What to do if heated computer

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if heated computer

Overheating computer is one of the common problems that sooner or later faces the majority of users.

Contrary to popular belief, it can occur not only in summer but also in winter, because the modern powerful PC sometimes heat up much faster than their progenitors. In this article we will discuss why heat the computer and how to help him in this case.

The reasons and their solutions

So, what could be the reasons of heating system unit?

Among them stands out:

  • heating due to accumulated inside system dust;
  • the lack of thermal paste, which with long term use dries;
  • inadequate ventilation in the system unit;
  • poor contacts between some elements;
  • problems with the power supply;
  • incorrect location of the PC;
  • outdated or unsuitable housing.

    Что делать, если греется компьютер


The system unit PC is arranged in such a way that inside it there is a constant circulation of air, provide coolers. It is a vital process which allows the system to cool. Along with the air into the unit and gets the dust that collects on the elements and causing the computer shuts down. Therefore, timely cleaning of dust is extremely important.

Conduct should be as follows:

  1. to devote time cleaning is necessary at least once in 6 months, if the computer works for a day, this period is reduced to 2 months;
  2. first and foremost, please note: coolers, which accumulates the largest amount of dust, then, on all the boards and radiators;

    Что делать, если греется компьютер

  3. to clean, use a soft brush, dry cloth or special cleaner;
  4. be careful not to damage components during this delicate process, do not use water or chemical cleaners.

Dried up thermal paste

One of the main reasons why the computer heats up quickly is also a lack of thermal paste on the processor. It provides heat exchange between the radiator and the CPU and critical to the operation of this element win back a key role in the operation of the entire system.

Что делать, если греется компьютер

Over time it dries out and is no longer able to perform its function. The consequences of overheating process can be catastrophic for the PC from slowing down to a complete failure.

To solve this problem you can only replace the thermal paste:

  • open system unit;
  • carefully remove the processor fan and the processor;
  • apply a thin layer of thermal grease on its lower part;
  • install items back;
  • make sure they are securely fastened.

Important! To buy thermal grease at the nearest specialty store.

Poor ventilation

Another factor that can lead to heating of the PC is insufficient ventilation. Usually installed coolers should suffice for the effective operation of the system, but in the summer or with heavy use, the system may begin to heat up more than usual.

Что делать, если греется компьютер

In this case, you can buy and install extra fans. Please pay special attention to cooler for the processor – it needs to be powerful enough, because it depends on the speed of your computer.

It is worth considering that increasing the number of cooling elements will increase the noise of the PC.

Attention! Often users open the system cover in the hope for additional cooling. As shown, this approach is inefficient and only leads to more accumulation of dust inside the system and the threat of damage to its internal elements.

Video: the Processor heats up, what to do

Clean the contacts and properly connect all the elements

If you are unable to determine what heats up the PC, you should pay attention to the contacts between its elements. In some cases, a bad connection can cause a temperature increase which is transmitted to other components.

To resolve this problem, bad contacts need to be cleaned. You can use a regular eraser.

Attention! Cleaning of the contacts requires a certain experience in dealing with internal parts of the PC. It is recommended to entrust this process to professionals.

Problems with the power supply

A serious problem, leading to an overall decrease in performance of PC, is when strongly heated the computer’s power supply. This element can withstand heavy loads and the first to suffer from changes in voltage and temperature.

Что делать, если греется компьютер

It should regularly (approximately every 2 years) change to more powerful to protect your system from force majeure. One of the main signs that your power supply needs to be changed, is buzzing. If it appears – immediately it is advisable to think about its replacement, because this item does not last a long time.

The correct location: PC

The correct location of the computer is one of the most important factors affecting its operation.

When installing, be sure to pay attention to the following points:

  1. the system unit should be located so that the air could easily get into it;
  2. stay tuned to lattice cooling does not overlap;
  3. it should be located at a distance of 10-15 centimeters from other household items that could interfere with its effective cooling;
  4. The PC should be away from objects that emit heat and to be hidden from sunlight;
  5. to the system unit needs to be accessible enough to regularly clean it from dust without letting it accumulate on surfaces and to get inside the system.

Important! Position the computer so that nothing would interfere with air circulation around it. If the ventilation holes will overlap, this can lead not only to overheating, but the full output of a PC failure. Hot air cannot find a proper outlet, can stay inside the system, raising its temperature to the critical values.

Replace the case

Cause overheating of the computer may become obsolete and the body. What you can do in this case? Variants a little – you have to replace it.

When choosing a new box, consider the following guidelines:

  1. choose a chassis, ideally suited for your components;
  2. make sure there is enough space for additional coolers;
  3. note the presence of holes for ventilation they must be large enough;
  4. a good case should also contain mounts for coolers.

Что делать, если греется компьютер

When choosing a new case in the first place pay attention to its internal structure rather than external design. He must perform a vital function – the protection of all the components of your computer, ensuring sufficient space for cooling and normal operation.

It does not matter if the case seems little more than components of your system. The extra space is always a plus, because in the future you may need additional fans or replacing some elements with more volume.

Incorrect mounting of the radiator

Incorrect mounting of the radiator is one of the factors that can lead to overheating of the system. If there was such a problem – then check how securely this element whether all the fastening off if it is in place.

Что делать, если греется компьютер

It is especially important to secure the radiator after changing the thermal paste, because it is the wrong position can lead to undesirable consequences. To identify the problems with this element simply because it directly heats. Turn off the computer and in a few minutes, giving the components a little cool, check it manually.

I hope that is considered in this article, the information helped to cope with such a common problem, as the system is overheated.

Remember – to avoid unwanted heating its elements, are very important preventive measures:

  • constant concern about the purity of the PC;
  • it is in the correct location;
  • timely replacement of obsolete parts;
  • an appropriate system of ventilation.

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