What to do if computer does not turn on at all

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if computer does not turn on at all

Unpleasant situation, when after pressing the Power button, the computer will not turn on, it can happen to anyone.

The reasons for this behavior may be different. But don’t panic, many of them can be fixed by yourself or by asking experts.

Causes and solutions

If you turn the computer on it shows no signs of life, does not start or does not download the operating system, in General, the causes may be very different.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

Consider the most common problems, leading to the inability to turn on the computer:

  • problems with the power supply;
  • malfunction of the power supply;
  • problems with the CMOS battery;
  • issues with components;
  • broken power button;
  • the fault of the motherboard.

Some of these problems are easy to diagnose and correct at home, others will have to contact the service center. In any case, to try to rectify the fault yourself, it will be useful.

Problem with 220V

Very often users inadvertently confronted with basic problems. First of all, do not panic ahead of time. First, you need to see what happened. If the fans are not spinning, the indicators do not illuminate, check the power.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

Verify that the PC receives the electricity, it is possible with a few simple steps:

  • ensure that the power outlet;
  • to check the network connection of the filter to the outlet and its work, for example, adding another device;
  • verify correct connection of the power cord to the system unit and wall outlet.

In an embodiment, when fix the problem with a simple test PC connection failed the situation, looking for the fault further.

Not a working power supply

Problem with turning on the PC often arise due to faulty power supply. This problem occurs because of voltage swings, which in our networks are not uncommon.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

Consider the basic signs of a faulty power supply:

  • when you press the power button the computer does not respond at all;
  • the indicators light up, but nothing runs.

In any case, to determine who is guilty in the situation of power supply only by installing another known good. In many cases, the failure of this peripheral will also have to replace the motherboard or take it in to a costly repair.

Video: What to do if it is not enabled

Not does the battery last

On the motherboard inside the system unit is a small battery-CR-2032. It is responsible for storing settings of the underlying system input-output PC. The battery life is long enough.

But in some cases it fails after a couple of years, and there are different problems with clock and enable. In this case, it should be easy to replace.

Consider how usually manifests itself discharge the batteries CMOS:

  • the computer will not turn on completely;
  • the start occurs after a few clicks on the power button;
  • failures hours;
  • random turn on PC when power is applied;
  • reboot without prompting the user.

In fact, the manifestations can be slightly different depending on the system configuration and other external factors. To acquire the necessary to replace the battery in a computer, economic and other stores.


A fairly common cause of problems with computer starts to become dust. A failure can manifest itself in different ways from the stop of the system to arbitrary shutdown or inability to start.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

The order of execution of the cleaning unit system:

  1. turn off power and pull out all cords from the outlet;
  2. open the cover of the system unit;
  3. to remove dust, for example, with a brush;
  4. clean the contacts on RAM, video card and other components;
  5. check fans for jamming;
  6. when you need to perform preventative maintenance in form of replacement of thermal paste.

Problems with accessories

The fault of the individual components of the PC can lead to inability to run it. In this case self-diagnose the failure at home is quite difficult. In some embodiments, can assist in determining the problem, the signal applied at system startup.

In this case, need to know the BIOS manufacturer. In addition, the description of the signals when enabled, can be found in the instructions to the motherboard. Most frequently, the squeak may indicate problems with RAM or graphics card.

Troubleshoots possible replacing components on normal, but before that it is recommended to try to clean the contacts with an ordinary school eraser. In some cases, this method helps very much.

The power button

The reason why the start button the PC fails may lie in the switch. Simply put, it may not fully close the contacts. To test the problem yourself by closing the appropriate pair of pins on the motherboard with a screwdriver.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

Attention! Independently to close contacts is recommended only for those who are confident in their actions and have the necessary knowledge. The rest of you should seek help from professionals.


To determine the fault of the parent or the motherboard alone with high accuracy is possible only by replacing all the other parts serviceable. In rare cases, the diagnosis will help the signals supplied BIOS.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

Often if you experience this problem turn on and the fans work but no image display and other reaction PC to user actions. Repairing the motherboard in most cases does not make sense, as the cost of work may exceed the price of a new item in the store.

Please note. Common problems with the motherboard incorrectly describe a malfunction, turn on the computer, and the monitor does not turn on. There is a confusion between problems with the monitor and no video signal. To test the monitor easily, disabling the signal cable from the system unit and looking at the presence of the screen saver producer.

The computer will not turn on

The computer can no longer be included on a huge number of reasons. But among them are the most common. Some of them can be eliminated by the PC owner without calling a service center, but it is first necessary to establish the cause of the fault.

Consider the most common problems due to which your computer may not include:

  • defect graphics card;
  • problem after CPU;
  • problem after cleaning;
  • crashes after hibernation;
  • incorrect operation after replacement of parts.

With the video card

Problems associated with the card, just to diagnose. First of all, including the computer and the monitor does not turn on, the fan is most of them will spin.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

When you install a good graphics card the image appears normally. The owners of motherboards with integrated video can also use it to verify that your video adapter.

A large portion of the cards goes down due to poor cooling, for example, when a large dust system unit or a broken cooler. Therefore prophylaxis should be given special attention to removing dust and checking the fan on the graphics card.

After replacing the CPU

Users after replacement of the processor are faced quite often with the inability to turn on the computer. Usually this problem is easy to fix.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

Here are the basic steps that must be performed if the PC can not turn on after replacing the CPU:

  1. to check the compatibility of the motherboard and a new processor;
  2. to reset the BIOS settings;
  3. to clean the contacts;
  4. to ensure proper installation of all components.

The Council. Additionally help in the diagnosis of can signals issued by the system speaker.

After a power surge

The result of a power surge can lead to failure many of the components of the PC. As prophylaxis it is recommended to connect computer to AC power using quality stabilizers.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

The components that fail most often by sudden power surges:

  • power supply;
  • motherboard;
  • video card.

It is worth to note that the damage can be several components and not necessarily from the above list.

After cleaning

Many users, having decided first to clean the system unit from dust are faced with the inability to boot the PC after Assembly. This can be fairly simple reasons or fail components.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

Actions that must be performed if the PC does not start after cleaning:

  • to test the connection cables;
  • to ensure proper and tight connection of the power supply to the motherboard;
  • to verify the installation of RAM and video cards.
  • if he filmed the cooling system, it is necessary to verify its installation and in a sufficient amount of thermal paste;
  • to make sure the right connection of the other circuit boards and devices (hard disk drive, etc.);
  • to reset the BIOS settings using the jumper or removing for a few minutes the battery.

After hibernation

Hibernation mode is designed primarily to reduce power consumption of laptops and longer battery life. Turning the PC off this way, all data is stored on the hard disk. Some system after entering this mode cannot be included.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

To start the computer, you can disable for a few minutes the power supply from the network and turning on again. The operating system may stop run. Have to use system restore.

After replacing the motherboard

Part of PC owners had to replace the motherboard due to the fact that the old is out. It is important to ensure compatibility of new Board with the other components, as well as perform installation correctly. But even in this case problems may occur.

Here are the basic steps if the computer does not start after replacing motherboard:

  • check connection of power supply and extra boards;
  • temporarily disconnect the hard drive and other external devices, which start without possible;
  • verify successful installation of the RAM, clean the contacts on the modules;
  • try to start the Board without RAM installed and the video card and check signals through the speaker;
  • consistently replace the power supply, RAM, video card, processor obviously working.

If the start the PC after these steps did not occur, it is recommended to contact service to check the health of the motherboard.

After updating

During the installation some updates from the working of your operating system can be disrupted and result in the PC ceases to run. For the solution you have to use system restore.

Start the system restore tool in Windows 7:

  1. restart your PC and while booting hold down the F8 key;
  2. in the appeared menu choose «advanced boot options» the item «system Restore»;

    Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

  3. in the recovery options click «startup repair».

The system then tries to eliminate the problems with the launch. If the problem remains you can try to reinstall Windows.

When replacing of RAM

Problems after replacing the RAM arise infrequently. First you have to be sure that you have chosen compatible module.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

Discuss the steps you need to perform if the PC has stopped running after replacing the RAM:

  • to validate the installation of the module;
  • try to start the system using only a single module;
  • to clean the contacts;
  • to perform a test run of the system with a known good module.

Computer turns on, but

In some cases, turn the computer on, the fans start, but the operating system is not loading or missing image on the screen. The reasons for such a behavior of the computer a lot.

Not loaded

If the computer is on but not loading Windows, then look for the problem in it. This behavior occurs when you upgrade, the incorrect installation of programs or simply due to malfunction.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

Try to fix the problem with the download of the operating system in the following ways:

  1. to start the computer in safe mode and try to revert to one of the previous restore points;
  2. to use the recovery tools the OS;
  3. to scan for viruses using a special boot disk;
  4. to re-install Windows.

It should be noted that in some cases the inability to start the operating system may be a malfunctioning hardware. Then you can try to use special utilities to test the HDD and RAM, or contact the service center.

No image

In some cases the computer starts, but no image. This enables all of the fans, hear the hard drive work, and sometimes even Windows starts, you hear the characteristic sound. This problem is mostly hardware.

Что делать, если компьютер не включается вообще

Recommended actions to perform provided that the computer turns on but no image:

  • check the connecting cords;
  • make sure the monitor by disconnecting it from the system unit;
  • clean the contacts of the video card and check the operation of the cooler;
  • try to use another external or integrated video card.

Problems, because of which the computer does not turn on or load the operating system a large number. Many of them you can try to correct yourself using the tips from this article. If nothing helps, you have to seek help from professionals.

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