What to do after Windows update 7 reloaded

By | 10.12.2018

What to do after Windows 7 update restarts

The first part of the article talks about the reasons of rebooting the system Windows 7. The second part describes in detail the solution to the problem of systematically restart Windows. Also given other ways to solve the problem.

Causes reboot

Completely avoid errors in the operation of the computer system is impossible. Sooner or later all the users are faced with the need for Troubleshooting the OS.Что делать, после обновления Windows 7 перезагружается

Very common problem when after updating windows 7 reboots constantly and spontaneously. The reason is the malfunction of the hardware or software component of a computer.

The most common reasons for an unscheduled reboot Windows 7:

  1. overheating of the computer. The essence of reasons – hardware PC side. Can overheat as, for example, video card and North bridge of the motherboard or the processor;

    Что делать, после обновления Windows 7 перезагружается

  2. problems in the equipment. Possible damage to the power supply and its components;
  3. the defeat of computer viruses. In some cases, viruses can cause very great harm to the computer. They also carry the risk of theft of personal data of the user;
  4. incorrect software. The first step is to diagnose the operation of all system drivers;
  5. install OS updates. Fail in Windows 7 can occur due to the installation of the underserved updates.

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What to do

First of all you should use the services of the service center, or to diagnose the computer myself.

Start is from the software side of the problem. Most often, the software problems with your virus or from the last installed updates system.

Below are the most common cause of restarting, Windows 7 and effective method of quick decisions.

The update that you want КВ971033

Center install Windows updates – a utility that allows users to install all the latest drivers and system updates. However, sometimes the operating system of a personal computer and a center-mounted element may not be compatible

Что делать, после обновления Windows 7 перезагружается

Today one of the most problematic updates in Windows 7 is a component КВ971033, which in most cases disrupts the computer’s operating system.

To remove the update КВ971033 should follow these steps:

  1. control panel go to the Windows update;
  2. in the lower left corner of the window select the tab «update Manager» and wait until a list of all installed items to load;
  3. select the item «Update for Microsoft Windows (КВ971033)», click on it with the right button on it and the pop-up menu select «Remove». Uninstalling updates may take several minutes. After the uninstallation is complete, restart the system.

    Что делать, после обновления Windows 7 перезагружается

Activate Windows

After removing the updates КВ971033 required to reactivate Windows 7. For this you need to install a special activator for Windows 7. It can be downloaded from many web resources.

Что делать, после обновления Windows 7 перезагружается

Important! Before installing the activator please check the file for malicious content antivirus.

To activate the OS, follow these steps:

  1. start an account with administrator rights;
  2. from the start menu go to command prompt;
  3. write it like this text (without quotes): «slmgr–rearm» and press Enter. This command allows you to extend the use of the OS for 30 days without violating the license agreement. If the command does not work for you, try to enter «slmgr /rearm»;

    Что делать, после обновления Windows 7 перезагружается

  4. restart the computer;
  5. activate the operating system using the previously downloaded activator.

Close access to update КВ971033

The next step is to close access to update КВ971033, so that in the future again faced with failures in the system.

The process of closing access to update КВ971033 looks like this:

  1. the first step is to go to Windows update;
  2. select the «required updates» and choose КВ971033;
  3. click the right button on it and select «Hide update».

    Что делать, после обновления Windows 7 перезагружается

Other solutions

In addition to component КВ971033, there are many other causes of systematic restart the computer.

Consider some of these reasons and their solutions:

  1. PC case too small for its contents. A solution to this problem is a special case, because it should be remembered that a poorly ventilated case leads to the following more important issue;
  2. overheating of the CPU and other components. The main reason – insufficient cooling components of the housing. To resolve the problem, you should open the computer case and clear the contents from dust. You should also check all the fans. In order to avoid problems in the future, install special utilities that monitor the temperature of the processor;
  3. a weak power supply. Such a power supply can not cope with the tasks set by the computer. This problem is not very common, but is still the place to be. The solution is replacement of the power supply;
  4. the lack of RAM or its defects. A fairly common cause of problems in the system. To test the OP yourself, you can use a number of programs, but it is better to handle such a task in the service center. The solution is replacement of the RAM module.

The article addressed most of the causes of constant restarting of the computer running the Windows 7 operating system. Detailed steps for Troubleshooting. It should be noted that you first need to accurately determine the cause of the problem before to start to fix the problem system.

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