What to do Get turned off and will not turn on

By | 10.12.2018

What the IPad has turned off and will not turn on

Even the highest quality equipment is not insured from failures. And Apple won the love of users for its impeccable functionality and reliability, were no exception.

If you have not enabled iPad, you don’t need to worry much. The reason for this is not necessarily a hardware failure, most likely, the problem is solved easily and trite.

Что делать, Айпад выключился и не включается

Should identify the reasons for this behavior of the tablet. This can happen due to failure of the battery or because of a problem with the power button.

Causes and solutions

Such behavior is usually characteristic of IPads after the battery is depleted.

Factors associated with damage to the battery, are divided into three groups:

  • deformation of the contacts (may occur if the tablet is dropped into water);
  • minimal charge;
  • internal malfunctions.

Ended battery

First and foremost, when you cannot turn the IPad it must be connected to the charger. A fully discharged battery is often the cause of such behavior the IPad. Usually the battery is enough just to display empty battery, but often it also happens that in addition to the dark screen can not see anything.

Что делать, Айпад выключился и не включается

Minimum recommended time to charge the tablet from Apple is 20 minutes. After that you should try to disable it. If the display shows a red battery, the tablet is running low and needs to continue charging.

In the absence of changes recommended to change the power source or the charger.


The most effective action in the struggle with spontaneous disabling of the tablet is its hard restart. To do this, press simultaneously the two keys on the IPad «Home» and «Power» and not release them until, until the screen appears the Apple (the Apple logo) or a graphical image of battery status.

Что делать, Айпад выключился и не включается

The appearance on the display, Apple says that the problem is solved, the tablet is charging and will be available for the operation in the normal mode.

It should be noted that when a hard reboot is reset the time data.

Restore the iOS using iTunes

If after a hard restart, the tablet still doesn’t work, you can try to recover your iPad with a full flashing of the device.

Что делать, Айпад выключился и не включается

To restore the operating system via iTunes, you will need:

  • the latest version of iTunes (preferably);
  • previously downloaded file with the version of iOS that is currently installed on the iPad.

Restoring the iOS is carried out in the following sequence of actions:

  • connect the iPad to the system unit via a USB cable;
  • to launch iTunes;

    Что делать, Айпад выключился и не включается

  • go to settings, sync your device with iTunes;
  • hold down the Shift key on the keyboard pressed, click on the button «Restore»;

    Что делать, Айпад выключился и не включается

  • in the window that appears select the firmware file;
  • confirm the restore request.

iTunes will automatically remove all content and load new firmware into the internal memory of the iPad. After upgrade the unit will be transferred to the Recovery Mode and you will recover the machine to its factory state.

Other reasons

Often, even when the loaded battery, my IPad still won’t start.

The reasons of such behavior of the device can be several:

  • installation of pirated apps and install new firmware. A possible solution to the problem is to reinstall the operating system using iTunes. But before you reinstall your operating system, you have to try hard to overload the device;
  • problem items the IPad. Most often broken the power button. To diagnose such problems is necessary to connect the device to a charger. If the screen displays the rate of battery charging, then almost certainly the power button down.
  • faulty charging connector. This failure to identify much more complicated, as when connecting the IPad with no charge to charge, nothing happens. Possible solution this kind of problem is the cleaning of the connector contacts;
  • the ingress of moisture into the tablet. With this problem you can try to handle yourself. Need to disassemble the tablet and allow unit to dry for 2-3 days. This method is not always effective and risky because there is the possibility that oxidation of the Board. Board repair is usually quite expensive, and in some cases, the device becomes completely non-repairable. In this regard, it is recommended to take the tablet to the service center to correct the problem as soon as possible;
  • short circuit protection. Despite the fact that the reason for the incredible with the correct operation, when using an unapproved charger this can happen. The only way out of the problem – replacing burned-out elements.

Video: What to do, iphone is not included

iPad stuck on the Apple and is not included

The situation when the Apple phone is not activated, and lights up in the display Apple, is quite common. The likely source of the problem lies in the failure of the software. It required to install new firmware to the tablet using iTunes.

Besides the software problems the reason for this behavior may be hardware. If there is a fault internal nodes of a tablet without the help of outside experts is not enough.

Что делать, Айпад выключился и не включается

In General, when you see the Apple not worth much to worry, probably nothing critical with the tablet did not happen, and the problem can be solved independently. However, in extreme cases, such as the ingress of moisture inside the device, it is better to contact the service center.

Usually if the iPad is turned off and will not turn on, it means that failure in the power supply system of the device. The tablet can independently be enabled or disabled, periodically changing the rate of battery charge level. Usually with such problems it helps to replace the battery, even if the gadget you purchased recently.

To accurately answer the question of what to do, when not included an iPad, can only by experienced professionals. Timely treatment in a specialized service center will help to avoid more serious problems and unnecessary costs.

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