What to do if iPhone 4 constantly reboots

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if iPhone 4 constantly reboots

Some iPhone 4 owners have had to face a situation where it constantly restarts – both in idle mode and in active mode. Its probability is present regardless of, speciality You have a smartphone or not.

It is not connected with imperfection of the fourth model as such, the same happens with the later representatives of this line of smartphones.

The causes and methods of solving problems

The reasons for this are varied. Frequent rebooting can be a symptom of serious problems in the operation of the apparatus, and may be easily correctable by yourself. Therefore, in the case when the iPhone 4 reboots regularly (or even say, constantly), it is necessary to understand what is happening.

Что делАть, если iPhone 4 постоянно перезагружается

Possible problems with softwareand hardware. Most often a sudden cessation of work, followed by reduction happens due to the following factors:

  • problems with the firmware;
  • the problem with the battery;
  • violation of Board phone;
  • CPU failure;
  • critical failures and errors;
  • mechanical damage and moisture.

Problems with IOS

Firmware – installation or reinstallation of the OS. There are two types:

  • official firmware-add – ons- downloaded (if you add) automatically by the manufacturer, standardized;
  • custom firmware are not the official providers of services can be tailored to the device.

If there is a need to update the firmware, it can be done in two ways:

  • first – update. In this case, the settings (and other data) from the previous firmware is stored;
  • the second ReSTOR (restore). With this method personal data is deleted, the settings are set by default.

Что делАть, если iPhone 4 постоянно перезагружается

The danger of holding the firmware is improved in the case of unlicensed mobile. When installed on iPhone 4 unlicensed licensed operating system significantly increases the risk of incorrect operation programs. This is a common cause of the problem.

However, custom firmware, although there are useful, but problems arise with them. Newbie in case of using a counterfeit iPhone it is recommended to turn to professionals or more experienced users.

It should be remembered that Apple supports a limited number of firmware and the user does not have complete freedom of choice. Therefore, the problems like frequent rebooting of the device may result in use of outdated operating systems no longer supported by the issuing company.

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The problem with the battery

The reason the article considered the problem may be banal: the problem with the battery. Common violation – improper connection of the battery to the power supply.

The main consequence is the inability of the battery to hold a charge for a long time.

Что делАть, если iPhone 4 постоянно перезагружается

Also in this case, the battery indicator starts to produce inadequate information. If the indicator for a long time shows the average value, or, conversely, the quickly changing parameters from low to high and Vice versa, this indicates the problem is with the battery failure.

The most frequent cause of faulty batteries is not charging correctly. This, at first glance, a typical session requires a reasonable approach, as the use of the device as a whole. Often iPhone and iPad devices charge the same devices, as it allows the same connector. But the current level is different.

Что делАть, если iPhone 4 постоянно перезагружается

Charging from the mains with uneven power delivery another common cause. It may be flat, and cars, and charging in bad weather. In such cases, it is sufficient to follow the rules of charging. Serious repair is required only in the event of a problem with the motherboard, although battery replacement may not be required.

Violation in the circuit Board of the phone

The motherboard is the basis of the iPhone 4. Its components:

  • processor;
  • RAM;
  • drives;
  • connectors.

Frequent rebooting of the device – one of the signs of violation in the circuit Board of the phone.

Что делАть, если iPhone 4 постоянно перезагружается

Differ in damage to the Board and damage to individual elements. For example, the already mentioned violations in the diet can be caused by damage to the power controller, which is also on the Board.

This problem is solved by replacing the power controller. In the case of damage to the Board is necessary to replace it completely. Both require special maintenance.

Processor fault

Unstable operation can be caused by a malfunction of the processor. The processor in the iPhone4, as in other products of Apple, the original. Microprocessor Apple A4 used in iPad and iPodtouch 4G.

Therefore, in case of problems with the processor you have to apply to certified service centers.

Что делАть, если iPhone 4 постоянно перезагружается

The most common cause malfunction of the CPU becomes overheated.

Its cause is one (or a combination) of factors:

  • a large number of running applications, the power consumption of the processor;
  • excessive brightness of the display;
  • high ambient temperature;
  • using a different case or (in combination with other factors) the case, preventing heat transfer;
  • (in combination with other factors) charging device.

Also failures in the CPU can be the consequence of disturbances in the motherboard of the phone.

Critical crashes and bugs VIA

The issue of critical failures and errors in them similar to the operating system.

The main causes of failures:

  • the lack of capacity of the device to perform tasks;
  • incompatibility between a device and another SOFTWARE;

    Что делАть, если iPhone 4 постоянно перезагружается

  • the errors in the software.

Mechanical damage and moisture

Mechanical damage, the ingress of moisture into the smartphone – the most simple and common cause problems, including those associated with constant rebooting.

Frequent pattern – smartphone with broken glass display. The reason – careless handling and shock when dropped from a height.

Что делАть, если iPhone 4 постоянно перезагружается

Sometimes you can drop the smartphone, and he will not suffer. But the consequences of this can manifest later. The result of screen damage can be the failure of the front-facing camera, and a fall without visible results can damage the motherboard and other components.

In such cases, the consequences will be similar to that described above.

The most dangerous situation is irregularities in the Board or its complete failure.

Moisture is one of the main dangers. Its getting inside the phone means damage to fix that without a visit to the service center is not possible. The strangeness of the phone can be a symptom of damage to the Board (power elements).

Что делАть, если iPhone 4 постоянно перезагружается

Visible signs of moisture can be spots on a light scattering substrate. This occurs if the liquid gets on the LCD matrix. Combined with the involuntary reboot the phone, it indicates a deep penetration of moisture inside of the device.

The strength of each user is the solution and prevention of the following methods:

  1. respect to the apparatus;
  2. use original chargers and accessories;
  3. the use of the software suitable for a particular device;
  4. removal of unnecessary programs, creating an additional load on the CPU.

When these methods are not enough, you must appeal to certified service centers.

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