What to do if mouse freezes on computer

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if mouse freezes on computer

Problems with the hang of the manipulator can be of different types. To resolve this problem, it is necessary to accurately identify its cause. To do it is sometimes very difficult. It is therefore possible to consider all the nuances. This is especially true of laptops – compact portable computers, problems of this type occur most often.

Causes lockups

All the reasons for the unresponsiveness of the manipulator on the computer can be divided into two main types:

  • hardware;
  • software.

Software faults are most often associated with drivers and also some bugs within the system, conflict between installed equipment. With the hardware errors is usually much more complicated, their number is also significantly more.

Что делать, если зависает мышка на компьютере

To hardware reasons for the unresponsiveness of the personal computer include:

  • corruption of the USB cable;
  • no power to the connection port;
  • the fault is within the mouse;

    Что делать, если зависает мышка на компьютере

  • the problem with the USB port poor contact.

The list of faults is somewhat shorter:

  • installed wrong driver (old version);
  • there was a conflict between different devices;
  • set incorrectly the mouse.

Video: setting mouse — the beginning

Hardware error: how to resolve

Mouse freezes on computer – what to do? You first need to check whether it. If the mouse has mechanical damage, it is likely that the Board inside has a faulty contact in the result of a severe blow. In the absence of special soldering stations, as well as skills to resolve the problem of this type is unlikely to succeed.

It often happens that the cause is failure of the cable connecting the mouse USB port/PS2. In this case, it is easiest to buy a new manipulator, as the repair of such damage will cost about as much as purchasing a new device.

Что делать, если зависает мышка на компьютере

It often happens that the computer itself (this is especially often the case with the laptop) shuts off power to the USB root hub. This causes the mouse inoperable.

To test this, you should do the following:

  • through the «start» button, open the control panel;
  • click on the shortcut called «system», see the «hardware tab» and clicks on it;
  • click on «device Manager»;
  • find the item called «universal Controller bus USB»;

    Что делать, если зависает мышка на компьютере

  • opening it, double-click the item called «USB hub»;
  • click on «power Management»;
  • find the check box «Allow disable device to save».

    Что делать, если зависает мышка на компьютере

If there is a tick, you should remove it. Maybe the PC just turns off the mouse to conserve electrical energy. In addition, it is extremely important to examine directly the USB connector. It often happens, when not very high quality boards it is poorly soldered. And if treated just break the legs of the contacts.

Software error: how to resolve

Problems with the hardware are far less common. In most cases, blame the software. Most modern USB mice usually are determined by the operating system of Windows and installed. But it is not always good, because some gadgets have their own specifics. And the standard generic driver is not suitable.

When you hang the paddle you should use the software that is provided by the manufacturer in the kit with the mouse. Or download the official driver from a reputable resource. In many cases, it helps to solve problems of this type.

Что делать, если зависает мышка на компьютере

If after installing new drivers the hangs did not disappear, then you should check «device Manager». In the presence of icons, next to which there is a question mark/exclamation point, it is necessary to carry out the reinstallation.

The adjustment and calibration of the mouse is as follows:

  • go to «control Panel»;

    Что делать, если зависает мышка на компьютере

  • click twice on the Mouse;

    Что делать, если зависает мышка на компьютере

  • carefully study all of the tabs.

Might be too low a speed. Check this option in the «pointer Options».

Of problems which can cause the impossibility of normal operation of the manipulator, a very large number. Should be mandatory to check them all – the only way to get rid of the freezes. The first thing to pay attention to the drivers.

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