What to do, freezes Mozilla Firefox

By | 10.12.2018

What hangs Mozilla Firefox

Inhibiting or completely freezes the software, quite frequently occurring phenomenon. Almost every day everyone is faced with a similar problem.

To write code that will behave impeccably in any situation is extremely difficult, as the number of different situations in the behavior of users is very large and predict its not possible.

Is no exception and such a popular class of programs, like browsers. Let us consider the example of Mozilla Firefox what are the reasons for this incorrect work of the program and how to deal with them. Consider the main reasons why Firefox hangs.

Firefox hangs at random time periods

In the case where Firefox hangs at random time periods, and this failure is not associated with a specific action, you need to try one of the following ways to solve the problem.Что делать, зависает Mozilla Firefox

Creating a new library database

If braking occurs intermittently, it is likely caused by corruption of the library database, which contains information about the pages visited.

In order to replace the existing new database should:

  • to open the profile folder of the user;
  • in the area of the screen «app Details» to activate the button «Show folder», then a window appears with profile information of the user;
  • click successively on the button with three horizontal lines and button «Exit».
  • in the user profile directory you want to rename existing files to avoid their loss;
  • to launch the browser.

When you start the program, it will create a new database, all previous data will be lost, and the bookmark will be taken from the latest backup.

Disabling hardware acceleration

Often, hardware acceleration provides a «disservice» to the user when working with this browser because of incomplete compatibility with some graphics cards. It is therefore advisable to disable this function.

To do this:

  • click on the button with three horizontal lines and mark your «Settings»;
  • in the tab «Advanced», select «General»;
  • to remove the appropriate checkbox;

    Что делать, зависает Mozilla Firefox

  • again click on the button with three horizontal lines and click «Exit».
  • to start work Firefox.

You can also experiment with selecting a different graphics driver.

Troubleshooting plugins

Many sites use plug-ins, and this greatly slows down the browser. And if you began to slow down Mozilla FireFox, this is due to the flash plugin. It is recommended to try to disable all unnecessary add-ons.

Что делать, зависает Mozilla Firefox

To disable plugins, you must do the following:

  • to run Mozilla FireFox;
  • click on the button with three horizontal lines and mark the «add-on»;
  • choose «Extensions»;

    Что делать, зависает Mozilla Firefox

  • alternately, disable the unnecessary plugins by pressing the respective button;
  • to restart the program.

Plugins in the browser it is impossible to remove, so the only option is to disable the plugins. If necessary, they can be re-enabled. So there is nothing wrong in disabling the desired plugins there, so all you can return. Some plugins are uninstalled when you delete the related extension Internet Explorer.

Removing redundant recovery information session

When creating a huge number of duplicate files restored sessions can significantly slow down the work of the Firefox browser.

To remove them should:

  • to run Mozilla FireFox;
  • click on the button with three horizontal lines and mark the «search for problems»;
  • choose «application Information» and click the «Show folder». Aktiviziruyutsya window with a user profile;

    Что делать, зависает Mozilla Firefox

  • click successively on the button with three horizontal lines and button «Exit».
  • find and delete the file sessionstore.js and other copies of it.


If after the performed actions Mozilla FireFox still hangs when working, there is another effective option — a complete reset all settings and return the browser to the default state.

The sequence to reset is:

  • type in your browser the phrase «about:support»;
  • press the «Enter»button;
  • on the page that appears click the «refresh Firefox»;
  • to confirm the action.

    Что делать, зависает Mozilla Firefox

After performing these steps, the browser will close and there will be a clear all, as modifications and deletion of information. Then the browser starts in the same condition it was after the first installation. The user should check the operation of the browser. Again, if he freezes, the problem may not be in the program and the operating system of the workstation.

Firefox hangs when downloading files or saving images

Often there are situations when the browser hangs when attempting to load an image. To solve such problems you can try to use one of the following methods.

Clearing history download

A significant amount of downloads could lead to a significant slowdown in the operation browser.

To clear the log you need to do:

  • to run Mozilla FireFox;
  • click on the button «Download» and mark «Show all downloads»;
  • in the window «Library» choose «Clear download»;

    Что делать, зависает Mozilla Firefox

  • for the test to load multiple files.

Selecting an alternative startup directory

The browser can start to slowly work in a situation when the last boot folder becomes unavailable (as is the situation with flash media).

To correct this type of problem should:

  • to run Mozilla FireFox;
  • click on the button with three horizontal lines and mark your «Settings»;
  • to choose the panel «Main», section «Downloads» and replace the path for boot files;

    Что делать, зависает Mozilla Firefox

  • press «Browse»;
  • to move to the desired directory and confirm the selection;
  • close the about:preferences page. Modifications will be saved automatically.

Video: Mozila Setup

Firefox hangs when loading the start screen

To solve the problem with downloading the start screen need to increase the speed of session restore. If at the start of the session you need to restore a sufficient number of tabs, Firefox can start to slow down when downloading information from these sites.

You must ensure that you have tick «don’t load tabs until selected» in the «Tabs» of window «Settings» to when the start of the session load only the last tab.

Quite often, computer users are faced with the problem of a significant slowing down of the browser Mozilla Firefox. It is usually with the browser itself, everything is fine, but the problem lies in the settings of your computer. The article describes the most effective ways to solve the slow performance of Mozilla Firefox browser.

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