What to do if hangs MacBook

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if hangs MacBook

Sometimes, even the users such a reliable technology like Apple, the question arises – stuck MacBook, what to do? First of all, you should understand that resulted in this incident. As is often the blame for this the owner of the PC. But also the possible breakdown of the technique, any problem in hardware.

Causes of unresponsiveness

All possible causes of popisania can be divided into three main categories:

  • a program error.
  • the operating system failure;
  • hardware failure.


Apple is quite conservative. Despite this, some companies and private programmers, develop software for MacBook. These crafts often are the cause of the hang technique.

Что делать, если зависает МакБук

To cope with this nuisance in several ways:

  • check all installed applications for malware;
  • to use a special quarantine.
  • to use a Gatekeeper.

Что делать, если зависает МакБук

The best way to deal with the problem is to prevent its occurrence. Therefore, in the technique from the manufacturer has a function of checking programs for the presence of malware.

If there is the slightest probability of the presence of such in the PC, the computer screen immediately displays the corresponding message. Also, this feature allows you to put the app in quarantine.

The Gatekeeper functionality, which is implemented in OS OSX Lion 10.75, gives you the opportunity to join special sign applications and their developers. Installing software that does not have a special digital signature is simply impossible. Gatekeeperего blocks. This function allows you to prevent possible freeze.

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Crashing OS

Often the problems arise due to a failure of the operating system MacBook. And perhaps this is only when performing certain actions on the part of the attackers.

This failure occurs as a result of deliberate DoS attack is denial of service. To do this, the attacker needs to send only one network packet to its victim. This is possible in Apple OS X and iOS.

This problem is related to insufficient size of the buffer in the operating system. He simply can not accommodate a package of a certain size. The result of this phenomenon becomes crash the OS, or just hanging. Again to re-start work, just restart PC.

To prevent such problems in the following ways:

  • to enable the firewall;
  • to install antivirus and check them MacBook.

Hardware failure

MacBookPro, released at the beginning of 2011 and is equipped with a processor Intelс integrated graphics and discrete accelerator AMD sometimes become a victim of hardware failure.

They occur in the following cases:

  • the user plays games;
  • view high-definition videos.

    Что делать, если зависает МакБук

The reason for this phenomenon is the degradation of the graphics core under high temperature. To resolve this problem is possible only through the costly process of replacing the Board, which is not always economically justified.

Turn off the MacBook if it’s frozen

If your MacBook is stuck, it should just disable, then enable.

This can be done in various ways:

  • emergency shutdown;
  • sleep/reboot/shutdown.


Sometimes the result is unresponsiveness from Apple computer just stops responding to the keyboard command and does not respond to the Power button.

To solve the situation by using a special key combination: Control+Option+Power. After clicking on these buttons should be shutdown MacBook. Also instead of the key Powerв it is possible to use Eject.

If the computer does not respond to the combination and continues to «hang», it is necessary to call authorised service centre. In any case do not attempt to disconnect the battery, as this process is accompanied by a complete removal of the cover from the back of the PC.

Also very likely to accidentally damage a special connector used to connect the battery.


To enter sleep mode on a MacBook you can use a special key combination: Option+Command+Power/Eject. After simultaneously pressing the buttons PC will go to sleep. You can also just close the lid of the laptop – the result will be completely the same.

Что делать, если зависает МакБук

The transition to sleep mode can be accomplished in various other ways:

  • menu Appleследует to choose the option called «sleep Mode»;
  • if you’re using a laptop disk drive is present, press the following combination: Command+Option+eject button of the disk;
  • you can press Power.

Restarting the process allows you to resolve an issue such as freeze your personal computer.

Restart in several ways:

  • using Power button – if hang-up be a long time to hold it after power-off is required again press the Power;
  • if the mouse cursor is active and it can be used to perform various tasks, you can use the usual way of restarting is by clicking on the Apple button, then selecting restart.

The shutdown process is not a big deal.

It can be carried even in the case when the PC hangs:

  • long time keep the Power button;
  • if the mouse is active – click on the button Appleи select off.

In any case, the hanging should not wait until Macbookair battery and it will turn itself off. As this negatively affects the state of the battery.

Full charge can even cause malfunctions. As the cost of this component of computer is big enough, not worth the risk.

Device is not included

If for some reason the MacBook does not turn on, you must first find out the cause of this event. And only then to accept any measures to resolve this situation.

If startup PC did not happen, then:

  • you should make sure the health of the charger – the indicator on the housing should be lit green.

    Что делать, если зависает МакБук

  • perhaps the last charge was an error of the controller is to solve the situation simply, you need to:
  1. disconnect the PC from the charging;
  2. remove the battery;
  3. for a few seconds to hold the Power;

    Что делать, если зависает МакБук

  4. install the battery back and turn on your PC – the computer must go alone from protected mode;
  • for some reason, the shutdown was not performed correctly because the system fails to start – simply use the automated system recovery;
  • damaged the power circuit on the motherboard Board.

The most serious problem is damage to the power supply circuit. To repair the computer in this case independently is not possible. That’s why the best way out is to appeal to the service center.

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Forced termination of programs

The most common cause of unresponsiveness of a personal computer lies in the running apps. To solve this problem you can simply perform a forced termination.

It can be carried in two ways:

  • press the key combination Command+Q;
  • use «force quit», located in the Apple menu:
  1. click on the «force quit»;
  2. to choose in the opened window, the corresponding application;
  3. click on «finish».

Что делать, если зависает МакБук

After the completion of the application in the MacBook is better to restart with standard tools – also through menu in the upper left corner of the screen.

If you disable the application fails, you must perform an emergency reboot or shutdown the PC.

Most often such a problem, as hanging, you can enable a «peaceful» way. But if the completion of the programs, rebooting, and other similar measures do not lead to positive result, you should definitely contact a qualified service center.

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