What to do if brakes Yandex browser

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if brakes Yandex browser

Yandex Browser is one of the most popular in the Russian segment of the Internet browsers. Its main feature is the integration of various services developed by the company behind the famous search engine.

As the engine it uses Blink, which is used in many modern browsers.

Что делать, если тормозит Яндекс браузер

Sometimes users are faced with a situation where while traveling on the world wide web Internet Obozrevatel begins to slow down. Pages open very long, although there are no problems with the speed of network access that I have.

Causes and symptoms

Consider the main reasons, how much the Yandex Browser is slow:

  • viruses;
  • poor performance of PC hardware;
  • the lack of space.
  • heavily fragmented disk;
  • a large number of add-ons and toolbars.

Viruses – the most common problem, which may decrease the speed of not only Internet Explorer but also the entire system.

Что делать, если тормозит Яндекс браузер

Here are the basic signs of infecting your computer with viruses:

  1. the appearance of files and folders that the user has not been created;
  2. the disappearance of the necessary information;
  3. frequent messages about system errors;
  4. reduction of speed of work;
  5. system load unknown processes;
  6. the conclusion is not requested advertising.

The virus can cause a lot of harm and it is not always be a simple poor performance. Often the user runs the risk of losing important information.

To reduce the risk of malware will use the following simple tips:

  • install an antivirus and update it’s databases at least once a day;
  • enable built-in firewall;
  • never open files downloaded from the Internet without verification antivirus;
  • try not to visit suspicious websites.

The implementation of these recommendations will help to reduce the risk of infecting the system with viruses. But you must understand that no antivirus software can not provide 100% security and infection can still occur.

Что делать, если тормозит Яндекс браузер

Consider what to do if there are signs of infection:

  • run a full computer scan with an antivirus and remove detected malware;
  • download the utility for testing and treatment, for example, CureIT and scan with it.

Websites have long ceased to consist solely of text pages, so the low performance of the hardware of the computer may have a significant impact on the system speed when using the browser, especially when a large number of open tabs.

To solve this problem by replacing the entire computer or doing upgrades. In most cases, the problems with opening the pages can occur due to the lack of RAM.

Describe what actions you must perform if you decide to upgrade your RAM:

  1. to review the documentation and determine the type of used modules;
  2. to purchase compatible with the motherboard the modules the desired volume;
  3. to shut down the PC, unplugging all cords, and laptops additionally removing the battery;
  4. open the cover of the system unit or compartment RAM;
  5. to install or replace the old modules;
  6. assemble your PC and verify that it works.

Council. If you are using 4 GB or more RAM to ensure its full use, you need to use a 64-bit version of Windows.

Disk cleanup

Often users save all the data and install the software on system drive, almost without thinking about whether it is sufficient free space for the correct operation of programs including the browser.

Что делать, если тормозит Яндекс браузер

In the process, most programs create many temporary files which contain the data necessary for the application. The lack of space does not allow her to do it and as a result, the browser starts to slow down or just crash.

Discuss the steps you should take to clean the space on the hard drive:

  1. deletion of unnecessary programs;
  2. cleaning of temporary files;
  3. transfer movies and other large files on other drives or removable media.

Video: Browser — Troubleshooting

Clean files

Here to pay special attention to cleaning temporary files. It may be performed in three ways:

  • manually;
  • system means;
  • using special tools.

The best is the last option. The fact that you manually will have to be cleaned long enough and it is necessary to have some knowledge, and system tools carry out cleaning efficiently enough.

Here is a list of utilities that are recommended for disk cleanup:

  • CCleaner;
  • Glary Utilities;

    Что делать, если тормозит Яндекс браузер

  • nCleaner.

Require defragmenting

Strong disk fragmentation is another reason that leads to a decrease in the speed of the browser. It occurs because of, the fact that the files are written to the first free place. As a result, the head is forced when reading to move from one end to another disk, which reduces performance.

We will see how to defragment disk in Windows 7:

  1. open the folder «Computer»;
  2. select the desired drive and go to the menu of the right mouse button;
  3. click on «Properties»;
  4. go to the tools tab;
  5. click «defragment»;

    Что делать, если тормозит Яндекс браузер

  6. in the opened window, click «Defragment».

    Что делать, если тормозит Яндекс браузер

Council. The defragmentation process especially when a large amount of disk space and rare maintenance takes a long time, so it is better to exercise at night or at other times when the PC is not being used.

Disable add-ons

Slow to open pages in the browser can still and because of the large number of additions. Many of the programs at the time of installation ask the user to agree to install add-ons and toolbars. Users often do not take off the appropriate checkbox, the browser is littered.

Consider how to solve the problem with unwanted toolbars and add-ons:

  1. open «add or remove programs» in «control Panel»;
  2. remove unwanted apps and toolbars, for example, Ask toolbar or Bing bar;

    Что делать, если тормозит Яндекс браузер

  3. start of the Yandex Browser and open the menu.
  4. select «add-Ons» and disable unnecessary and unused supplements;
  5. verify and treatment system using AdwCleaner or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

    Что делать, если тормозит Яндекс браузер

The user can independently solve most of the problems associated with low speed of Yandex Browser. In some cases, failure can be caused by incorrect installation of the browser. If the above tips do not help, try to uninstall and reinstall the browser.

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