What to do if a HTC phone is not included

By | 10.12.2018

What to do if a HTC phone is not included

Today, buying a phone, you can’t be 100% sure that it will work without any problems throughout the stipulated period of guarantee.

So you need to be prepared for various incidents. It could be a sudden restart of the device, and termination of the charging, and even a shutdown of the smartphone.

The latest incident can occur in all modern models, are not deprived of it, unfortunately, and phones from HTC. The remainder of this article will try to determine why the device doesn’t want to show signs of life, and try to identify solutions to this difficulty.

Что делать, если телефон HTC не включается

The reasons for non-inclusion

In fact, you can allocate a decent amount of the reasons why HTC is not included:

  • the most simple – the battery is low. This is a very simple but at the same time, and common difficulty in which the smartphone of the Taiwanese manufacturer you cannot enable;
  • disrupted the connection between the power button and the smartphone. Such an incident may occur in case of factory defects and can be solved quite simply;
  • the internal memory is corrupted. In this case, the phone usually vibrates 7 times. This suggests that the device can not start loading the operating system;
  • problem with the operating system itself, which could occur by reason of the filling machine of harmful viruses or after a failed firmware smartphone;
  • the battery has failed;
  • difficulties with circuits of the device.

Problem low battery

If your smartphone is turned off and will not turn on because of dead batteries, you can safely exhale. Nothing serious happened. To solve you just need to start charging your phone. If after connecting the charger no sign of life of the smartphone, do not despair.

There are cases that just lost the connection between the contacts of the phone and battery. To solve the difficulty, you need to remove the battery from the device and then slide it back in. The problem will be solved.

Что делать, если телефон HTC не включается

Violation of the connection between the power button and the phone

Such an incident can also occur during work with the smartphone. All devices, and HTC is no exception, made phones with small gaps between the button and the hole for her. It is so easy to turn on and off camera.

Что делать, если телефон HTC не включается

The process of working with the device can take place in different conditions, so this small gap can get various dust particles, sand, etc. In connection with this disrupted the button, and she does not respond to touch. Therefore, the smartphone may not be included.

To solve this difficulty, it is better to seek help in a specialized service center. If desired, of course, it is possible to clean the button with alcohol, but there is a risk that this smartphone is much better will not work.

The failure of the internal memory

Typically, when there are irregularities in the internal memory, and all other microchips and contacts are OK, then after the machine vibrates 7 times, he just didn’t give life signs. In this case it is better not to climb to the inside of the phone to find the source of the problem, and it is better to seek help to the experts.

Что делать, если телефон HTC не включается

As a preliminary before going to the service center actions, you can do the following:

  • pull the battery out of the machine;

    Что делать, если телефон HTC не включается

  • to check if everything was okay with the microchip and the battery;
  • insert the battery back and check.

If the desired effect these actions are not brought, it can only help the expert.

Is not connected the operating system

It could also be one of the tasks, if the unit is off and will not turn on again.

There are several ways of solving difficulties:

  1. try to solve it by manually flashing the smartphone. Usually, the problem with the inclusion occurs after a failed upgrade of the operating system that you want to re-install. This can be done using a personal computer. Install better tested version of the firmware, to avoid similar difficulties;
  2. please contact service center of the company. The specialists of the center there is always only proven ways of solving such problems, and they are no problems can put on your smartphone a new operating system.

The difficulty with operating system is the most tangible, and therefore this will not cost a lot of money.

Out of order the chip or the battery

Check out what is not included HTC the fault of the battery, very simple. For this you need to open the back panel of the device and see what is the status of the battery. If it’s swollen or on its surface visible stains of fluid, the urgent need to replace. The cost of this item is not very big

Что делать, если телефон HTC не включается


Where tangible for the purse may be the combustion of one of the chips. Then, to decide this question will not succeed. The only option is to go to the service center for professional help. Depending on the complexity of the work and rarity of the chip price for the repair can cost up to a third of the cost of the smartphone.

How to behave, if not included HTC

Surely you know the situation when newlocales smartphone you start to panic. The first thing you knock on it in the hope that thus will be able to revive him. But of course it didn’t help.

So how should we act if suddenly the unit is off and no signs of life?

  • first and most importantly – do not panic. Try to adequately understand the situation. Open the back cover of device and pull out for a few minutes the battery. Put it back;
  • turn on the phone is not normal press the button and hold it for 4-5 seconds. As a rule, these actions can help in certain situations.

    Что делать, если телефон HTC не включается

  • if suddenly the first two stages have failed, still do not despair. Maybe the battery was over charge. To test this theory, connect your device to the mains and try to turn it on;
  • if, after a certain amount of time after charging the battery, HTC still does not react to your manipulations, then you should return all options to factory settings. In other words, you must be in the condition in which the device worked properly;
  • if resetting does not help, you should seek the assistance of experts in the service center.

Video: HTC Nexus One PB99100 is not included

What adds to the difficulties?

Of course, off the phone – always a problem, regardless of whether it is expensive or extra-budgetary. But given the characteristics of some models, to check the cause of the incident is extremely difficult.

We are talking about the HTC models that are produced in such a way that the battery and everything else are fixed. In this regard, even small problem with the battery can result in quite a major incident.

Therefore, it is not necessary to climb inside your device, if the most simple actions for solving the problem have not helped. It is better to seek qualified help from employees of the service center of HTC.

The article deals with a common problem – not included HTC phone. Describes the main reasons for this and possible solutions.

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