What to do if blue screen of death Windows

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if blue screen of death Windows

When you download or the Windows operating system may fail or malfunction that will result in a blue screen with white text.

And in this case you will only be able to overload your computer because other operations are unavailable. It is for this reason this screen is called the «blue screen of death» (BSOD).

What it is

The emergence of blue screen of death means there was a crash of the operating system. The cause of such failure may be very diverse. A similar problem can happen to anyone, so you need to know what to do if there is a BSOD.

Что делать, если синий экран смерти Windows

No need to fret and fuss overly. Is recommended to reboot the system unit, all unsaved data will be lost.

Often when you restart the problem disappears, but to know why, what happens from failure is useful. For this you need to perform some string, located on a blue screen of death that contains the validation error string and check the error code to find information for them on the Internet.

System setup

So in the event of critical failure in the operating system to be able to diagnose the problem and fix it, should be a special way to configure the operating system.

To do this:

  • check that in Windows settings included the preservation of the memory dump;
  • guided by the necessary size of the memory dump file, you need to check whether there is enough system disk free space for its location;
  • to disable rebooting the operating system after the appearance of the BSOD.

Windows XP

To configure operating system settings Windows XP you must:

  • enable recording of debugging information, namely, go to:
  1. «Control panel»;
  2. «System and security»;

    Что делать, если синий экран смерти Windows

  3. «System»;
  4. «Advanced system settings»;
  5. «Advanced»;
  6. Options.
  • to change how much debugging information should be logged in case of failure.


Settings WindowsVista/7 similar to Windows XP.

Что делать, если синий экран смерти Windows

Windows 8

In Windows, you can configure the settings so that the operating system is not loaded automatically. In Windows 8 to do this:

  • right mouse click on the icon “Computer” and then from the menu that appears select “Properties”;
  • in the left menu of the active window select “advanced system settings”;
  • click on the “Advanced”section;
  • in the “startup and recovery” select “Settings…”;

    Что делать, если синий экран смерти Windows

  • in the “startup and recovery” remove the check mark next to “automatically restart”;
  • additionally, you need to change and save option save debug information. For this purpose, the window “Write debugging information” it is recommended to select “Small memory dump (256 Kb)”. The directory into which you will load the mini dump, it is better not to change. Defaults to C:WINDOWSMinidump.

Decoding the information in the Blue Screen of Death

Each critical error accompanied with a detailed description and eight-digit error code. My first encounter with BSOD information displayed on it seem to be a random sequence of characters, but actually, the error description and error code will help greatly to identify why the failure occurred and what it means this error.

Что делать, если синий экран смерти Windows

At the top of the screen contains description of the error, consisting of cobbled together together words written in capital letters and separated by underscores.

Immediately after the error description are displayed some tips to fix the problem. Behind them is a section of technical information with a hexadecimal error code of eight digits.

Depending on the nature of the error code usually is complemented with four auxiliary values in parentheses.

If the error, which appeared a BSOD, depends on some file, this section displays its name.

Causes of

The causes of blue screen of death a lot.

All causes of BSOD in Windows, can be divided into three components:

  • equipment;
  • drivers;
  • programs.

Video: Blue screen in Windows


One of the most common reasons that may cause BSOD in this category are problems with RAM. You have to test it.

Also frequent disruptions in the functioning of the storage system. In this case, is about diagnosing hard drive and check for disk space on it.

Less likely to cause blue screen of death serve to be a problem with the video card and processor. It is important to perform a test of this equipment with the help of specialized tools.

Что делать, если синий экран смерти Windows

In addition to the basic components of computer problems can occur with the additional costs that extend the functionality of the system unit. To find out the source of the problem, you can remove additional nodes and testing the computer for several days without them. If the computer is functioning normally without crashing, then the problem is solved.

Что делать, если синий экран смерти Windows

You can also try to connect the Board to a different slot of the motherboard. After testing all the components separately, you should test the entire system under load. Failure under load is probably the problem lies in the power supply. The way out – replacing the PSU with a more powerful.

It is also recommended to check the BIOS settings. It is important to remove any acceleration and correct the settings to the factory default. In an extreme case, it is necessary to update the BIOS.


There is a perception that the drivers are the source of 70% of the cases, BSOD. For the treatment system driver needs to be reinstalled after removing it. If the problem persists, then you need to download the driver from the manufacturer’s website and install.

Что делать, если синий экран смерти Windows

There are situations when it is impossible to find the latest driver, in this case, you can install an earlier version.

If replacing drivers does not help, then you should check the device compatibility with the operating system. In the absence of compatibility, it is recommended to replace the equipment or preinstalovat operating system.


Encountered problems with the software are solved similarly. You must preinstalovat available, or install the version that is downloaded from the website of the developer.

Что делать, если синий экран смерти Windows

It is recommended without delay to put the necessary Windows updates. It is important to correctly determine whether to set the upgrade or installation can be ignored.

Probable cause a critical error may be installing two or more antivirus tools on one operating system.

The memory dump analysis

For a critical analysis of memory dumps you can use one of the huge number of the program, for example, dumpchk does, Kanalyze, WinDbg.

Consider the example of WinDbg (part of Debugging Tools for Windows) how to analyze crash dumps.

Что делать, если синий экран смерти Windows

The sequence of actions is the following:

  • download the latest version from the developer’s site;
  • to install the program on your computer;
  • run the program;
  • go to the menu item «File –> Symbol File Path…»;
  • the field «Symbol Search Path» click «Browse…»;
  • in the window that appears, select the directory location Symbols . Then double click on the «OK» and then select the menu item «File –> Open Crash Dump…»;
  • in the «Open Crash Dump», select the path and click «Open»;
  • in the «Workspace» window to set the checkbox «Don’t taskagain» to the value «No»;
  • will appear the window «Command Dump» with the dump analysis;
  • to analyze the memory dump;
  • it is especially important to pay attention to the section «Bugcheck Analysis», which displays a possible cause of failure.
  • to view full information click on the link «!analyze-v»;
  • to close the program;
  • apply the findings to resolve the cause of the crash.

Eliminate errors blue screen of death

The lion’s share of errors, blue screen of death caused by corruption of some system files or a lack or incompatibility of drivers.

At the appearance of the BSOD you need to do the following:

  • reboot using the RESET button;
  • when you see the boot options press F8 and choose «Safe mode». Click the «Enter» key to confirm the selection;

    Что делать, если синий экран смерти Windows

  • find and delete all files referenced in the BSOD. It is important to remember that deleting system files can cause critical failure of the operating system;
  • if it cannot delete the problem files it is recommended to restore the system with the same function located under «Backup and restore» in the «System and security»;
  • select «Restore system settings» and determine the most recent checkpoint. Then click «Next»;
  • if restoring doesn’t fix the problem, you need to examine the text of the BSOD error. With device drivers it is recommended to update them using safe mode of the operating system;
  • the most time-consuming and effective way of eliminating software BSOD errors is to reinstalling of operating system;
  • if a new copy of Windows again is unstable and incorrect, it almost certainly takes place a hardware problem. You need to identification and preparation of the problem device and replace it.

Video: BSOD Screen

Error codes

For faster and more effective «treatment» computer need to have an idea about the meaning of the error codes and how to fix the problem blue screen of death. It is therefore extremely important not to ignore the text that displays the BSOD. The most important information on the blue screen of death is a hexadecimal error code and its description.

Number of BSOD errors up to several hundred. To know or describe all the error codes and their solutions is simply impossible. Much easier and better to use specialized resources, which has detailed information about errors and how to solve problems in the most efficient and safe way.

Что делать, если синий экран смерти Windows

To do this, just go to the relevant resource, to find the error with the required code to learn about it and to recover the operating system in accordance with the received recommendations.

The most frequently occurring of the error:

  • 0x00000001 internal error of the kernel;
  • 0x0000000A – not available memory address;
  • 0x0000001E – incorrect command processor;
  • 0x00000020 – driver error;
  • 0x0000002B – stack overflow;
  • 0x00000051 – registry error.

In some cases, the functioning of the Windows operating system may fail with a blue screen of death which shows a certain sequence of characters.

The appearance of the BSOD says critical error in the operating system. Solution failure depends on the code system of error, which can be viewed at the bottom of the blue screen.

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