What to do if my computer much lag

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if my computer much lag

If the PC is slow, it gives you maximum inconvenience, as it appears at the most inopportune moment. This happens due to the fact that not regularly performed preventive maintenance of machine operation, both inside and outside.

The main recommendations will be regular cleaning of the components of the equipment from dust and remove viruses, and more details will be written below.

The cause of the lag

The fact that the computer is slower, can contribute to a number of reasons:

  • unprofessional installation of the operating system. It is carried out without taking into account the individual characteristics of your PC memory, resolution, bit depth, etc. This problem occurs usually with the «machinery» of the old models, in the screenshot you can see the rating;

    Что делать, если компьютер сильно лагает

  • fever your. In order to test it you should install a free program called Everest or Ashampoo WinOptimazer. If the temperature of the CPU and GPU around 40 degrees, it’s normal and she’s not the problem;

    Что делать, если компьютер сильно лагает

  • to contribute to “lahania” your PC can raw system cache. Remove not needed software not to destroy it, and only move (or zoom out) to another, inaccessible to our gaze the place. Will help you in the destruction of the virtual debris program CCleaner or the same Ashampoo WinOptimazer.

To get rid of it in the following way:

  • in the start go to line «to execute»;
  • enter «msconfig»;
  • in the appearing page select the submenu «startup»;
  • uncheck all unnecessary processes (except ctfmon). Then click OK and reboot;
  • the reason for the inhibition may also be storing information on a system disk C. disk Utilization has a negative impact on his health and performance;
  • viruses. The most common reason that occurs due to the lack of anti-virus, or due to its passivity;
  • in the case where you use the stationary PC, you need to clean the dust inside the system unit.

Programs for computer optimization

For optimization, if to speak simple words it is the assistants that remove stale garbage on the computer.

CCleaner or Autologistic Bootspeed:

  • easy to use;
  • frees up space on the hard disk;
  • cleans the registry;
  • fix existing system errors;
  • removes unused files.

There are only 4 sections:

  1. Cleaning;
  2. The registry;
  3. Service;
  4. Settings.

    Что делать, если компьютер сильно лагает

Why its use is simple. Users novice level, you should use the option «purge». You can ask the cleaning automatically by setting the time and date settings. If you are able to understand which file you can delete, and what not, then select the «registry».

Wise Care 365 information:

  • looking for the hidden components of programs;
  • simple optimization;
  • cleans the registry;
  • disk defragmentation.

    Что делать, если компьютер сильно лагает

Why Weiss Kea 365 and its benefits:

  • Weiss Kea 365 allows you to manage PC shutdown in the required time for you;
  • will help if you wish to hide a specific file or folder.
  • if you accidentally delete a desired material, with the help of this program you can recover;
  • large selection of languages for the interface, including the choice of Russian.

Glary Utilities

In the interface there are only 3 sections:

  1. a brief overview;
  2. one click;
  3. modules.

Что делать, если компьютер сильно лагает

In the first section are useful tasks «startup Manager» and «Deep cleaning». The second section includes a «registry cleaning» and «remove spyware».

Thus, you can:

  • to speed up your system;
  • wipe out unnecessary material;
  • manage startup;
  • to block pests;
  • to clean the wheels;
  • to restore the system.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

As in the previous program, An frees space, fixes errors, however still it provides great performance and preserves your privacy. Most importantly, this software takes up little space, includes several useful modules and runs fast.

Video: hangs PC

What to do if computer much lag

In this case, it is necessary to conduct a number of events to be sure to eliminate the cause of the lag. And the reasons can be:

  • untreated using different cleaners to optimize your computer disk, and raw manually. If you want to remove the stagnant unnecessary audio and video files;
  • automatic download unnecessary files when you enable that you want to disable;
  • rarely performed defragmentation to be executed at least once per month;
  • unidentified or not updated antivirus software;
  • congestion drives, to resolve this problem, you can use SD/DVDs or portable hard drives.
  • dusty «inside» of your iron, it could be fixed with a vacuum cleaner;
  • rare reinstallation of the system renders the «inhibitory» effect on the PC.

We now know what to do when very much lag the computer, remember to ensure that your machine works faster, it is necessary to eliminate the above-described reasons, sometimes it is enough just to reinstall the system or defragment the drive.

Cleaning from dust

Rare cleaning of equipment leads to overheating of its components, causing the machine begins to «blunt». To prevent this you must at least once a year to look inside your PC.

How to clean:

  1. unplug the power cord;
  2. then remove the protective cover;
  3. it is desirable to remove all charge;
  4. clean with a vacuum cleaner at low power and it is advisable not to suck in dust and blow it, try not to touch the cleaner to the parts, nothing to hurt;
  5. you can also use a small brush and a rag to clean the dust in hard to reach places.

    Что делать, если компьютер сильно лагает

You should monitor the CPU temperature, it can be done using special tools mentioned above. After cleaning, note the temperature, if it has not changed, replace the thermal grease between processor and cooler.

Virus removal

Very often the viruses affect the reduction efficiency. And their destruction is an important step on the path to productive work. To remove viruses you must use special utilities antivirus. Ideal for this purpose is the program Dr.Web Cureit.

Many recommend to use paid FOR when the money does not always mean good, if you decide to buy the program should read the reviews.

There is a free, time-tested, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Comodo Internet Security, they deprive you risk to remain dissatisfied.

After selecting FOR you only:

  • to install it;
  • remove virus;
  • regularly update the antivirus.


For optimum performance, the PC necessary a sufficient amount of RAM. At its lack of aktiviziruyutsya the paging file where data is sent, not currently in use, which leads to «braking». In order to get your computer began to work faster, you should increase the RAM.

The swap file should remain in any case, to be able to record minidumps memory.

The problem can be solved in the following way:

  • to install an SSD drive;
  • use a flash drive as a cache, in which the system will place frequently accessed data (it should be set in the slot to the rear of the system unit, because you get straight to the motherboard, as this eliminates extra clutter). This technology is called Readyboost.

Freeing space on your HDD

Free space on the hard required in order to enable the system to boot. Should have at least 5 gigabytes.

Что делать, если компьютер сильно лагает

While you are working with HDD, there is a fragmentation of the file and an involuntary «throwing» it from different angles, search of parts complicates the work PC. Defragmentation of the file, finds all the pieces and stores in one place.

Defragmenting should:

  1. close all applications;
  2. go to «My computer»;
  3. click the right mouse button;
  4. open «Properties»;
  5. go to the tab «Tools»;
  6. click «defragment».

After the requirement will «Optimize drives», then you need to:

  • click «Analyze»;
  • after analyzing click Defragment/Optimize;
  • defragment can also use special utilities.

Video: cleaning the computer

The registry cleaning

The registry is a kind of «rack» in which each shelf is: its weight, location, and purpose of the action. As a rule, even after deleting unnecessary files to information in the registry remains. Stand there and get all kinds of errors, file extensions, old version, even the old information on the activities of viruses.

The registry cleaning is possible using special tools to perform exactly this function will suit you:

  1. CCleaner
  2. jw PowerTool
  3. AusLogics BoostSpeed

Data program with the Russian interface and easy to use.

Regularly check and monitor your hardware, namely, not to let trash accumulates in the details, and the system itself. Periodically reinstall the system.

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