What to do if blue screen and reboot iPhone 5s

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if blue screen and rebooting iPhone 5s

It turned out that the advanced model of the iPhone 5s from Apple has brought not only a powerful modern processor, fingerprint scanner and improved camera, but also some failures.

Unexpected reboots dedicated to dozens of topics on the official online Apple and on other websites about iPhone5S. A lot of owners of the top model said that the problem appears at the first time after purchase of the smartphone.

The symptoms of this failure are the following:

  1. the first appearance of blue screen;
  2. restart your smartphone without notice. Often a blue screen of death (BSOD) appears and the broken phone.

Что делать, если синий экран и перезагрузка iPhone 5s

Apparently, a blue screen of death in iPhone 5s is not very critical and dangerous, and it is connected most likely with a new filling (64-bit processor architecture), not hardware failure.

It should be noted that the «blue screen of death» happened on the previous generations of the iPhone, but then their reasons were purely hardware problem iOS devices. The iPhone 5s suffer from the blue screen of death, remains only to wait for the solution to fix the problem from Apple and mobile developers.

Possible causes

The causes of blue screen of death several.

Let’s consider them in more detail:

  • the lion’s share of error that causes the BSOD is related to incorrect functioning of the office package iWork. The device reboots when the user exits the application or switches to another app;

    Что делать, если синий экран и перезагрузка iPhone 5s

  • the functioning of many third-party applications can also lead to critical malfunction of the iPhone 5s;
  • the emergence of blue screen of death can also be due to a sequence of failed attempts to enter a fingerprint.

Errors causing BSOD, most of them are of a programmatic nature. Overall, according to unconfirmed information the information, software iPhone 5S crashes twice as often than the operating system the earlier models. Although one should not unnecessarily worry, since we are talking about few cases out of thousands.

Video: Blue screen on IPhone

The decision

The emergence of blue screen of death and further rebooting is not the most pleasant symptoms in this high-end smartphone. No need to ask for help in service center, so how to get rid of such problems is not difficult for yourself.

Describe the most effective steps to resolve the problem BSOD:

  • reboot the phone. For that you should press the Power button and Home for 10 seconds. The smartphone will shut down. This restart can be repeated as long as the mobile device won’t start.
  • phone on / off for 5-10 minutes and further its inclusion;

    Что делать, если синий экран и перезагрузка iPhone 5s

  • do not sync apps such as Keynote, Numbers and Pages with iCloud. Noticed that the IPhone fails during the transition from one program to another, which indicates about specific problems with multitasking;
  • when a new Ios version to install the upgrade or update the software product is licensed, which resulted in a BSOD. This treatment is relevant in situations where apps are not fully optimized with the new processor;
  • the problem caused by a unsuccessful input of a fingerprint, is solved by turning off the appropriate input and restart the iPhone. In a situation when normal operation resumes, you need to install the latest version of the firmware (cloud or iTunes), as is a high probability that Apple will release the required fix in one of the updates.

    Что делать, если синий экран и перезагрузка iPhone 5s

  • often helps disable the search of the iPhone, which periodically in the background and performs certain actions to determine the location that is the cause of the BSOD. To disable this feature, go to «Settings — iCloud — Find my iPhone» and move the slider, after which you should reboot the device.

One of these methods will almost certainly solve the problem of occurrence of blue screen of death on Your IPhone 5s and let You further enjoy the unmatched advantages of this gadget.

Thus, the «blue screen of death» BSOD on the iPhone 5s and other devices manufactured by Apple is only a temporary problem that will soon be remedied by upgrading the operating system in General, its set of standard programs, as well as numerous third-party applications.

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