What to do if I see blue screen on laptop

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if I see blue screen on laptop

Most laptop users are faced with a situation where the computer gives the blue screen of death or BSOD. First you need to know: blue screen of death is nothing more than a message about a fatal error.

In other words, when appears when you turn on the laptop blue screen with inscriptions, it is the first reason that should make to find the problem. Sometimes, the error information appears once and then the laptop is working fine, but it is rare.

In most cases, to restore normal operation of the computer will need to delve into the cause of the problem and then to fix them.

Что делать, если появился синий экран на ноутбуке


Blue screen in laptop error message appears if an incorrect code is running in kernel mode.

Consider what reasons can cause the problem and result in a BSOD:

  • hardware faults;
  • the conflict or incompatibility of software or hardware;
  • overheating;
  • the wrong driver or bugs in them;
  • error in the BIOS configuration;
  • the lack of free space on the hard disk
  • malware;
  • incorrect acceleration.

Easy to see that the reason why popping up a blue screen of death quite a lot. Based on their statistics, Microsoft reports that about 70% of the occurrence of the BSOD is related to problem drivers.

A certain percentage of errors occurs due to applications that perform their own code in kernel mode. If incorrect operation of these programs also occurs a blue screen of death.

Main types of apps that need to run native code in kernel mode:

  • antivirus;
  • program for recording information on CD or DVD;
  • firewalls;
  • the virtual disks.

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Very often the appearance of a BSOD indicates a serious problem with the hardware of the laptop or drivers. Therefore, to postpone the decision will not work.

Try to solve the problem yourself by following these tips:

  • make sure there is free space on the hard disk;
  • scan using anti-virus software to remove unwanted software;
  • to install the latest updates released by Microsoft for the OS;
  • in case the bug appeared after installing or upgrading drivers and programs, it is possible to rollback Windows to a previous restore point;
  • the appearance of BSOD after connecting a new device, you need to verify compatibility with the version of Windows and install the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website;
  • check and, if necessary, to correct errors on the hard disk;
  • make sure there is no overheating, and perform if necessary, clean the laptop from dust;
  • to test the RAM and if necessary replace the problematic modules;
  • check your cable connections.

The implementation of these procedures in most cases will help to solve the problem encountered blue screens of death. If they continue to appear, it is necessary to pay attention to error codes. They allow to define what it means by appearing BSOD.

Error codes

At each BSOD displays the hexadecimal error code. Remember it is possible to determine the cause of the problem and possibly solve it.

Consider the most common error codes that can appear on a blue background:

  • 0x00000001 in most cases occurs because of sequential calling enable and disable the driver or file system can be eliminated by using Windows update;
  • 0x0000000A usually appears when switching to sleep mode due to bugs in the driver Diskdump.sys that can be eliminated with the installation of updates for Windows;

    Что делать, если появился синий экран на ноутбуке

  • 0x00000026 often occurs due to failures on the hard disk, try to solve the problem is to perform the test and correct errors using standard OS tools;
  • 0x0000002E occurs because of failures in the components to fix it on my laptop in the most will need to contact the authorized service centre;
  • 0x00000057 indicates a problem with network card;
  • 0x0000003F called as a result of the large number of input / output, to try to eliminate you by increasing the amount of virtual memory or checking utilities for hard disk maintenance and data backup for compatibility;
  • 0х80070570 often occurs when you install the OS and may indicate a problem with the image distribution, or memory, for solution is recommended to use the copy of the image on other media and test your RAM.

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There are actually a huge number of error codes. Each of them is described in detail in specialized documents. When diagnosing faults, it will have to go in most cases.

Not always a mistake caused by the described problem. For example, users of Windows 8 very often you can see the error code 0xc0000001. At first glance, this error indicates a problem with RAM. However to solve it in most cases, you can use the startup repair tool on Windows.

Что делать, если появился синий экран на ноутбуке

To try to correct the error with code 0xc0000001 in the following ways:

  • when you turn on the computer press the key combination SHIFT+F8;
  • in the section See advanced repair options select Troubleshoot;
  • go to Advanced options and click Windows Startup Settings;
  • to restart the computer by selecting «Restart».

How to see the error message if the system is rebooted

In the settings Windowsдостаточно often set a mandatory restart in case of failure. In this case, the user usually cannot read the error information.

To solve the problem with a reboot, not allowing it to read the message from BSOD in two ways:

  1. to view the dump files;

    Что делать, если появился синий экран на ноутбуке

  2. disable the mandatory restart in the OS settings.

The dump file that keeps information about the error. It can help you to diagnose the problem, as it contains information about which driver caused the BSOD.

To open the dumps file and view the error codes and drivers that the operating system is not possible. This will require you to install additional applications, e.g., debugging+kdfe or BlueScreenView.

Package debugging+kdfe works in console mode. After installing it, run the command: kdfe «%systemroot%Minidumpимя dump file.dmp». The result of the command to find the driver causing the error and reinstall or update it.

A program called BlueScreenView has a graphical interface. When you first launch the application, you must specify the folder with the dumps. After selecting the file created when the error occurs you can also see the driver that caused its emergence.

Usually dumps are to be stored in the subdirectory Minidump the Windows system directory, but the user can optionally change their location in the operating system settings.

Что делать, если появился синий экран на ноутбуке

Automatic restart on system failure, it is recommended to turn off, as on the BSOD screen, you can also get additional error information, which facilitates further diagnosis.

Disable automatic restart can refer to the section «system Failure».

In order to open it to users of Windows 7 need to open the following items:

  • start ;
  • control panel;
  • system;
  • advanced system settings;
  • additionally
  • startup and recovery;
  • parameters;
  • the failure of the system.

Note. On the tab «system Failure» is also carried out on and off the record dump and specifies the folder in which to store them.

In most cases, the user can independently diagnose and resolve the error that led to the appearance of the error message. In addition, to reduce its appearance, you can use regular computer maintenance.

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