
  • «Hidden files and folders»;
  • «Show hidden files and folders».

Now the download will be displayed. You need to remove it and scan your antivirus the data from all device.

If in Windows Explorer the flash drive did not open, use the command line:

  1. start;
  2. to perform;

    Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

  3. the command «cd F:/» (or its drive letter);
  4. the command «attrib-a-s-h-r autorun.inf»;
  5. «Enter»;
  6. the command «del autorun.inf»;
  7. Enter.

Disabling the antivirus is not recommended, as the virus from your USB drive can infect your computer.

USB configuration in the BIOS

The flash drive may not be recognized because of the shutdown in the BIOS for the USB ports. It happens very rarely, but it is better in any case to check the settings. Note that in a disconnected USB port no device is recognized, so if others are working fine, then skip this paragraph.

To go to BIOS, restart your computer and during power-up press Del or F2. Different PCs may have different keys, because look what will be written on the screen (about «Press F2 to enter Setup»). If a blue table settings, all right – You went into the BIOS.

We must now find a menu item, which regulated enable USB. Its name may vary, but most often it is the Advanced tab (Peripherals, Integrated Peripherals):

Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

In this search for para USB Configuration/Controller, etc. menu Options the BIOS very much, because to specify the exact point is difficult. But the word USB should be present. Now make sure that USB support «Enabled», if not, then switch them:

Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

Some BIOS versions do not only adjust the power on the controller, and indicate the mode of its operation – V1.1 or V1.1+V2.0 (already 3.0). Choose the option that supports all directions (V1.1+V2.0). Save the settings and exit the BIOS (often F10).

Usb drive is not detected by the system, due to errors

After formatting, which might not entirely successful, the operating system may not see the drive due to errors. This can be checked in «disk Management», the entrance to which was described above. If the flash drive is the inscription «Healthy» but in Explorer it still is not visible, the cause may be a format error.

Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

It could be fixed with the new formatting. Press the right mouse button on device and choose «Format». Now the flash drive needs to appear to work without errors.

Different file system flash card and computer

To restore the usb flash is not detected in PC we need to change the file system, which may be a conflict in the computer. The file system NTFS often, and the flash device is FAT32. In the «disk Management» can see the types of file systems different media PC.

Solves the problem correctly formatting. To do this:

  • open «My computer»;
  • select the flash drive;
  • click the right mouse button on the label;
  • «Format»:

    Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

In the opened window check the compliance of such capacity and the settings stick. Specify the file system as NTFS and check the box next to «Fast (clearing the table of contents)». Now press «Start»:

Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

Confirm your action:

Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

After the process is complete the system will notify:

Necessary OS updates to work

When Windows XP may not recognize the flash drive due to old updates that are needed for its operation. However, some drives can work in USB-ports of PCs and others are not.

The major updates required for normal operation of USB devices:

  • KB925196 – incorrect detection;
  • KB817900 – stop port after the device was removed and re-downloaded;
  • KB968132 – error during connect to multiple flash media;
  • KB88740 – error Rundll32.exe;
  • KB895962 – stop the USB device after turning off the printer;
  • KB871233 – flash card not work after resuming PC from sleep or hibernate;
  • KB314634 – supports only old USB-devices;
  • KB312370 (2007) – support for USB 2.0.

Recovery methods

When problems are found, you can use the special recovery programs:

Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

  • ChipGenius – identifies the manufacturer and other information about the device.
  • AlcorMP – pereproshivaet controllers usb flash most manufacturers;
  • JetFlash Recovery Tool – pereproshivaet flash drives from Transcend.

If the computer says «Insert disk» when I boot, the problem may be outdated drivers that should be removed.

Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

To do this:

        • when the computer is off unplug all USB devices (except mouse and keyboard);
        • turn your PC on;
        • download «DriveCleanup»;
        • depending on the version of the OS, copy the 32-bit or 64-bit «drivecleunup.exe» in the folder C:WindowsSystem32;
        • go to command prompt and type «drivecleunup.exe»;
        • drivers will start to be deleted:

After that, restart your computer. Insert the flash drive and the system will find a new driver.

Что делать, если не определяется USB флешка

The flash drive could not be determined for many reasons, the main of which are the fault of the device or USB port, and system errors, most of which is eliminated by using the correct formatting and installing drivers. Some programs also can help to recover usb flash, and thus in order to perform the items of the user.

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